Korean flag and meanings that you do not know

The Korean flag with a very skeptical shape in the center and the surrounding four [...]

What’s so beautiful about Jeju Island, Korea?

Traveling to South Korea Jeju Island – a famous poetic island known as the island [...]

Nami Island in Korea – What is so beautiful

Nami Island in Korea used to be a very romantic setting for the movie “Winter [...]

Korean Mixed Rice Bibimbap

Bibimbap or Korean mixed rice is a traditional dish of the land of kimchi, which [...]

What’s so beautiful about spring in Korea

It can be said that the natural landscape in Korea when entering the spring always [...]

What’s so beautiful about autumn in Korea?

What month is autumn in Korea? What’s so special about autumn in Korea? Whether the [...]

Korean summer and useful information

Summer has come and Korean summer travel is always a foreign travel itinerary that many [...]

What’s so special about winter in Korea?

Winter in Korea is usually from December to February, with January being the coldest month, [...]

TRAVEL TO KOREA – Autumn in Korea

If asked: What is the most appropriate season to travel to Korea; 80% of visitors [...]

Where to go in seoul – Sightseeing in seoul

If we have the opportunity to go to the beautiful country of Korea, surely all [...]

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