Reasons to fail the US visa interview

Xinvisaquocte with more than 10 years of experience in consulting and processing visa applications for the US and other countries. We receive your profile, meet you directly at the company’s office to have the best advice for you. After the consultation, we can tell you what percentage you have to get a US visa. If the visa approval rate is too low, we advise you to postpone your travel to the US. Please listen to us and proceed to supplement the profile to make it better as advised by Xinvisaquocte. You should read this short article to know the reasons why the US visa interview failed.

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US VISA INTERVIEW - Chuẩn bị tốt, bạn đã có một nửa thành công


1. Errors in the preparation of documents

Missing records when going to interviews, crumpled documents, improperly arranged records, etc.

2. White passport

Normally, when applying for a self-sufficient US tourist visa, the applicant needs to go to at least 2 developed countries in the region such as: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, .. ( There is at least one country outside of Southeast Asia). This proves to them that you have traveled to many countries, you have not violated any regulations on VISA of those countries. You have returned to your home country on time. This is an important springboard for your US visa. So if you have not traveled to any country, you should not apply for a US visa to avoid losing money unjustly. US VISA INTERVIEW

3. The purpose of the trip is not clear

This is not a required document in the US visa application. However, you need to prepare in advance so that at the interview you can demonstrate to them that you have a detailed plan for your trip. From where to visit, where to eat, where to live, where to live, by what means of transport? In addition, you should provide additional confirmation of flight ticket booking, hotel reservation. Many people think it’s not important, but when it comes to interviews, when asked about this, they can’t answer. And of course… “get out”.

4. Having problems proving your finances US VISA INTERVIEW

There are quite a few people who think that as long as I have enough money to pay for a trip, I can apply for a US tourist visa. But that’s not really the case. The US government also considers other related issues, finance is not only to pay for the applicant’s trip, but also to overcome the risks that may occur during the trip. As well as having enough assets to not have to go there and run away to work underground (illegal). And there will be no need for a welfare organization from the US government. US VISA INTERVIEW

Unless you go on a business trip, the company will prove your financial ability, the rest of the other types of visas such as tourist visas, visiting relatives or studying abroad must prove your financial ability, even if the guarantor has specified that All costs are covered by the inviter, but if you can’t prove your finances, the chances of being rejected are also quite high.

5. Too few constraints in the country you live in

This is also a problem many people face. The essence of the issuance of VISA is to check and approve whether the applicant intends to immigrate illegally or not? Is there enough finance? Are there any constraints to return to Vietnam after the tour is over.

Therefore, when submitting your application, you need to provide all binding evidences for your return to Vietnam such as: Personal relationships, large valuable assets, a stable job with a high level of income. attractive income, position in society, …

6. The reason for your work

It is not too difficult to apply for an employment contract of the applicant in a private or joint stock company. However, the Embassy has the expertise to check whether the information is true or fake. So there have been many applicants who failed their visas for this reason without knowing why. Therefore, when preparing documents, do not take this issue lightly. Applicants who are working for the state or large corporations will be an advantage.

7. Not good interview answer US VISA INTERVIEW

The US visa interview is an important step, many people do not prepare psychologically as well as practice in advance with frequently asked questions. When answering the interview faltering, hesitant to answer anything, or asking a different answer, or vaguely answering the wrong focus of the question are the reasons why you may fail immediately. without any further proof. What you need to do is prepare mentally and confidently, answer the questions concisely, decisively, to the point, and when answering the question you should give evidence with pre-prepared papers to increase reliability.

However, you need to remember that if you fail the first US visa interview, the door is not completely closed. You still have a chance at the 2nd US visa interviewing. If you have any questions regarding the US visa interviewing procedure, you can contact Xinvisaquocte via hotline for advice.

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