Korean delicious foods you must try once

Korean cuisine has long been familiar to people in over the world, especially young people. Korean delicious foods are attractive from appearance to rich taste, rich in nutrients but low in fat. During recent years, Korea has always been a very “trendy” name when it comes to tourism, fashion, technology, and even food. Especially with delicious dishes, sometimes simple, sometimes sophisticated, Korean cuisine has really “dominated” the world. Korean specialties are delicious and irresistible. With a unique way of processing cuisine in the land of kimchi, it always attracts many tourists, especially Korean tourists. Let’s learn about Korean dishes with Xinvisaquocte through the article below!

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Special features in Korean culinary culture

Due to the favorable climatic conditions in Korea, people cultivate and produce a wide variety of seasonal foods – such as nuts, legumes, vegetables, and seafood. That’s why Koreans are famous for many dishes from the above foods, with special processing and preservation methods such as dipping sauces, kimchi, salted seafood, etc… KOREAN DELICIOUS FOODS

KOREAN delicious foods

When it comes to Korean meals, you can’t help but marvel at the ‘majestic’ with dozens of carefully presented dishes, whether it’s breakfast or dinner. In addition, Korean food culture is also very interesting with unique traditions such as sharing food with neighbors, family meals where the whole family can gather and chat together… Topography is mountains and plains occupy most of the surface and is surrounded by sea on three sides, Korea has an abundant resource of seafood, agriculture with rice cultivation techniques developed from the very beginning. ancient.

1. Korean delicious foods – Kimchi

Kimchi may seem familiar to all of us, but really, this is a must-try dish in Korea! Kimchi is one of Korea’s oldest meal accompaniments, and is also a cultural feature of this country. Kimchi is actually a pickled and fermented vegetable, made from a variety of ingredients and a variety of vegetables.


It is not an exaggeration to say that kimchi is a Korean product, because many visitors are fascinated by the unique, fresh, and crunchy flavor of this dish. What’s more, this Korean delicacy has nutritional value but is high in fiber and low in calories.

2. Black Noodles – Favorite Food in Korea

If you are a follower of Korean dramas, it is impossible not to be interested and wish once to try a thick, thick noodle with a very strange black color. That’s right, that’s the famous Korean black noodle dish. Not only attracted by its special appearance, Korean Black Soy Sauce Noodles also conquers all diners by their unique delicious taste. The harmonious combination of soft and chewy noodles with a mildly sweet sauce brings a unique and strangely attractive flavor.

3. Korean cuisine – Seaweed leaf roll (Kimbap dish)

Kimbap is rice wrapped in seaweed. Traditional Korean specialty kimbap is made from Bulgogi beef combined with vegetables, omelette, rice marinated with a mixture of sesame oil and salt. Kimbap is cut into round pieces with a very attractive taste. This dish is suitable for carrying on trips and picnics.


There are many different opinions about the birth and formation of kimbap. Many people think that kimbap is the Korean version of sushi because the shape and ingredients are somewhat similar to sushi. However, there are some records in history books from the Chosun Dynasty (before the Japanese invasion of Korea) that say that rice rolls are a long-standing traditional food of Korea.

4. Korean delicious foods – Bibimbap

Mixed rice is noticed first of all by the art of color mixing installation. Normally, a bowl of bibimbap rice will have to have at least 6 to 7 dishes or more: white rice, yellow eggs, green vegetables, brown meat… The vegetables are usually chopped cucumbers. , carrots, spinach, bean sprouts already sliced, a little bit of lettuce can also be added, the eggs will be coated or deep-fried with previously chopped seasoned (usually beef) meat, all All these ingredients will be thoroughly mixed with chili sauce before serving. From this blend we get the name ‘mixed rice’.

5. Korean cuisine – Grilled beef (Bulgogi)

What makes this dish special is not only the main ingredients, which are fresh beef pieces, but also the marinated spices. Specialized soy sauce and sugar are the factors that make beef more delicious. This dish is often present in restaurants and eateries that are extremely loved by Korean people. Bulgogi is served with herbs such as lettuce, sesame leaves, etc. to make the dish less greasy.

6. Korean delicious foods – Naengmyeon Cold Noodles

Also known as cold noodles with thin noodles made from buckwheat flour and beef broth. Noodles are served in a metal bowl with ice, topped with a few pieces of beef and boiled eggs. Naengmyeon noodles are served with radish kimchi, pickled cucumber and spicy mustard. The characteristic chewy noodles, sweet and cool broth taste are very suitable for the hot summer weather.

7. Korean Cuisine – Ginseng Chicken (Samgyetang)

Every year, according to the Korean calendar, there are three hottest days in summer, called Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok. In these hot days, the dish that can make people wait in long queues in front of the store even though it’s hot like fire is the cooling dish, refreshing the body – ginseng chicken (samgyetang). KOREAN DELICIOUS FOODS


Young chickens are cleaned, stuffed with ginseng, glutinous rice, abalone, jujube, then sewn with thread, put in a stone pot to stew for many hours. Traditional ginseng chicken stew becomes a nutritious and invigorating dish in summer in the land of kimchi. At famous local samgyetang restaurants, a bowl of ginseng chicken is also served with ginseng wine for diners to enjoy.

8. Korean Cuisine – Grilled Ribs (Galbi)

Galbi is the common name for grilled ribs in Korean specialty cuisine. Galbi is usually beef or pork ribs or chicken marinated in soy sauce (kanch’ang) and then grilled. When using beef ribs, the dish is also called “sokalbi” or “soekalbi”. If you use pork ribs or chicken ribs, it will be called “twaechi galbi” or “t’ak galbi”. However, since beef ribs are most commonly used, sometimes Galbi alone implies grilled beef ribs.

9. Korean delicacies – Grilled Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal)

Korean grilled pork belly always has a strong attraction on the table of Korean people. This is one of the most famous Korean delicacies, consisting of slices of grilled pork, mushrooms, vegetables, and garlic. In particular, the Korean pork belly dish is not seasoned or seasoned before.

After cooked, grilled pork belly is dipped in a sauce made of salt and pepper mixed in sesame seed oil. When enjoying, users will wrap Korean grilled pork belly in lettuce leaves, sesame leaves served with garlic or grilled onions and kimchi. Coming to Korea, you can easily find restaurants, sidewalk stalls and enjoy this delicious and attractive grilled pork belly. KOREAN DELICIOUS FOODS – KOREAN CUISINE

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