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When doing some administrative procedures in Vietnam with foreign elements such as: Judicial record, Marriage registration, Permanent residence card, Work permit … v … v … Vietnamese administrative agencies will love required Consular Vietnam Legalization related papers / documents – issued by a foreign agency.

Since then, these papers will become legally valid in Vietnam. Papers and documents issued by foreign competent agencies, if wishing to be valid for use in Vietnam, need to carry out legalization consulate procedures. Xinvisaquocte would like to share information regarding this procedure, hopefully it will be helpful to those in need.

We provide you with legalization consulate Vietnam service. Customers do not need to appear at the competent authorities. You just need to provide as complete as we advise and stay at home waiting to receive results delivered to your place.

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I- What is consular Vietnam legalization?

According to Decree 111/2011 / ND-CP, legalization consulate is understood as: The competent authority of Vietnam certifies the content, signature, seal, title on foreign papers and documents. After that, those documents and papers were recognized and valid for use in Vietnam.

II- Which Vietnamese agency is authorized to consularly legalize foreign papers and documents?

  1. At home, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the authority to legalization consulate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may also authorize a provincial foreign office to receive consular Vietnam legalization documents.


  1. Abroad, legalization consulate jurisdiction is authorized by diplomatic missions, consulates or other agencies authorized to perform consular functions of Vietnam in foreign countries.

III- A Vietnamese consular Vietnam legalization dossier needs to prepare:

  1. Legalization consulate declaration form No. LS / HPH-2012 / TK.


  1. Original identification papers in case of direct filing. This document does not need to be authenticated.


  1. Document request for legalization consulate (seal and signature certification by diplomatic missions, consular offices or other agencies authorized to perform the consular function of foreign countries).


  1. Copies of papers and documents requested by legalization consulate. For documents such as marriage registration, transcripts, diplomas … need to bring the original for comparison.


  1. The translation (no need to be authenticated) of papers and documents requested for consular Vietnam legalization into Vietnamese or English (if the papers or documents are not made in these languages.

Place of submission: Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs or provincial agencies authorized to receive dossiers by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Implementation time: 01 day if the quantity of documents is from 1-10 copies. 02 days or more if the number of documents is 11 copies or more or the documents require verification.

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