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When the US visa is about to expire or has expired for no more than 12 months. You want to extend your visa period so that you can return to the US without having to apply for a new visa with very complicated application procedures. The most important thing is that you do not have to go to the US Consulate – US Embassy for an interview. You need to carry out the US visa extension procedure. Renewing a US visa is not difficult in preparing documents to prove public, international travel history or finance…

The difficulty here is filling out the online declaration form, making an appointment, paying the renewal fee as well as composing the application. documents to send to the US Consulate. Understanding those difficulties, Xinvisaquocte offers the US visa extension service without interviewing for customers with the criteria of fast, simple, economical and effective. With a team of professional consultants, we simplify documents and procedures to bring you the most convenience!

Reasons to fail the US visa interview:


Most people who have ever applied for a US Visa (whether they pass or not) are always “impressed” and a bit “cold” when attending a face-to-face interview with Consular Officers. Their struggle from scheduling the interview on the system to choose the right date; the completion of the necessary documents and the preparation of the proposed questions; the scene of queuing and waiting… always makes candidates feel uncomfortable and stressful.


Most candidates lose their temper and panic when they have to answer questions in front of Consular Officers, who have the power to grant or deny their Visa on a short-term basis. The interview takes a lot of “energy” of the candidates in preparing the time, profile, spirit… In short, most of the people don’t like the US Visa interview.

With the US Visa extension program, when applying for a new visa (the old visa has expired), you can apply for a visa extension by post. They will find it simpler, “healthier” in terms of time and spirit when they don’t need to worry about preparing for the interview.


Extending a US visa by post is “healthier” than a face-to-face interview, but many applicants are refused Visa for the reason that they have resided in the US for too long compared to the application period in the nonimmigrant visa application. population (DS160).

Many applicants think that when entering the US, the customs officer stamps on the passport to allow legal stay in the US for 6 months, which means they will automatically stay for 6 months. And so they feel “regret” when they change their return ticket because they want to stay in the US longer.


An applicant who is 80 years old (born in 1933) after applying for a visa extension must wait 15 days before receiving a notice (by phone) calling for an interview, explaining that the last time in the US was too long ( 4 months compared to 2 months applied in DS 160), the elderly visitor was ultimately not granted a Visa. However, 1 year later, he went for another interview and was granted a Visa after presenting the reason for the previous “incident”.


Objectively, the US Visa extension program makes many Vietnamese applicants happy. However, besides the “convenience” and advantages of this Visa extension program, there are risks for applicants that they do not know and do not know while waiting for their Visa results. In addition to the cases mentioned above, the issue of waiting time is also a concern.

Interview time is usually about 2-5 minutes (depending on the case). Applicants will know the results (pass or fail) right in their interview. If the interview is successful, after 2 days the Visa will be sent home by post.

Delivery of results to customers

The US Visa Extension Program requires applicants to provide their passport and not use it for 6 to 8 business days. During this time, the applicant is just waiting for the results and… waiting for the results.

In the meantime, the applicant does not know the exact situation until receiving the passport with a new Visa stamp, or feedback from the Consulate via registered Email. Not everyone remembers to track Email to know their Visa status, not to mention Email error does not receive incoming mail. There are cases where the applicant waits for more than 10 days but still has not received the Visa, check the Email but can’t find information from the Consular, when calling the support department, the applicant is informed that they need to supplement some necessary documents. to the Consulate, and this notice was sent to the applicant via Email 1 week ago???


Visa extension program by mail is very good, bringing convenience to US Visa applicants; but not all subjects, applicants are suitable for this extension. Before submitting the visa extension application to the Consulate, the applicant needs to carefully review the required terms. If those criteria are met and the applicant’s last entry to the United States does not exceed the time of application in DS 160 (should not be more than doubled), the applicant can confidently apply.


Applicants who have resided beyond the DS 160 application period (usually double), experts say, should not apply for a visa extension by mail. “They should come for a face-to-face interview to have the opportunity to analyze and explain to the Consular Officer clearly about their long stay in the US and attach documents that show that they did not intend to do so.” (Former US consular officer). Many applicants have to wait for nearly half a month for the results to receive a notice that they cannot issue a Visa by mail??? They just wasted their time waiting to no avail!!!

US visa extension service without interview includes

1. Consult and check visa extension conditions without interview.

2. Declare the visa extension application form.

3. Sign up for a fee payment account and complete the application form to be considered for visa extension eligibility without an interview.

4. Pay the visa extension fee at the designated post office.

5. Print photos and documents, organize and complete documents to apply for visa extension by post without interview.

6. Send documents by designated post office to the US Consulate in Vietnam.

7. Update the status of the application for visa extension.

8. Delivery of results to customers.

US visa extension documents without interview

You just need to provide us:

–  Original passport with at least 6 months validity and at least 2 blank pages + old passport if the most recent US visa was issued in the old passport

– Soft file image 5cmx5cm. How to take a photo for a US visa:

– For children under 14 years old, will add:

  • Photocopy of the passport/ID card of the parent.
  • Photo of the parent’s current or most recent US visa. US VISA EXTENSION

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