The hottest Japanese summer festival

Summer is also the time when the Land of the Rising Sun is beautiful with thousands of flowers, and special festivals, creating a bustling and bustling atmosphere. Not only will you be immersed in the vast flower fields, but you will also be immersed in the very special Japanese summer festival!

Summer in Japan begins in June and ends in September, which is considered the “festival season” because there are many interesting and unique summer festivals in Japan. Coming to the land of Phu Tang in the summer, visitors are not only satisfied with the endless colorful flower fields, watching beautiful and romantic beaches, but also attending summer festivals in Japan. Very interesting version. Do you know what those festivals are? Let’s take a look at Xinvisaquocte’s list of Japanese summer festival that you can’t miss right now!


Discover the unique and impressive Japanese summer festival

During the period from June to September, Japanese summer festival are held with colorful fireworks and lantern displays… This time is called “festival season” in Japan. Many large-scale festivals are held in Japan’s summer, such as the Tanabata Matsuri in August, the Fireworks Festival (Hanabi) in July or August, and the Tenjin Festival. The famous Matsuri in Osaka, the Kanda Matsuri festival in Tokyo, the Gion Matsuri festival in Kyoto, the Bon Odori traditional dance festival… These are all traditional festivals associated with the spiritual life of the people of “the country.” Sunrise”.

Japanese Summer Festival – Gion Festival

Among the traditional festivals in Japan, Gion is the largest and oldest festival. It means a lot to the people of Kyoto city. According to many documents, the Gion festival has a history of more than 1,000 years, has a large scale and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Legend has it that the origin of the festival dates back to 869, when the country encountered a terrible infectious pandemic, causing people to fall into misery and death. At this time, the Japanese people held the Goryoe prayer festival to ward off epidemics and bring peace to the country and from there the Gion festival was born.

If you have the opportunity to participate in the Gion festival, you will enjoy the jubilant and bustling atmosphere of the majestic parade, as well as admire the unique and interesting procession with your own eyes.

The float procession is divided into two types, namely Hoko and Yama, in which Hoko is a large sized two-tiered float, over 25m high and 12 tons in weight, with large wheels to bear the load. ensure safety when the palanquin moves. These floats are decorated with many handicrafts, with intricate carvings boldly traditional. Therefore, attending this Japanese summer festival will be an opportunity for you to better understand the cultural beauties of the “land of the rising sun”.

Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival, also known as the Shichibu Festival, is one of the traditional and romantic Japanese summer festival in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Originating from the legend of Niu Lang Chuc Nu in China, but in the Land of Cherry Blossoms, the festival is more poetic and special. On holidays, people will write their wishes and good luck wishes on colorful pieces of paper and then hang them on bamboo and bamboo trees in front of the house. In particular, coming to Japan in August every year, visitors will be able to participate in this special festival with local people.

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

In Japan there are many interesting festivals and Sumidagawa is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Known as the city’s most beautiful fireworks festival, every year millions of tourists from all over the world flock to Japan to attend. The top-notch fireworks display not only cools visitors, but also has a great meaning, which is to mark the return of Japan after the damage of war, natural disasters, and food. celebrate the victory of the people in the cherry blossom field. Overall, this Japanese summer festival is well worth attending, it will bring you many great memories.

Sumidagawa festival time: Takes place on the fourth Sunday in July every year.
Venue: In Tokyo city

Awa Odori Matsuri . Festival

Activities: This festival is part of the Buddhist Obon ritual to welcome the spirits of the dead. It has a symbolic meaning of family reunion, when the spirits of ancestors return to visit the family altar. Held for 500 years, Awa Odori has become one of the most popular summer festivals in the country. Every evening, the street is bustling with the sound of drums, shamisen (a traditional instrument resembling a three-stringed guitar), and more. Bon-Odori dancers will wear straw hats and yukata.

Festival time: Every night, from August 12 to 15.
Location: Tokushima, in the Shikoku region.

Japanese Summer Festival – TANABATA FESTIVAL

Tanabata is one of the most meaningful and romantic of the Japanese summer festival. The festival takes place from the evening of July 6 and ends on July 7 every year. Couples go to the temple together to pray together for life, while single people will come to pray for love. On this day, it is customary to write prayers on a small piece of colorful paper. Then hang it on a bamboo tree, sometimes with an ornament. After the festival ends, the bamboos and decorations will be put on a boat, floated in the river or burned.
Location: Sendai City, Hiratsuka City and Anjou City.

Experience the Obon festival

Exploring Japanese summer festival but skipping Obon festival is a pity. This festival, also known as the lantern festival, is the day when people together write their wishes on lanterns and float them along the water. People here believe that the light of the lanterns will bring their wishes into reality. In addition, releasing lanterns at the Obon festival also has the meaning of guiding the soul back to the folk to reunite with the family.

Japanese Summer Festival – HANAGASA MATSURI . FESTIVAL

As one of the unique Japanese summer festival, Hanagasa Matsuri always attracts millions of domestic and international visitors to enjoy. Hanagasa is a hat decorated with artificial flowers with a design unique to Japan. On this day, the dancers wear the same outfit for each group and wear Hanagasa hats decorated with unique safflowers. About 100 groups of 10,000 dancers will parade through the main street of Yamagata city.

Summer Sonic Music Festival

Every year in mid-August, the world famous rock festival will take place in Japan. The festival is held in Osaka and Chiba, and artists and groups will alternately perform at these two venues. The festival attracts thousands of attendees, of all ages from all over the country. This is considered an epic music party – the most exciting summer festival – you should not miss when traveling to Japan in the summer!

Bon Odori . Festival

If you are a lover of excitement, do not miss the Bon Odori festival. This is a traditional dance festival of the country of cherry blossoms and an opportunity for families in Japan to get together and dance together. Amateur dancers, dancing jubilantly in the vibrant music, bring an atmosphere of joy like never before. You will feel the friendliness and friendliness of the Japanese people, along with interesting cultures and customs in the Bon Odori festival that will surprise you.

Japanese Summer Festival – Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

Considered one of the three most famous festivals of Japan. The Nebuta Festival has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the “World Intangible Cultural Heritage”. During the festival period, huge colorful 3D lantern floats are paraded on the street. On the last day of the festival, don’t miss the beautiful two-hour fireworks display that closes the festivities. This summer festival is thought to have its roots in the Tanabata Festival, which originated in China in the 700s.

Japan is not only famous for its diverse natural scenery, colorful flower fields, beautiful romantic beaches, or majestic mountains… but also known for its traditional festivals. special system. If you have the opportunity to come to the “land of the rising sun”, do not miss the opportunity to experience Japanese summer festival!

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