Traveling to Taiwan – Experience you should know

Traveling to Taiwan self-sufficient is a trend of many young people, many office brothers and sisters in Vietnam. Because, Vietnam is quite close to Taiwan, the customs and habits of Taiwan are similar, especially self-sufficient Taiwanese tourism can comfortably explore at extremely low cost.

Taiwan is a destination that many tourists want when they set foot in Asia. Dubbed as the pearl island on the blue ocean, Taiwan impresses tourists around the world by its poetic landscapes that blend into the cultural space imbued with national identity, or a modern city. Bustling with a rich culinary scene. Whether you prefer to experience, explore or see the beauty of nature, of modern neon lights, Taiwan is where you find what to expect. In this article, with my Taiwan travel experiences, Xinvisaquocte will answer your concerns for the upcoming trip right below!

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About Taiwan

Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is an island country with an area of ​​more than 36,000 km² located in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean and about 180 km from China across the Taiwan Strait. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei. Although a small island nation, Taiwan has a population of about 23.7 million people with 95% of the population being Han Chinese and a small number of immigrants. Taiwan is also a multi-religious country. Religions such as China, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism make up over 93% of the population, about 3.9% of the population are Roman Catholics and less than 2.5% come from other religions.

With outstanding economic growth and development, since the second half of the twentieth century, Taiwan has become the dragon of Asia, known for its speed at the forefront of the electronics industry. Although known as an island, more than 70% of Taiwan’s territory is covered by nature of mountains and forests. It is this factor that has brought a majestic and beautiful Taiwan of unique landscapes, attracting tourists.

Taiwan visa is officially processed after the pandemic from October 2022

There is good news for visitors that Taiwan will start accepting visa applications from citizens in countries that are not exempt for the purpose of social encounters, tourism, … from October 13. . This means that policies are likely to be restored almost before the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a long time, Taiwan has always been a tourist destination that is loved by many tourists everywhere, including Vietnamese tourists. The policy of applying for a self-sufficient Taiwan tourist visa is not too difficult, you should prepare a complete dossier, the pass rate is quite high. Taiwan tourist visa will be valid for 3 months, so the appropriate time to apply is about 6-8 weeks before going. The Taiwan visa application process almost does not require an interview process. However, there are some cases where the Embassy will request it separately. Therefore, always be prepared, capture accurate and complete information.

Note when preparing documents for self-sufficient traveling to Taiwan

A note when applying for a self-sufficient tourist visa to Taiwan must prepare a complete dossier, if it is incomplete, they will return it, not accept it. Therefore, if it is missing or difficult to supplement, it should not be submitted because the failure rate is very high. You should apply for a visa about 6-8 weeks before your trip to avoid missing your trip. Taiwan tourist visa application file includes 1 original set and 1 set of photos on A4 paper. The original set after comparison will be returned. The set of photos will be kept. In the original documents, the original passport will be kept and returned when the visa results are available. The application for a visa to enter Taiwan does not need to be translated into a foreign language, it can be filled in in Vietnamese and English.

When is the best season to traveling to Taiwan?

The seasonal change usually from September to October or April to June is the best time to visit the islands of Taiwan and you will likely find mid-week deals on services stay. During the peak season, tourism services will increase in price compared to weekdays, especially in July and August, as well as during the Lunar New Year or every Saturday night, even in the rainy season. in June. From January to April, some places in Taiwan have cherry blossoms in full bloom creating beautiful scenery.

It only takes 7 to 10 days for you to explore most of the places you need to visit in Taiwan, but depending on the time and economic conditions you can choose a suitable schedule. The two largest cities and also the center of attraction for self-sufficient Taiwanese tourists are Taipei and Kaohsiung; From these two cities you can easily go to other places.

Like other Asian countries, the climate in Taiwan is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, each climate season has its own characteristics. And each season, the scenery here puts on a new shirt and exudes a very unique beauty that captivates every visitor.

Traveling to Taiwan self-sufficient in Spring

from March to May, is a warm period that shows the image of a Taiwan coming to life after a long winter. If you are a lover of nature and flowers, spring in Taiwan is the ideal time for you to travel to Taiwan on your own. Cherry blossoms bloom all over the streets and roads, adorning the city with a romantic and lyrical beauty.

Self-sufficient travel to Taiwan in Summer

Summer from May to September, the summer weather in Taiwan is quite hot and the humidity is higher than in Vietnam, but if you are planning to travel to Taiwan at that time, it is not necessary. worried. Because this is the best time to be able to immerse yourself in the cool, blue water on the beautiful islands surrounding Taiwan. Visiting the Eastern area in Taiwan, visitors will have the opportunity to see the murmuring blue beaches mixed with the high and wide blue sky, a beautiful scene!

A small note for you when traveling to Taiwan self-sufficient in the summer is not to forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat, because this is the time when sudden thunderstorms appear, be careful not to get wet. !

Self-sufficient travel to Taiwan in Autumn

Autumn from October to November is probably the most beautiful time in Taiwan, when the harsh rays of the summer sun have gradually faded away, replaced by chilly winds, sweeping the colors of heaven and earth in autumn. . In the autumn, everything seems to be wearing a new shirt, the yellow maple trees as if adorning the earth and sky in autumn become more brilliant and charming than ever. The weather in autumn is quite pleasant, very suitable for visitors to comfortably explore attractive tourist destinations or have fun here. Going on a cheap self-sufficient tour to Taiwan in the fall will bring you interesting experiences in your journey.


