Autumn in Japan and experiences to enjoy

Speaking of autumn in Japan, it is definitely impossible not to mention red maple leaves. The attractiveness of the autumn Japanese Maple Leaf transforms into a multi-colored polymorph, even the falling leaves are as beautiful as a picture. Japanese-style houses and pagodas, the mixed Shinto landscape is what attracts many people. Visiting famous places for maple leaves throughout Japan, you will be surprised and admired for that beauty. The maple leaves spread out over the mountains are beautiful but more than that, the standing form of a large maple tree is all the more beautiful.

Not only the red maple leaves in a corner of the sky, the yellow fan leaves flying in the wind, autumn also attracts visitors by the characteristic cherry blossom color. When coming to Japan in the autumn time, you will feel all the beauty from nature and people of this country. This is the season of festive features, the season of red maple trees, agricultural products, fruits that are about to be harvested, etc. and there are many more interesting things waiting for you to discover.

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In which month should you go to Japan in autumn?

Autumn in Japan usually starts from mid-September until the end of November. During the three months of Japan’s autumn, the weather is very cool, no longer the sweltering heat of summer nor as cold as winter. The average temperature in this season ranges from 13 to 28 degrees Celsius depending on the area. The air gets chilly in the early morning and warms up over time. With this cool, slightly chilly weather, autumn is the right time for you to start a trip to Japan to see the scenery and explore the life of the people here.

Autumn here often changes depending on the altitude and geographical location of each place in Japan from north to south. During this time, there are often rains, monsoons and some storms also begin to make landfall at this time. It can be said that autumn is the most beautiful season of Japan with fresh air, light and very pleasant. This season, agricultural products have also been harvested, so fun activities, entertainment and festivals are also possible. held regularly at this time.

This is an ideal time for travel, families in Japan often organize climbing trips together, going to gardens to pick familiar fruits such as pears, persimmons, etc.

Why are tourists ecstatic about the beauty of autumn in Japan?

Autumn natural scenery: especially the season of red leaves

Autumn is the season of red leaves of the Japanese with the symbol of maple leaves. When coming to Japan in the fall, you should come to Nikko city, a city famous for its long red maple leaf streets. Blending with the golden autumn sunshine makes this place poetic and attracts anyone coming to this place.

Atmosphere, autumn weather

At the beginning of autumn you will feel the fresh air and it will be pleasantly cold in Japan. The climate will become cold around mid-October onwards with temperatures as high as 12 degrees Celsius in the northern regions and gradually increasing in the southern regions. Even with the temperature, the autumn weather here gives people a feeling of peace and harmony with nature.

Activities and festivals in the fall are also quite diverse

In Japan, fruits and vegetables are usually harvested in the autumn months. Therefore, this time is also the time when many festivals and events are held. This is not only a point of interest of a large number of tourists but also a cultural feature and pride of the Japanese people. Festivals in Japan are held in many places with different styles, this is also their way of expressing their gratitude to the gods, who they believe have helped them. have a bountiful harvest.

Delicious food in cool weather

To verify that statement, you should come here and enjoy yourself delicious dishes such as fried breaded shrimp – Tempura, mixed rice, Sushi, Sashimi, stewed dishes, or rustic dishes In Vietnam, everyone must have tried to enjoy dishes such as mashed sweet potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, along with dishes with Matsutake mushrooms.

Japan travel guide in autumn

At this time, the weather in Japan is a bit cold, so you should fully prepare yourself with warm enough winter-style clothes to keep your body warm as well as not because it is difficult to adapt to the temperature. here.

Japan has a lot of fun spots to explore, so before you go you should learn and consider your destinations to get the most interesting trip. Usually, popular tourist attractions in Japan such as Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Lake Towada and Oirase Stream, Aomori, Tateyama Kurobe Mountain Route in Toyama, Arashiyama in Kyoto, Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Fuji) are the destinations. attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Not only enjoying the beautiful scenery of Japan in autumn, but you should also try to immerse yourself in games and entertainment to be able to get the most interesting experiences such as picking grapes with Japanese farmers, taking the submarine to be able easier sightseeing, hot spring bath, enjoy the unique features of the light park,…

Japanese cuisine is definitely one of the interesting things that visitors should not miss. Autumn is salmon season in Japan and the people here also have some traditional dishes made from this fish that you should not miss when coming here.

Enjoying Autumn in Japan

Capital Tokyo

The first suggestion for your autumn trip to Japan to “hunt” for yellow leaves is the capital Tokyo. Besides the modern beauty of one of the most developed cities in the world, Tokyo also attracts visitors here by its beautiful natural scenery.
“Pocket” right now the list of famous cherry blossom viewing places in Tokyo.

