Distinguish different types of Korean visas

Distinguish types of Korean visas? Korean visas are divided into several categories. Depending on the purpose and duration of stay, it is divided into different types of visas with different functions. Let Xinvisaquocte find out information about Korean visa through this short article. Don’t forget that we provide you with a perfect and professional Korean visa application service. You do not need to present, do not have to declare documents, just provide enough documents as we advise. KOREAN VISA TYPES

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1. Visa for Diplomacy, Public Service, Cooperation: A-1, A-2, A-3

2. Labor Visa Types of Korean visas

E-1: Visa Professor
E-2: Visa Foreign Language Instructor
E-3: Visa Research
E-4: Visa Technical Assistance
E-5: Visa Professionals
E-6: Visa Arts / Entertainment
E-7: Visa Specialized Engineer
E-9: Worker Visa
E-10: Visa on-board Labor
H-1: Visa Labor holidays

3. Visa for short-term stay and non-profit activities Types of Korean visas

C-1: Reporter visa for temporary residence
C-2: Short-term commercial visa
C-3: Short-term tourist visa
C-4: Short-term Labor Visa

4. Long-term stay visa Types of Korean visas

D-1: Visa Culture / Arts
D-2: Student visa
D-3: Visa Production Training
D-4: General Training Visa
D-5: Resident correspondent visa
D-8: Visa for investment cooperation
D-9: Trade cooperation visa
F-1: Visa to visit relatives
F-2: Immigrant visa
F-3: Visa underwriting
F-5: Permanent immigrant visa
G-1: Others.

The most popular Korean visa types:

Tourist visa C3

Visa C3 is the type of tourist visa in the short-term Korean visas. This visa is issued to those who go to Korea and short-stay for the purposes of: tourism, visiting relatives, trading in goods… TYPES OF KOREAN VISAS


Because for the purpose of short stay and is a very popular visa for all citizens who want to come to Korea. A lot of people are interested and often apply for a C3 visa to go to Korea for a short time. The expiry date of this visa is 90 days and a maximum stay of 30 days in the territory of Korea.

Normally, applicants to apply for a C3 visa do not have to be interviewed. Except for those cases, the Korean Consulate still calls for interview. This short-term tourist visa is broken down according to your purpose of residence as follows:

C 3 – 1: Visa to visit relatives
C 3 – 2: Visa for group tourism
C 3 – 3: Visa for medical examination and treatment
C 3 – 4: Visa for guests is a general business
C 3 – 5: Visa for business customers under contract
C 3 – 6: Visa for customers who are sponsored businesses
C 3 – 9: Ordinary tourist visa
C 3 – 10: Visa in direct transit

So with this article you have an overview of the Korean visas and the popular visas commonly used today. Hope the above information will help you soon set foot in Kimchi country. TYPES OF KOREAN VISAS – KOREAN VISA TYPES

TYPES OF KOREAN VISAS - xin visa hàn quốc đi du lịch

Self-sufficient Korean tourist visa experience

You can apply for a visa at the Embassy or Consulate General depending on your permanent residence.

Time to receive visa applications and return results:

For those of you who want to apply for a self-sufficient Korean tourist visa, please apply at the Korean Embassy or Consulate General from 9:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Friday.

After the application has been received, you will wait for 8 days to get the results. The time frame from 15h00 to 17h00 from Monday to Friday is for you to receive the results directly at the above offices. Self-sufficient Korean visa application documents: In addition to the documents as instructed by Xinvisaquocte (When you use the package service), you need to submit many other documents such as: Hotel booking, round-trip flight ticket booking, detailed schedule in Korea, invitation letter and guarantee from the Korean party, etc…

Notes when applying for a visa to Korea

If you have been to Korea before, when you renew your Korean tourist visa, you do not need to submit financial documents.
If you have never been to Korea but you have been to OECD member countries within the last 3 years from the time of applying for a visa, you do not need to submit financial documents. TYPES OF KOREAN VISAS – KOREAN VISA TYPES

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