Late December to February is the cold winter in Taiwan. The weather is quite cold so you will not feel comfortable to visit the tourist attractions in this country. Your limited luggage suitcase will have to be stuffed, stuffed with big, heavy coats and sweaters.

The cost of traveling to Taiwan privately is as cheap as Thailand

Many people worry about how much self-sufficient traveling to Taiwan is, in fact the cost depends on many factors as well as the spending needs of each person. If you come to Dubai, New Zealand, South Korea, you have to weigh and measure because the cost here is quite expensive, then when you come to Taiwan, you should be assured of that. Everything here from commuting, dining, shopping is quite pleasant.

Where to stay when traveling to Taiwan self-sufficient?

In our experience, in Taipei you should book a room at Next Teipei – Teipei main station. About 400m from the main station, 600m from Ximending area, quite convenient. Shared bathroom, with free washing machine and dryer, lockers, kitchen. Price is about 400 TWD/night/bed. In Keelung (Keelung) book room Yung Feng hotel 100m from Miaokou night market, 400m from Keelung port, 800m from Sankeng station. Private room with 2 queen size beds for up to 4 people, private bathroom, price 1,580TWD/night. Or you can refer to a few more rooms according to economic conditions at The accommodation is clean, and convenient, the people of Taiwan are quite friendly, so if you don’t know anything, just ask them.

What should self-sufficient traveling to Taiwan bring?

Besides important documents such as airline tickets, passports, visas, people also remember to pay attention to personal luggage. If you are only traveling to Taiwan for a few days, you should only bring the necessary things, it is important to pack your luggage in the most neat way. Dulichkhampha24 will summarize here some of the things that you should bring as follows:

+ Clothes:

Because the weather in Taiwan is not too harsh, you can be comfortable about what to wear when traveling to Taiwan. Priority should be given to choosing lightweight clothes, sports shoes or flat shoes for ease of movement. If traveling to Taiwan in winter, remember to bring warm clothes.

+ Medicines:

Although it is an Asian country like Vietnam, Taiwan’s weather is also different from ours. Furthermore, some of you may not be familiar with the food here. So, remember to bring headache medicine, fever reducer, cold medicine, stomach pain medicine. If you are the type of person who is prone to motion sickness, remember to bring anti-sickness medicine to be sure.

+ Personal items:

Brushes, face wipes, toothpaste, slippers are also things you need to prepare carefully.

+ Electronics:

Camera, power bank, phone are the things you can’t do without. In particular, you should bring a few memory cards if you want to save a lot of beautiful photos during your trip to Taiwan.

Those are just the necessary things, if you want to have a fun and meaningful trip, you need to have certain knowledge about the country you are going to. If you decide to travel to Taiwan on your own, the more you need to know about the places you plan to go, how that place moves, and what delicious and unique food there is.

Do self-sufficient travel in Taiwan need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not a requirement to apply for a Taiwan visa. However, Taiwan travel guides and people with self-sufficient travel experience recommend buying insurance. For at least two benefits this unique product offers:

• Compensation for objective issues such as plane cancellation, flight delay, loss, theft of documents, luggage, etc.
• Medical problems arise.

In addition, if you carefully study the notes when buying travel insurance, you will realize that the insurance coverage covers almost all possible risks. For example, Pacific Cross Vietnam’s 3 travel insurance packages are both flexible and suitable for many subjects, and the reimbursement time is very fast.

Transportation to Taiwan

Starting from Vietnam, the plane is the means of choice for many people because of its speed and convenience. Currently, there are many direct flights to Taiwan airports in Vietnam such as VietJet Air, Vanilla Air, Vietnam Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, etc.

Whether you sign up for a tour or travel to Taiwan on your own, the plane will still be the best means of transportation and the top priority. Tickets to Taiwan range from 3 to 5 million VND. How many hours does it take to fly from Vietnam to Taiwan? – The answer is about 3-4 hours. One note is that you should book a ticket to Taiwan at least a month in advance and present a return ticket when applying for a visa.

Transportation in Taiwan

The public transport system in Taiwan is quite developed, so you can rest assured to choose the type of transportation that is right for you. Let’s find out the means of transportation when traveling to Taiwan on your own! Just like Vietnam, in Taiwan, buses are also very popular. This vehicle is suitable for those who want to explore Taiwan cheaply, because the bus can take you to most of the famous tourist destinations. Besides, the soft fare along with the quality of the bus is also what makes the bus so popular.

Note that for a successful trip to Taiwan, you should download a bus schedule app called Bus Tracker Taiwan to easily track the time to suit your trip. A means of transportation that is also very popular and loved by many tourists is the MRT. However, this type will be suitable for you traveling to Taipei, Taiwan or Kaohsiung, because there is a very developed inner city MRT system.

Taiwan with convenient transportation

Because Taiwan, besides Taiwanese, the second language is do language. Therefore, if you are self-sufficient traveling to Taiwan, you do not need to worry too much about this. Traffic signs are also printed in both languages, so it’s very convenient for you to navigate around without fear of losing your way. In particular, if you once use public transport in Taiwan, you will find them extremely developed and surprisingly clean.

If you have firmly grasped the self-sufficient travel experiences in Taiwan, then why not pack your bags and be ready to fly right away. A country just mentioned is already interesting, extremely secure whether it is a tour or a self-sufficient trip. Wish you, your friends, family have a trip to Taiwan full of fun.

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