Odaiba artificial island: This is an artificial island that makes Tokyo people proud. Here you can see many magnificent architectural works containing the wisdom and creativity of the Japanese such as the Rainbow Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and colorful buildings. Visitors can walk around the Odaiba coastal park, enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay, relax on the green lawns and participate in interesting entertainment games and enjoy shopping on this island.

Japan’s Imperial Palace: The image of the ancient palace hidden in the red-yellow foliage seems to bring you back to the image of an old Edo with historical imprints. In addition, this is also the residence of the current Japanese Imperial Family, helping visitors to Japan’s autumn travel to imagine the royal life in the past and present.

Autumn in Japan and Mount Fuji

If you’re looking for the best place to see autumn in Japan, then visit Mount Fuji. This is considered a symbol of Japan, the most famous tourist destination in the country of the rising sun. Traveling in autumn, most visitors will choose Lake Motosuko (located to the west of Mount Fuji) and Oishi Park to relax and capture the most sparkling moments of the red-leaved forests surrounding this mountain.

Experience Japan in autumn, you can participate in other interesting activities such as kayaking on Lake Motosuko, watching Noh plays at the Miho no Matsubara pine forest, or exploring many fine arts and crafts. art at the Itchiku Kubota museum,… These will definitely be meaningful experiences that will help you understand more about the beautiful people and country of Japan.

Autumn in Japan Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere

Participating in traditional festivals is a way for you to learn and discover more about the culture of the destination. In autumn, the land of Phu Tang also has many unique festivals.

Zuiki (Kyoto) Autumn Festival: This is one of the most iconic Japanese autumn festivals in Kyoto Prefecture, taking place between October 1-15. The festival begins with the ritual of offering new fruits and vegetables to the gods to show gratitude for a bountiful harvest. The parade usually starts with 3 trumpet sounds from the temple and the procession gradually comes out. At the beginning and on the last day of the ceremony, elementary school girls in the area perform a dance called Yaotomemai.

Ohara Festival (Kyushu): The Ohara Matsuri is the largest dance festival in Southern Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island. The festival takes place in 2 days November 2-3. To the vibrant rhythm of the Ohara-bushi folk song, about 260 teams of 20,000 dancers from inside and outside the city took to the streets, shouting “Yoiyasa”. Performances and other theatrical programs also attract large crowds of tourists. The main parade venue is the Tenmonkan district, one of the largest shopping and entertainment districts in Kyushu.

Autumn in Japan – Kyoto City

Where to go in Japan in autumn? The first stop in the journey of “hunting” yellow and red leaves in Japan is Kyoto. This place attracts visitors by its peaceful beauty, bringing a feeling of extreme comfort to you. And to fully admire the autumn of Kyoto, don’t miss the famous and ancient temples such as Thanh Thuy Temple, Golden Temple, Kimyo-ji Temple, etc. There is nothing more wonderful than walking under the canopy of trees. romantic red tree, just relax in a quiet space, enjoy the change of autumn sky.

Autumn Japan in Nagoya Prefecture

If you want to immerse yourself in the autumn nature in the land of the Rising Sun and have beautiful check-in photos, don’t miss the Korankei valley, Nagoya province. It owns more than 400 maple trees of 11 different types. In autumn, the maple tree begins to change leaves. Each type of maple here contributes a separate array of colors to create a wonderful landscape picture for this land.

In particular, every autumn, visitors to Japan will enjoy the Korankei Momiji festival in November. At that time, the whole valley will be lit up from dusk until 9 pm to bring visitors. unforgettable experiences. Stop by Nagoya, you can also stay to visit Shirakawa-go ancient village, Sannomachi old town or Takayama street to save good memories for your autumn trip to Japan!

Japanese autumn in Osaka

And finally, it is impossible not to mention Osaka – a place to enjoy the perfect Japanese autumn colors. Not the area with the earliest Japanese autumn, nor the red maple forests, the special feature of Osaka is that the whole city when entering autumn will be covered with a warm, brilliant yellow color. By the end of autumn, they will gradually turn red, making the space here become colorful in the eyes of visitors. If you are planning an autumn Japan tour for yourself, do not miss Osaka with attractive places such as: Osaka Castle, ancient Kanshinji temple or Midosuji Avenue.

Autumn in Japan in Obara . Town

It can be said that Obara is the intersection between spring and autumn in Japan. If you think cherry blossoms only appear in spring, try going to Obara, Aichi in autumn. Here, you will see rare species of cherry blossoms known as Obara “Shikizakura” or the Four Quarters of cherry blossoms that bloom twice a year: Spring and Autumn. Accordingly, stepping into this town, you seem to be lost in the wonderful natural area drawn from the pink color of cherry blossoms and the red color of maple leaves when autumn comes in Japan.

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