Chinese food you must try

Chinese food has never disappointed foodies by the taste and quality in each dish. Chinese food with special recipes and rich flavors contains traditional values and spiritual values that cannot be lost. Chinese cuisine has been introduced to our country for centuries, but to be able to prepare dishes with the sound of Chinese cuisine, not everyone can do it. Let’s see how to prepare the most famous Chinese dishes.

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Features of Chinese food

Chinese food culture is extremely diverse and unique; but still keep the specific characteristics of each region, rich, have great influence on the cuisine of other countries in the region. It can be said that, in Chinese culinary culture, the delicacy of the dish is fully expressed in terms of color, flavor, and taste. The dish must be delicious, beautiful, have the sweetest aroma, still have the fresh taste of ingredients, attractive and impressive presentation.

Throughout more than 5000 years of history, under the influence of many different cultural regions, China has a great culinary culture. Chinese food culture includes dozens of processing methods such as warming, cooking, simmering, stir-frying, steaming, roasting, boiling, braising, dipping, etc., each processing method will bring a different flavor to the dish.

Chinese cuisine is divided into different schools:

• Szechuan culinary school:

Szechuan dishes are present in almost all regions of China with distinct characteristics and are not confused with other regions. The food here has a strong, spicy flavor and is prepared through many different methods.

• Shandong culinary school:

Shandong cuisine focuses on simplicity in cooking and highlights the inherent natural flavors of ingredients. The forte of Shandong cuisine is soup and animal organs.

• Cantonese culinary school:

Cantonese cuisine clearly shows the harmonious combination of Eastern and Western elements, modern and traditional. It is because of these characteristics that Cantonese cuisine makes its own difference.

• Jiangsu Culinary School:

Jiangsu stands out from other schools because Jiangsu cuisine focuses on the art of food decoration, sophistication and meticulousness.

• Hunan culinary school:
Hunan cuisine has similarities with Sichuan cuisine, the cuisine here focuses on the spicy flavor of the dishes. Hunan cuisine’s forte is its bold, eye-catching stews.

• Hokkien culinary school:

Fujian cuisine is the convergence of Fuzhou, Huanzhou and Xiamen cuisines. The dishes of Hokkien cuisine are mainly seafood ingredients, the characteristics of Fujian are nutritious, fresh and less salt is used in the dishes.

• Zhejiang Culinary School:

The highlight of Zhejiang cuisine is the use of fresh food, such as fish, seafood, etc., focusing on the taste, and not being too picky in the processing.

• Anhui culinary school:

Anhui cuisine is a unique feature that adorns the picture of Chinese cuisine. Anhui cuisine combines herbs and green vegetables to give diners a rustic feeling when enjoying.

Typical Chinese food

With the second-largest population in the world, a large territory, China has a great advantage to promote its culinary power, it can be seen that each Chinese province has its own unique dishes. such as Peking Duck, Hainan Chicken Rice, Sichuan Tofu or Yunnan Mixed Noodles… and it is the second largest cuisine in the world after the poetic Italy, China, a country with countless culinary delights. famous dishes around the world. Let’s learn about Chinese dishes that are considered the symbol of this country’s cuisine!

1. Peking Duck – World Famous Chinese Food

Peking duck is a dish originating from Beijing that has been prepared since a very long time ago. Surely many of you are familiar with and have enjoyed this Peking duck many times. This Peking duck has a thin and crispy character, while other authentic versions of the dish serve mostly skin with little meat, sliced by the cook in front of the diners. Chinese food is famous both in Vietnam and many people love this Peking duck.

2. Szechuan Tofu – Extremely popular Chinese food

Sichuan tofu is one of the 10 famous dishes in China. This dish is very suitable to eat at a time when the weather is cool and chilly. When making tofu, the main ingredients include young tofu and minced meat along with soy sauce and chili. Also because of the nature and characteristics of the region, the Sichuan tofu dish here is mainly spicy to keep the body warm. How to cook Chinese food is very simple, you can find books or look online with many instructors.

3. Dumplings

The second dish that is known and loved by many people is dumplings. For Chinese people, this is a traditional Chinese dish and is very popular, especially on New Year’s Day, no matter where they go, they have to go home to eat a bowl of dumplings with their family, this is almost already done. become a familiar custom in the Chinese New Year. The shape of Dumplings also seeks good luck. Dumplings have a semicircular shape, the edges of the cakes must be bordered evenly, called “borders of happiness”. And pull the two ends of the semicircle connected together like a piece of silver to pray for an abundant and prosperous life of money.

