Dongdeamun Market Seoul Korea

Korea is famous for the land of cherry blossoms, kimchi, the capital of famous brands such as: Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, portable electronic items, cosmetics and many other cultural items. of the Koreans. What to buy when traveling to Korea? What to buy for yourself or as a gift for a loved one? is always the most asked question for tourists when coming to this country of ginseng… Let check Dongdeamun Market Seoul Korea out!…

Which fashion products in Dongdeamun Market???

Previously, if you wanted to ask where to go shopping in Seoul, 10 people like 1 would definitely point out: “Dongdeamun”. This is the biggest shopping mall in terms of variety of fashion and goods, as well as extremely convenient (because it is close to the center of Seoul), one extra is because it’s too hot so the price in Dongdeamun is also a bit high. .

So how can you hunt ‘Korean goods are both cheap and beautiful’? We kidnapped a Korean local friend and followed him to discover great shopping places where Koreans love to go to buy good quality and cheap items.

Dongdaemun became more bustling at night, the impossible-not-to-go place for everyone when coming to Seoul, this is also a gathering place for many ‘merchants’, their characteristics such as: black glasses, hand holding computer, wearing a backpack. A lot of clothing stores in Vietnam take goods from this area.

How to go to Dongdeamun Market

Subway line 1.4 Dongdaemun station, line 2.5.6 Dongdaemun History Park station
Opening hours: 10:30 ~ 24:00, Friday and weekends open until 04:00 am
Buying tip: bargaining only 60% of the price (remember this place will always challenge you)

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