Festivals in Japan you must experience

Special festivals in Japan such as Shogatsu (New Year’s celebration), Setsubun (the ceremony to ward [...]

Japanese Flag information you should know

Referring to the national flag of Japan (Japanese Flag), surely everyone knows it is a [...]

What’s attractive about spring in Japan?

Traveling to Japan in the spring is really an attractive journey, bringing visitors to many [...]

Autumn in Japan and experiences to enjoy

Speaking of autumn in Japan, it is definitely impossible not to mention red maple leaves. [...]

Japanese summer and what you should know

Japanese summer capital is the most beautiful time of the year here. This time is [...]

What’s so special about winter in Japan?

December is the first month of winter in Japan with an average daytime temperature of [...]

What to eat in Japan? Japanese specialties?

When talking about Japan, we cannot help but mention Japanese specialties with delicious and famous [...]

Japanese culture and things you should know

Japanese culture from tradition to modernity is a rich source of identity, consistency in national [...]

Traditional Japanese clothing – JAPANESE KIMONO

Japanese kimono are traditional Japanese clothing that are famous around the world for their beauty [...]

The hottest Japanese summer festival

Summer is also the time when the Land of the Rising Sun is beautiful with [...]

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