Experience of apply for a Korean visa yourself

Korea in recent years has become a dream travel destination for travel enthusiasts. However, getting a Korean tourist visa is always an obstacle, especially for individuals traveling on their own. To realize your dream of traveling to the land of kimchi, you must have a visa in hand. The experience of apply for a Korean visa by yourself is information that many people are interested in and learn about. In order for you to be able to apply for a self-sufficient Korean tourist visa easily, Xinvisaquocte will share in the article below about the documents and procedures that need to be prepared.

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Autumn is the best time to visit Korea

Korea is a country that is loved by many people with its romantic setting, diverse and unique cuisine, truly an ideal place for all travelers. Of all the seasons of the year, the best time to go to Korea is in the fall. At that time, the streets filled with yellow and red leaves filled the whole space. Not as busy as summer, autumn is the time when many tourists choose to settle down in life, admire the scenery, and the weather is extremely romantic. Besides, autumn is also the time when Korea takes place many diverse festivals. This is an opportunity for all visitors to learn and discover the beauty of the rich cultural identity of the land of kimchi. At the same time, autumn in Korea is also the season for you to hunt for very cheap but quality sale off goods.

How difficult or easy it is to apply for a Korean visa?

According to many shares, apply for a Korean Visa is easier than applying for a Japan Visa, but it is more difficult than Taiwan. Currently, Vietnam is a country, a tourism market that contributes to the development of Korean tourism. When applying for a Korean Visa, if your profile is clean and reasonable, it is not difficult to apply.


Some objective issues that we can hardly control are many people traveling on their own and following tours and then hiding, like the case of 152 tourists “disappearing” while on a recent tour to Taiwan. Therefore, the staff at the consulate review and approve the tourist visa application more carefully and carefully.

The process of applying for and apply for a Korean visa by yourself

You are in need of a Korean visa with the desire to travel and explore the land of kimchi? In fact, many tourists worry, especially those who are going abroad for the first time, do not know how to apply for a Korean visa. As long as you follow the instructions below according to the regulations of the consulate, your visa success rate will be very high.

1. Prepare the documents as prescribed in the application for a Korean tourist visa

  • 01 Visa application form (must be made in English or Korean)
  • 01 photo 3.5 x 4.5cm (taken within 3 months from the time of visa application)
  • Original passport (valid for more than 6 months from the date of visa application)
  • Records proving work, finance

2. Register for an appointment online

Before submitting your application at KVAC for self-sufficient Korean tourist procedures, you need to register an appointment to submit your application online on KVAC’s website.

Step 1: Visit the appointment registration page in https://visaforkorea-vt.com/ select the date you want to submit the application. A date in red is a selectable date, and a date in gray is a full date.

XIN VISA HÀN QUỐC KHÓ KHÔNG - xin visa hàn quốc đi du lịch

Step 2: Select the time frame you want to submit in the SETTING A DATE. 8 time frames to choose from are 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00 respectively. Click on the time frame you want to schedule an appointment with and it is empty to choose. Next, you choose a sub-time frame, every 15 minutes even of the selected time frame above. APPLY FOR A KOREAN VISA

Step 3: Enter basic information.

Step 4: Check the box Agree to all use of the service and click the REGISTER button and you’re done.

3. The process of applying for a visa, you need to pay attention to the following

  • Dress politely and seriously.
  • Dossier put in an envelope, make sure not to lose.
  • It is recommended to make an appointment in advance and arrive at the Embassy about 15-30 minutes early
  • If you don’t make an appointment in advance: arrive early and dial the number, line up and wait your turn.
  • It’s my turn to go to the application reception area
  • Pay the prescribed fee at the place of payment (remember to receive the invoice and stamp)
  • Get an appointment letter and wait for the results from the Embassy. APPLY FOR A KOREAN VISA

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