Visa application service process of Xinvisaquocte

Xinvisaquocte is a product of Tranetour with more than 10 years of experience in Travel and Visa services. We have built an image of a reputable, professional and dedicated Travel – Service company with customers. We understand that your time is money. We minimize the procedure to help you easily, quickly complete the application, save time and always achieve the best results. We are always ready to provide quick service, maximum support for you, all of our consultations are free.

1. Xinvisaquocte  long-term experience will provide free consultation to clients on issues related to visa application activities

– Consult the provisions of the law on visa issuance.
– Consult about visa procedures.
– Advice to prepare visa documents and documents.
– Consulting other relevant issues.

2. Examining and evaluating the legality of consulting requests and client documents

– On the basis of the requirements and documents provided by the client, our lawyers and experts will analyze and evaluate the legality and suitability of the request to perform the job.
– Xinvisaquocte will represent customers to translate and notarize relevant documents and procedures.

3. Xinvisaquocte will represent the completion of visa application procedures for customers, specifically

– After signing the service contract, Xinvisaquocte will prepare a visa application for the customer.
– Representative to the competent authority to submit visa application for the customer.
– Representative keeps track of the profile and informs the result of the submitted dossier to the customer.
– Visa agent for customers.
Door-to-door delivery when customers register to use the perfect Visa service.

4. Xinvisaquocte  visa application service with the following outstanding advantages

– You do not need to learn about visa application procedures and procedures at embassies
– You are enthusiastically supported and consulted to find out your difficulties and problems to quickly have the best solution when preparing your visa application.
– You need advice and support to succeed in case you have failed visa application, the embassy refused
– Consulting and providing related services such as tour booking, hotel booking, air ticket and international travel insurance please travel and work.
– Completion of banking procedures quickly and compactly.
– The price is always good in all cases.
– 24/7 service including holidays, Saturday, Sunday
– Collect and return files quickly and conveniently.
– Experts with many years of experience advise enthusiastically, rightly, accurately, closely with customers’ records.

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