4. Chinese food – Man tenderloin, dumplings

Dumplings originated from China, have long become an indispensable Chinese dish in the culinary culture of the Chinese people. With a crust of flour, the inside of the cake is minced meat, which is then steamed and has a very characteristic aroma. In the north of China, mandarin, like rice, is considered a main part of a meal, and it provides a large amount of carbohydrates. In southern China, however, mundi is more of a street food or appetizer in restaurants, rather than a family staple.

Mantle is characterized by soft, dense intestines and has a very specific taste. Usually, the bun is the type without the filling, while the dumpling has a meat filling inside. However, in some areas, people do not make such distinctions, but the bid screen is used to refer to both types with and without kernels. Chinese dumplings, dumplings usually include minced marinated meat called char siu, some regions even make dumplings filled with seafood. In addition, Chinese dumplings also have many different types of fillings and are extremely diverse such as cabbage, beef for example.

5. Wonton Noodles

Wonton in Guangzhou is an extremely famous Chinese dish with extremely sophisticated processing. Wonton is required to meet all three factors. First, the dough must be thin, as thin as tissue paper so that all the kernels can be seen inside, but it must be tough and not torn. Second, the minced meat and shrimp in wonton balls must be fresh and sweet, cooked just right to not overcooking to lose their sweetness and become dry. The dried meat filling is the worst failure point of a wonton bowl.

Third, the broth must be clear, like filtered water, but rich in the flavor of simmered bones. If the broth is cloudy, or if it’s bony, it shows a sloppy, poor quality wonton bowl. As for the noodles, the noodles must be golden noodles, thin and tough. Pick up the noodles, it must be clear, not cloudy due to the flour, in order to pull the delicious noodles, the noodle maker must have a long-standing technique and good flour quality. Having tried wonton noodles in Guangzhou, you can truly see the quintessence and perfection of this dish.

6. Yangzhou Fried Rice

If you are wondering which Chinese food is easiest to prepare, Yangzhou fried rice will be the answer for you. Yangzhou fried rice is a name that is listed on the menu of most restaurants in China. The way to make this dish is very simple, just a few ingredients such as rice, chicken eggs, pork, shrimp, … and familiar spices, you will have an attractive fried rice dish right away.

7. Chinese Food – Longevity Noodles

Longevity noodles are a Chinese dish that was born more than 300 years ago in Nanshan village, Zhejiang province, China. During the Tang Dynasty, food became very scarce. At that time, Emperor Minh Hoang’s wife used one of her handkerchiefs in exchange for a bowl of noodles for her husband on his birthday. Since then, this noodle dish has been called longevity noodle.

A bowl of longevity noodles looks very simple, but to make a delicious bowl of noodles is not that simple. The people of Nam Son village over hundreds of years have drawn up a very special noodle recipe. Noodles will be made with a special flour. The weather will greatly determine the delicious taste of the noodles. If it’s sunny, the noodles will be chewy and delicious. The broth with noodles is also very special. When eating longevity noodles, people often eat it with roasted duck, char siu or tiger shrimp.

8. Sichuan Mixed Noodles

Diners can hardly resist the attraction of Sichuan mixed noodles, also known as Dan Dan noodles. The name Dan Dan comes from the pronunciation of the street vendors selling this dish in China more than 100 years ago. There are many ways to enjoy Sichuan’s famous Chinese food. Many people like to eat dry mixed noodles with minced meat, finely chopped scallions, crushed roasted peanuts, satay and many other sauces. Some people like to eat noodles with a little hot, spicy, salty broth and similar accompaniments. But many agree that Dan Dan noodles are best paired with some rou saozi, a pan-fried thinly sliced pork belly that’s golden brown and crispy.

9. Chicken beggar

Beggar chicken, a dish with a unique and strange name of the Chinese people, is famous at home and abroad. The aroma of lotus leaves and rich sweetness, each soft fiber makes the dish conquer diners easily, even the fastidious diners are no exception. Unpretentious with special flavors, but beggar chicken makes diners irresistible by the familiar, rustic flavors.

10. Chinese food – Buddha jumps the wall

It can be said that China has a food culture that will surely make you fall in love immediately. It can take you from one emotional level to another in an instant. One of the most obvious examples is the extremely famous wall-jumping Buddha of the Fujian people, as well as having a history of more than 200 years. Because it uses a lot of rare and nutritious ingredients, it is considered a delicacy in China. For example, it can be mentioned as sea cucumber, shark fin, abalone, etc., sounds attractive, right?

After going through the process of stewing with other spices, the wall-jumping Buddha dish was completed excellently. This will be a perfect choice for those times when you are feeling tired.

After reading all the articles about famous Chinese dishes, you must have chosen for yourself a favorite dish that you must try when you come to China, right? To come and explore all the Chinese food paradise, quickly make yourself a Chinese visa ticket to conquer and feel the food here.

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