Korean visa Interview experience

Korean visa interview are based on the documents the applicant submitted, so you just need to read the article below to understand the content of the profile and how to answer the interview with the most confidence. South Korea is classified as strict when issuing visas to Vietnam because many Vietnamese have stayed and settled illegally in Korea when being granted a visa. But if you are confident with your entry purpose, then applying for a Korean visa is not as difficult as you think.

If you want to travel to this country, whether on tour or self-sufficient, be prepared to make a complete dossier, and mentally be able to be interviewed by the Korean Embassy some questions. , improve the facility to issue visas to you.

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I. Is it mandatory to interview for a Tourist Korean visa?

Normally, if your application Korean visa is complete and there are no deficiencies, then you will not need to do an interview with the Korean embassy. In some cases, the embassy will ask you to conduct a short phone interview, or go directly to the embassy office where you applied, to verify some information, so you There is no need to panic if this request is received. KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW


Before going to your interview, please read your copied documents carefully, by heart all the information in it because the embassy will rely on your submitted application to inquire. You must answer all questions honestly and must match the information that you have given on the file, must not be false. Passing the visa or not can be decided by a few questions.

II. What are the usual Korean visa interviewing questions?

  1. “What are you going to Korea for?”: At this point, you have to answer: to travel, visit beautiful scenery in the country of kimchi, if you answer different from the purpose of applying for a visa already filled in the profile. would be a huge mistake
  2. “How many countries have you been to?”: Name those countries? The embassy relies on your passport to ask this question, so include the names of all the countries you entered, the time of your entry and the time of your return.
  3. “How many days do you plan to stay in Korea?”: From how many days to what date? You rely on your submitted schedule to respond, and be as precise as possible with dates and times. KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW
  4. “Which means will you travel if you get a Korean visa?”: Which airline will you fly? At which airport? If you are the one planning your trip, you must answer this question correctly, airport, airline, date of flight, time of flight.
  5. “What is your current job in Vietnam?”: Confidently introduce your career, position, working time, salary when asked this question.
  6. “Which relatives in Vietnam do you have?”: Name your spouse, children, or grandparents to increase your conviction about the bond of your hometown friend.

III. How do you answer the questions in Korean visa interview?

  1. No matter where you go for the interview, whatever you do, your style is still very important. If you are too nervous, trembling, stuttering, your eyes are not looking straight, the interview result will not be good news, the Embassy will suspect you are not being dishonest, doubting your purpose of entry and will miss your Korean visa.
  2. Attitude is decisive, first of all greet the Embassy staff politely, or you can bow without saying hello. You should only answer after the employee has asked, do not interrupt when they have asked.
  3. When answering, try to be fluent, look straight at the questioner and let your facial muscles relax, not too tense or serious.
  4. But in order to best prepare for the interview, you still need to review your entire profile, have the information in it in the palm of your hand.
  5. Please contact Xinvisaquocte on hotline 0986.770.712 so that we can help you navigate the questions and how to best answer them and get support from the Korean visa interview, application process, application process, and interview support. Have a smooth ride!

Is it difficult to get a Korean visa? KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW

Is it difficult for those who do not have a household registration in the 3 big cities mentioned above to get a Korean visa?

You need to prepare a good Korean visa application according to Xinvisaquocte’s advice

No matter where you apply for a visa, you are required to prepare full documents and best meet 100% of the requirements of the Embassy.
In order to apply for a tourist visa to Korea, you must prove in your file that you are eligible to come to Korea for tourism and will return to Vietnam before the allowed period of stay. So which documents in the application show this? KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW

► You need to prove you have a clear background:

  • Valid Passport (Original, valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry)
  • Old passport that went abroad if any
  • Identity card or ID card photo
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of marriage registration if traveling with spouse
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate if traveling with a child without an identity card

► You need to prove you have a stable job and income, you will definitely return to Vietnam after your trip in Korea.

  • Labor Contract or Appointment Decision (Copy with company’s seal)
  • Salary slip for the last 3 months. If your salary is paid via account, you need to go to the bank and get a transaction statement.
  • Leave application form certified by the employer.
  • If you are a business owner, you need a notarized photo business license. Confirmation of the last 3 months of tax payment, the latest 3 month transaction of the company.
  • If you are a student/student who needs a photo student/student card, the leave application will be approved by the school.
  • If retired, a photo pension book is required. KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW

► You need to prove you have good finances to travel to Korea.

  • Minimum 100 million VND savings book
  • The books must have been sent at least 1 month by the date of application submission, the books must have a sending period of at least 3 months or more.
  • Savings account balance confirmation
  • Real estate, car documents (if any)

► Finally, you need to confirm your trip.

This job belongs to us. Xinvisaquocte provides you with an invitation letter, air ticket, sightseeing schedule, guarantee letter … etc.

You have problems in the application, choose a reputable visa agency

There is nothing to ensure your visa application is really standard and will convince the Consulate than the help of a reputable and experienced visa agency in handling difficult cases. When you use the Korean visa application service at Xinvisaquocte, the experts will advise and guide you to supplement the missing documents, or increase the reliability of documents to optimize your application. KOREAN VISA INTERVIEW

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