Mistakes when extend Vietnam visa of foreigners

Immigration has become popular and to ensure security, each country has different regulations to protect the safety of domestic people as well as foreigners in Vietnam. That is also the reason that the procedure to apply for a Vietnam visa for foreigners or to apply for an extension becomes more difficult. You are a foreigner, you have been granted a visa on arrival in Vietnam and are staying in Vietnam. However, your visa is about to expire and you have been refused to renew it. So what is the cause of this trouble, let’s go through some mistakes when extend Vietnam visa for foreigners with Xinvisaquocte!

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Some mistakes when extend Vietnam visa for foreigners

  1. You apply for extension too late – You should apply at least 3 days before your visa expires.
  2. The purpose of entry is different from the type of visa you have.
  3. You give incorrect or misleading information.
  4. Incorrect study, travel, or work plans. For example, you apply for an extension for the reason of studying abroad, but the school has not yet accepted your application. EXTEND VIETNAM VISA
  5. The names on the documents do not match. It is possible that the application of a partner such as a school or company does not match your documents.
  6. Fake dossiers include fake work papers, transcripts, and financial documents.
  7. Failing to provide sufficient evidence or relevant information about the sponsor, relatives, workplace…
  8. You did not follow the correct check-in process.
  9. Your profile has problems:
  • Weak academic records, bad reviews of morals.
  • Bad comments at the company you work for.
  • If you travel and get fined many times for theft, or other social problems.

You may be refused extension if the purpose of extension is different from your visa symbol.

Steps to apply for extend Vietnam visa for foreigners

Step 1: Fill in the complete information on the application form provided by the Immigration Department. Do not use handwriting or templates from elsewhere.

Step 2: Submit the application with the necessary documents, depending on the type of visa you need to attach some other documents.

Step 3: Apply at the Immigration Department of the locality where you are temporarily staying and follow the requirements of the application-receiving officer.

Step 4: After about 5 working days you will receive a new visa extension.

Before submitting your application, be sure to carefully review the steps above so that you can complete the process and submit it to the competent authorities for approval. If you want to find a service company to help you complete the renewal procedure quickly and with quality, please contact Xinvisaquocte. EXTEND VIETNAM VISA

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