Cơm cuộn Hàn Quốc – Cơm cuộn Kimbap

Ngoài kim chi, cơm cuộn Hàn Quốc là một món ăn nổi tiếng và ngày [...]

Cơm trộn Hàn Quốc Bibimbap – Linh hồn xứ sở Kim Chi

Cơm trộn Bibimbap hay Cơm trộn Hàn Quốc là một món ăn truyền thống của [...]

Festivals in Japan you must experience

Special festivals in Japan such as Shogatsu (New Year’s celebration), Setsubun (the ceremony to ward [...]

Korean flag and meanings that you do not know

The Korean flag with a very skeptical shape in the center and the surrounding four [...]

Chinese food you must try

Chinese food has never disappointed foodies by the taste and quality in each dish. Chinese [...]

Chinese food culture things you should know

The art of Chinese food culture is ranked first in the world because of the [...]

Japanese Flag information you should know

Referring to the national flag of Japan (Japanese Flag), surely everyone knows it is a [...]

Chinese Flag information you need to know

The flags of each country have special designs that reflect deep meanings that represent the [...]

What’s so beautiful about Jeju Island, Korea?

Traveling to South Korea Jeju Island – a famous poetic island known as the island [...]

Nami Island in Korea – What is so beautiful

Nami Island in Korea used to be a very romantic setting for the movie “Winter [...]

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