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No one can be sure that they will be granted a USA visa without having an interview. The interview at the USA Consulate is very important in deciding whether you will get a visa or not. Make sure you know your profile well, confident and knowledgeable to face the USA Consulate staff during the interview. Consular officers only issue visas when the visa applicant meets the legal requirements as required by the USA Embassy. Please refer to the article about the USA visa interview experience!

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1. When answering USA visa interview questions

You should avoid telling the story of your life or your family to the consular officer. Indeed, consular officers are very busy and have to interview many people in a day. They don’t want to hear you tell a long story about a short question. When they ask questions, they want to see if you qualify for a visa as required by USA immigration law.

2. Stick to the problem and answer the question directly

Occasionally, a consular officer asks a question that only needs to be answered “Yes” or “No”. If you encounter such a question, you should answer the question directly instead of giving a roundabout answer that is not aimed at the question posed. In other words, you should answer briefly, but aim at the consular officer’s question and satisfy their interest. Of course, if you come across a question that requires an explanation, you explain it to them, but get straight to the point and don’t go around.

3. Listen to the consular officer’s questions before answering

Indeed, if you interrupt and answer before the consular officer has finished, you may not be able to answer the question they asked correctly. This action also means that you do not respect the consular officer. Instead of speeding up the interview, you’re prolonging the interview for this very silly act.

4. Make sure you understand the question – USA visa interview experience

If you don’t understand the question, politely let them know so they can repeat the question, use simpler words, or have someone interpret for you. Consular officers don’t want you to answer a question you don’t understand and they won’t know that you don’t understand the question if you don’t tell them.

5. Don’t guess the answer – USA visa interview experience

If you do not know the answer to the question, or you do not remember, please let the consular officer know. They don’t want you to guess if you don’t know. Personally, I am a person who applied for a USA visa and I passed the interview. With my USA visa interview experience and I have consulted many Xinvisaquocte clients. Always stay calm, confident and remember that you are not a know-it-all encyclopedia. So with the questions you already understand and you don’t know about that area. You have the right to answer clearly, “Sorry, I don’t know that area.”

6. Should tell the truth in the USA visa interview

There are many people who are eligible for a visa, but in the USA visa interview they lie to the consular officer because they think it is good for their case. When the consular officer discovers this, they will definitely fail the visa and may never be granted a USA visa again. If those people told the truth from the beginning and explained their case they would have been granted a visa. If you have doubts about your case then you should tell the truth and explain what happened.

7. Original and authentic documents should be presented – USA visa interview experience

Modified fake documents are considered fraud and are one of the reasons for visa refusal. The U.S. Consulate, with one of the largest and most sophisticated Fraud Control Units, can uncover your fake documents and fraud.

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