Korean Mixed Rice Bibimbap

Bibimbap or Korean mixed rice is a traditional dish of the land of kimchi, which is a mixture of rice and vegetables and meat. It can be said that Korean mixed rice has both a beautiful appearance and ensures the nutritional balance of a meal because in addition to starch from rice, it also has many types of namul (fried vegetables) and meat that provide protein and minerals. substance and fiber. It is the balance of nutrition in this dish that the mixed rice has been recognized as a healthy dish all over the world.

As a typical dish of Korean cuisine, Korean mixed rice is loved by many people. This dish is not only delicious, eye-catching but also a perfect combination of ingredients, a dish rich in nutrients. That’s why mixed rice is likened to the “soul” of Korean cuisine.

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Korean Mixed Rice – What is Bibimbap?

Bibimbap (비빔밥) is a dish that originated in Korea. In Korean, bibim means “mixed ingredients”, and bap means “rice”. In the Vietnamese sense, it is mixed rice. Bibimbap is a national dish with the main ingredient being rice, topped with cucumber, carrot, mushroom, spinach, kimchi, bean sprouts and Gochujang chili sauce. Additional ingredients are raw or fried eggs and thinly sliced, minced meat. The ingredients are mixed so that the flavors blend together and can be served hot or cold.

In 2011, bibimbap was ranked 40th on CNN Travel’s list of the 50 best dishes in the world voted by CNN Travel and since then, Korean mixed rice has become a pride of culinary favorite not only in Korea. Country.

A little bit about the history of Korean mixed rice

Referring to Korean cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the mixed rice dish (also known as Bibimbap) with all kinds of ingredients from meat to vegetables, creating a distinct feature with gochujang chili sauce. This harmonious combination brings an attractive and strange taste.

Although it does not have a long history like other traditional dishes, Korean mixed rice has a wide spread, capturing the “love” of not only the Korean people but also millions of food-loving followers. in the world, including Vietnam. In 2011, the bibimbap mixed rice dish was ranked 40th in the list of 50 most delicious dishes in the world voted by readers, compiled by CNN travel site.

There are many different theories about the origin of this dish. Many people believe that bibimbap was born from ancient ancestral worship. At that time, to be able to eat all the foods that were sacrifices, Koreans mixed them with white rice and enjoyed. There are also people who believe that, on New Year’s Eve, Koreans “clean up” the old year by mixing rice with all that is left. Or there is an opinion explaining that this dish was invented by farmers when hard work in the field required nutritious meals but needed to be quick, simple, and more convenient for them.

What does bibimbap rice dish mean?

The people of kimchi place a great deal of importance on food culture. The dish not only satisfies the taste experience but also has many unique meanings. And Korean mixed rice is a prime example. The ingredients to make this dish correspond to 5 colors including white, black, blue, red and yellow. These are also the 5 symbolic colors in the theory of the five elements that people often call metal, wood, water fire, and earth. Therefore, mixed rice is a delicate blend, symbolizing the harmony of natural ingredients.

Why is Korean Mixed Rice so popular?

In general, Bibimbap is a mixed dish with rice and vegetables ingredients. In addition, depending on preference, people will process it with seaweed, eggs, beef… but what is considered the soul, contributing to the irresistible flavor of this dish is the special sauce. Display is sprinkled on top.

Delicious, soft white rice, greasy poached eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh beef flavor and divine sauce, all mixed together to create a perfect and extreme taste. period “cake rolls”. When enjoying Korean mixed rice, you can feel the delicious and very plastic taste of the rice. Combined with the greasy taste of eggs and the freshness of vegetables. All these ingredients when eaten will be mixed together to create an extremely perfect and delicious flavor.

Some people even like to enjoy this dish with seaweed. They will bring mixed rice rolls into seaweed leaves. This way of eating is also very delicious and unique, bringing a new culinary experience when combining mixed rice with the chewy taste of seaweed.

1. Fresh ingredients

If you glance at the list of ingredients that make up the dish, you will see that this representative is made with many delicious, fresh ingredients. In addition, there is Korean Gochujang sauce – the element that makes up the taste of this dish. When eating, you will clearly feel the true and fresh taste of each ingredient. Accompanied by a blend and resonance to create a very unique aftertaste that cannot be found in any other dish.

2. Less Preservatives in Bibimbap

Most of the ingredients used in the preparation of bibimbap are fresh, harvested or slaughtered early in the day. Even seaweed does not contain preservatives but is dried to keep it for a long time. Chili powder, chili sauce helps maintain flavor thanks to the ingredient capsaicin – the agent that keeps bacteria away. Therefore, you can be completely secure when enjoying mixed rice. No need to worry about toxic elements commonly used in food storage.

