Regulations on the use of Apec card (ABTC card)

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Businessmen who are granted APEC card must report annually on the use of cards, including the contents in the form issued together with this Regulation and send to competent agencies. Reporting time is January 31 of the following year at the latest.

Entrepreneurs who are issued with an ABTC card are responsible for the information declared in the report and comply with the laws of the State of Nation. Card holders must also comply with regulations of APEC member countries and territories applying the policy of issuing APEC card to business people from member countries.

However, the current regulations on reporting the use of APEC card according to Decision 05/2014 / QD-UBND of Ho Chi Minh City are now abolished by Decision 41/2016 / QD-UBND. Up to now, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has not issued a replacement decision. Therefore, reports of businessmen with ABTC card must still be observed in order to avoid conflicts and disadvantages for themselves, the business people who use the card and the companies and businesses where they are working.


According to the new regulations, the APEC business card is valid for 05 years (compared to the previous period of 03 years ago) and cannot be extended. When the card expires, the businessman shall carry out the procedures for reissuing a new card at the competent authorities.


An ABTC card cannot be renewed but re-issued in the following cases:

When the ABTC card is lost and the businessman asks for it again. Businessmen who loses his ABTC card must notify the Immigration Authority of the Ministry of Public Security to cancel the validity of the APEC card and notify other countries or territories of cancellation of the value of the lost card.

When the ABTC card is damaged and the businessman asks for it again.

ABTC card is still valid, but the business owner requests to reissue it.

When a businessman is issued a new passport, he or she must also reissue the ABTC card to suit the new passport content.

The card is no longer valid for entry by a competent authority of a member country or territory stated in the ABTC card.

There is a conclusion of the business investigation agency, the People’s Procuracy, the People’s Court or the judgment enforcement agency that the business person has not violated the law or has fulfilled his obligations as provided for by law.

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Frequently asked questions about the Apec Card

1. Do you need a visa if you have an Apec card to enter Canada and the US?

Canada and the United States are in the Apec bloc but do not participate in the business card program of each country in the bloc. Therefore, business people who have ABTC cards when entering Canada and the US still have to apply for a visa.

2. What benefits do entrepreneurs owning ABTC cards have?

In addition to being able to enter the 19 Apec countries participating in the ABTC program for Entrepreneurs, you can apply for visas and other developed countries more easily (USA, Canada, European countries, …). When you check-in to the plane, check-in and exit, you will be lined up at the VIP entrance.

3. Lost ABTC card, what to do?

Entrepreneurs need to immediately contact the Immigration Department to declare and then apply for a card again.

4. Can I use my ABTC card to travel to 19 countries in the Apec block?

It is best not to use your ABTC card to travel to 19 member countries. Because traveling is not in accordance with the purpose of the card issued to Entrepreneurs of Apec countries.

5. Owning an ABTC card with expiry date, but when the registered enterprise is dissolved, is the card still valid?

The card is still valid, but the business has been dissolved, the businessman has no reason or purpose to trade with countries in the bloc about the business of this business. It is not valid to continue using the ABTC card in the work of a business other than the Apec block.

6. Where is the ABTC card making service?

Please contact Xinvisaquocte for clear and professional advice. You only need to provide a complete application for Apec card as we advise, you do not need to submit documents or present at any competent authority.

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