Korean Legalization Consulate

With many complicated documents for Korean Legalization Consulate and Vietnamese consular legalization, it takes a lot of time and money to go back and forth. Especially for those who are doing Korean labor export procedures and studying in Korea. Foreigners who are staying and working in Vietnam.

You must apply for stamps and legalization stamps at the Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. Then you have to go to the Korean Embassy Consulate to submit your application. This work is not easy because during the time of Covid19 translation, all activities in public places were limited. You spend all day waiting in line to get your number, and cannot submit documents. There are many cases of having to buy back someone else’s filing number to get into the application. When entering the door to apply, the application is not valid and returned is over 90%.

For foreigners residing in Vietnam, a similar difficult situation occurs. Foreigners need to go to their country’s embassy or consulate to get stamp and stamp. After that, continue to ask for confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

Let Xinvisaquocte handle all these tasks for you. Your job is to provide documents as we advise and wait for the results to be delivered in person.

Xinvisaquocte would like to provide the following services:

A- Korean legalization consular service does not require presentation.

B- Apply for stamps and consular legalization stamps at the Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. You do not need to show up.

C- Notary translation services.

Refer to Legalization Vietnam Service: Here

I- How to consularly legalize the file of Vietnam for use in Korea.

1. Assorted dossiers issued by competent Vietnamese agencies. For example: Judicial Records at the Department of Justice and the National Center for Judicial Records, Types of transcripts, Degrees at schools in Vietnam, ID cards or ID cards, Household registration books, Certificates Birth, Marriage Certificate… v… v…

2. Documents translated into Korean or English are legally permitted by the Vietnam Notary Office.

II- Steps for consular legalization of Vietnam’s file for use in Korea.

1. Apply for stamp and seal Legalization at Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

2. Go to Consular Department – Embassy of Korea to apply for Legalization.

III- The documents when applying for consular legalization at the Korean Embassy.

1. Recommended Korean Legalization translation. This document must have been legalized by the Vietnamese Consular Department.

2. Photo version of the translated version Legalization.

3. 01 Notarized Photo of ID card or Passport (Bring original for comparison when submitting application)


In case of payment on behalf of:

The applicant has a relative relationship (parent, husband, wife, child, etc., has the same household registration book) with the applicant: 01 Photo ID of the applicant, 01 Photo of the Household Book or Birth Certificate or Paper get married.
The embassy does not accept cases of submission without proving the relative relationship with valid papers.
When coming to the Legalization to apply for transcripts and high school diplomas (except University / College / Intermediate …). The school’s mailing office phone number and specific school address must be provided. Ask students to clearly announce the school’s status (eg name changed, address change, dissolved, changed training form… v… v…) to facilitate confirmation.

Application time: Morning from 9:00 to 12:00 on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Processing time: 01 working day, in case of applying for certification / transcript, it takes 2 working days.

Time to return records results: Weekdays from Monday to Friday. Afternoon from 14h – 16h. In case of returning results of diplomas / transcripts: from 15:00 to 16:00.

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