3. Scientific processing

Although cooked by fire, if you are observant, you will find that the use of fire when processing the ingredients to make this dish is very limited. Ingredients such as carrots, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, beef, … are all cooked to perfection, so they keep all the nutrients, especially the vitamins contained inside.

White rice is processed by a small industrial rice cooker, so it is very spongy, fragrant, ripe and has the original scent. In addition, the mixing of sesame oil, minced garlic, chili sauce, … not only pampers the taste but also helps support immunity. Especially, the egg is omelet on a moderate heat, so it has just frozen and is placed on the hot rice. And in the process of mixing ingredients, the interaction with the high heat here will cook the eggs completely.

Introducing Korean Mixed Rice

Korean mixed rice has many different variations according to each region in Korea, from the very simple to the sophisticated and complex in the way of processing. In particular, some regions are famous for their delicious and unique mixed rice dishes, which can be mentioned as follows.

1. Jeonju Bibimbap

Jeonju Bibimbap is considered the best example of mixed rice. Beef brisket broth is used to cook rice and is garnished with yuk-hwe (raw beef) and egg yolks, a signature ingredient of Jeonju bibimbap. In addition, Jeonju bibimbap is sometimes accompanied by a chili sauce mixed with stir-fried beef called yak-gochujang and bean sprout soup.

2. Andong Bibimbap

Heotjesat – bap is a combination of the words hot (false) and jesat – bap, used to refer to a meal using food left over after making offerings to the ancestors. Heotjesat – the most famous bap in Andong, where Confucian scholars have known this dish even without a ceremony. This mixed rice dish is unique in that it does not use the three main spices of Korean cuisine: scallions, garlic and red chili powder. Heotjesat – bap is seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds instead of red chili sauce. In addition, ceremonial dishes such as sanjeok (skewers) and mackerel are served as a side dish.

3. Tongyeong Bibimbap

Tongyeong bibimbap is made by mixing rice with shrimp, clams and sea squid blanched in boiling water and seasoned with a sauce. Sometimes, seafood broth is added for a richer and richer taste. This dish pairs perfectly with clam soup and tofu.

4. Jinju Bibimbap

Jinju in Gyeongsangnam-do also has a unique mixed rice dish served with vegetables including cooked fern and bean sprouts over rice. Then, minced beef and jang guk (soybean soup) are mixed in a bowl and served after garnished with cheongpo (green bean jelly), yukhwe (raw beef) and red chili sauce. Yukhwe is the symbol of Jinju bibimbap, but a cooked beef version is also served here. Yukhwe bibimbap, commonly found on the menus of restaurants in Jinju, dates back to the 1920s, when Jinju emerged as a vibrant market in the cattle trade.

Share tips for eating Korean mixed rice with a beautiful body, slim waist

Not only a nutritious dish, bibimbap mixed rice also has a very attractive taste. However, because the calories are equal to the daily full topping meal, many people are still hesitant to find this suggestion.

1. Balance the quality in Bibimbap

As shared above, the dish is made up of many ingredients, but how much to use and how much to reduce depends on demand. If necessary, you can cut back 1/2 serving instead of using 1 whole serving. In addition, cutting down on calorie-rich ingredients such as beef, eggs, rice, etc. is also a way to save energy input and still experience your own dishes.

2. Combine lots of fresh green vegetables in Bibimbap

Another idea that is successfully applied by many people is to use bibimbap mixed rice with a variety of fresh vegetables. This combination will help absorb more fiber, minerals and vitamins, helping to support health and beauty. Besides, when eating a lot of vegetables, the amount of mixed rice is also significantly reduced, quickly full.

3. Maintain the habit of practicing sports

Why are there people who can eat their favorite foods without having to abstain? That’s because they keep a regular exercise routine. So, you can not only “dive” delicious dishes comfortably, but also have a beautiful body like a statue, less sick. Is it profitable enough? Thus, calculating how many calories in Korean mixed rice is not difficult. Just master the ingredients and their respective calories. And to be able to comfortably eat mixed rice and still keep your perfect figure, follow the 3 useful tips we just shared!

Take the time to treat yourself to a trip to Korea and enjoy its delicious food. I’m sure your trip to Korea will be the most perfect and memorable choice for you this summer. However, it will be more interesting and perfect when you spend time enjoying the famous dishes of this place including Korean mixed rice – Bibimbap.

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