Taiwanese food culture and things you should know

Taiwanese food culture is considered a unique combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern Western dishes. Taiwan not only attracts tourists from all over the world because of its unique tourist destinations but also dishes that are hard to find anywhere in the world today. Taiwan is a tourist destination that attracts a lot of Vietnamese tourists. Not only creating surprises about the scenery, climate, entertainment areas, Taiwanese culinary culture also makes people “addicted”, having to fall in love when they have been rewarded.

According to the most recent statistics, the number of Vietnamese who came to Taiwan for tourism in the past year was in the top 5. It proves that the East Asian island region has a very strong attraction to our country’s tourists in particular and world in general. One of the points that makes that attraction cannot be ignored. If China has an extremely diverse cuisine, Japan is more about sophistication, Taiwan has a harmonious color between those two outstanding personalities. So, what makes Taiwan’s delicious dishes so popular with tourists?

About Taiwanese food culture

Indigenous people of Taiwan such as the Hoklo (Taiwanese), aborigines and Hakka people have their own unique dishes. Other localities have culinary origins from China and Japan. Taiwanese cuisine is unique, most influenced by the dishes of Southern China, especially from Fujian. In addition to me, there are also influences from other cuisines from Cantonese, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan and Beijing.

Features of Taiwanese food culture

In general, Taiwanese food culture will be a mixture of Japanese and mainland Chinese influences. Because for a while, the island was under the invasion and rule of the Japanese, so the dishes will also be more or less the style of the land of Phu Tang.

The vast majority of people living in Taiwan have a relatively similar lifestyle to the original Chinese, so the taste also has many similarities. The most influence is probably from Fujian province, besides, Taiwanese dishes are also a blend of Hong Kong, Cantonese, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, Northern styles. Terrible…

Taiwanese people seem to be very focused on balancing the flavors of the dishes as well as the ingredients. They have reduced quite a lot of fat compared to the original Chinese dishes, nor are they seasoned as bold as the Hong Kong people, when enjoying, we will feel something fresh and extremely delicate. Japanese style.

In addition, about drinks, surely visitors from far away here will not be able to help but know about bubble tea and bubble tea. These are two famous drinks that are well received and loved by young people of countries in the region such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, etc.

WHAT IS TAIWANESE FOOD Culture So Attractive?

Taiwanese food culture has an quintessential combination of neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Japan or China. The majority of people in Taiwan have a relatively similar lifestyle to the Chinese, perhaps so that Taiwan’s dishes are mixed with the styles of Hong Kong, Cantonese, Sichuan, Beijing, etc. Focusing on the balance between ingredients and spices, the dishes are less greasy than Chinese dishes, and not as bold as Hong Kong dishes. Taiwanese cuisine creates a more delicate and delicate feeling, guaranteed to satisfy any fastidious diners.


Coming to Taiwan, wherever you go, it is easy to see large and small shops, at night it is crowded with night markets with streets filled with food. Coming to Taiwan for only a few days, it is difficult to enjoy all the dishes here. However, just taking a look at a few outstanding, well-loved dishes below is enough to make people “pale”.

1. Taiwan Milk Tea

For fans of milk tea, Taiwan is the place for you. Because this is known as a milk tea paradise with a series of famous brands such as: Gongcha, Ten Ren, Green Tea Latte, etc. The taste of milk tea is delicious with the famous aroma of tea mixed with fat. of milk, pearls are soft and chewy. It all makes a difference when drinking milk tea here, traveling to Taiwan without drinking milk tea is considered as if you have not set foot in Taiwan.

2. Taiwanese food Culture – Yongkang Beef Noodles

The next dish that should not be missed when traveling to Taiwan is beef noodles. This dish is famous for its crispy fresh noodles, rich broth, and big tender beef. Just looking at it, under the ingenuity in Taiwanese food culture, people still remember this beef noodle dish as an indispensable dish when coming to Taiwan. Beef noodle is also a famous dish first made in Taiwan.

In Taipei, there is the most expensive noodle dish in the world. Finding to eat beef noodles in Taiwan is quite simple because wherever you go, you can find a shop that makes this dish. There are beef noodle shops in many corners, each of which will give you a taste with a unique recipe. If you come to Taiwan, don’t miss the opportunity to try this beef noodle dish.

3. Iron eggs

Iron eggs, also known as Bac Thao duck eggs, is a famous dish of Taiwan, it is found almost all over the eateries as well as on the streets. Usually people will use chicken eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs to be soaked with soy sauce and some other spices to increase the flavor of the dish. Over time, the eggs will gradually turn black, so people liken them to iron lumps. This delicious dish will make you nostalgic for the taste of this dish.

4. Taiwanese food Culture – Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake is also a dish that cannot be ignored when talking about Taiwanese food culture. To fully enjoy the taste of table cake, it should be served with a cup of tea. Pineapple cake is also a dish that can be found everywhere, at convenience stores, manufacturing facilities, airports… You can choose pineapple cakes as gifts for your loved ones when traveling in Taiwan. There are many pineapple cake companies, but the most famous is probably the Sunny Hills brand. This is one of the most popular brands.

5. Characteristics of Taiwanese food culture – Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is also a famous dish of Taiwanese food culture. Because of the “special smell”, not many people have the courage to try this dish. However, those who have ever eaten this stinky side dish will surely say that it is very delicious. it’s delicious. The stench of rotten tofu is due to the fermentation process of the tofu.

6. Taiwanese food culture – Dumplings

Selling bags you can find anywhere in Taiwan. This is a staple in Taiwanese food culture. There are many types of dumplings such as: fried dumplings, steamed dumplings, boiled dumplings. Taiwanese people are very fond of eating these types of dumplings, it is also chosen by many tourists.
Even so, the most important, priority and key criterion is in the dipping sauce. People still like to have a little soy sauce and a little spice to make the dumplings more rich.

7. Fried Oysters

Adding to the list of must-try dishes in Taiwan is Fried Oysters. This fried oyster dish is combined with many attractive ingredients such as eggs, oysters, and sweet potatoes to create an extremely delicious and greasy taste. When eating, a little special sauce will be added to make the dish more attractive.

8. Din Tai Fung Dumplings

Dumplings or other names are dumplings. This is also one of the delicious and unique dishes of Taiwan. Dumplings have become a feature and beauty in Taiwanese food culture. The outside is a soft shell wrapped with a fragrant meat filling, and the inside is a sweet meat filling. When eating you need to be careful with the gravy inside because they are quite hot.

9. Taiwanese food culture – Coffin Bread

Not only gives visitors different experiences in taste, but the names of dishes in Taiwan are also special in shapes that make people feel excited. One of the typical examples is the “coffin” bread, which is of interest to many people because of the shape of a box, the top is a mixture of ingredients such as seafood, mushrooms, corn, … precisely because This strange shape is called a coffin.

The attractive dishes of Taiwan will urge you to travel to Taiwan right away, right? Come to Taiwan to discover the unique Taiwanese food culture and the 1-0-2 dishes here.

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