What is Nha Trang called? – “Colors of the Sea”

Nha Trang, along with the colorful beauty of the coral “forest”, the lively world of the “folks” of the aquarium… are beckoning you to the “yellow sunshine – blue sea – white sand” place in Khanh Hoa season. this summer. What is Nha Trang called? Why is Nha Trang known as the “Colors of the Sea”? Let’s learn some special features of Nha Trang with Xinvisaquocte.


Hon Mun island – Coral “forest” with the colors of the sea

Located in Nha Trang Bay – one of the most important areas for marine conservation and marine tourism in Vietnam, Hon Mun Marine Protected Area is home to rich and diverse coral reefs. Not only among the most famous islands in Nha Trang with clear blue water and romantic scenery, Hon Mun is also the most beautiful diving spot in Vietnam. Due to the location near the hot ocean currents from the equator, the sea floor of Hon Mun area has a diverse population of marine life. People find 340 out of more than 800 species of hard coral in the world at Hon Mun.

Hon Mun - Coral "forest" with the colors of the sea

Snorkeling or taking a glass-bottom boat to see corals and marine life is an interesting experience in Hon Mun. Schools of fish hover around the “forest” of coral stretching as far as the eye can see with all shapes and colors opening up an interesting ocean world. The sun shines yellow on the white sand, the sea water is clear and jade-colored, Hon Mun is immersed in a cool “summer color”.

Hon Noi island – Unique double beach

If you look at the pictures of Hon Noi for the first time, you will have to say: how wonderful! Hon Noi is located in Nha Trang Bay, which is famous for its unique double beaches. A fine white sand bank runs between two mountains, dividing the sea into two beaches of jade green, clear and iridescent in the sun.

From the top of Du Ha mountain about 90m high, Hon Noi is radiantly beautiful with clear sea water, wide white sand, covered with green trees, sunshine dancing like sparkling glass beads on the sea surface. This place not only has the beauty of the sea and islands but also is a shelter for swiftlets. On the occasion of the tour, visit and learn a little about the bird’s nest farming here with the locals! Sunny sandy beach, romantic space of nature, Hon Noi – Yen Island is indeed a “beauty” in the eyes of travel enthusiasts.

“Green Island” Hon Tam COLORS OF THE SEA

Located in the south of Nha Trang Bay, Hon Tam is known as a “green island” with fine white sand, clear sea water, tropical green forests, graceful coconut trees whispering on the beach… Completely filled with the sounds of nature. The sound of the sea waves day and night, the sound of the wind passing through the trees and rocks, and countless sea birds. In addition to sightseeing and swimming, Hon Tam also offers activities such as windsurfing, boating, parasailing, beach volleyball, camping, mountain climbing, exploring ecological forests, cycling around the island, fishing,… COLORS OF THE SEA

Many craft villages have also been recreated at Hon Tam to serve tourists who want to learn about culture such as brocade weaving, zither, fine art pottery, wine making,… Sitting by the flickering campfire, singing and singing Along with the waves, enjoying the sea-flavored dishes is the perfect mark for a full day of fun.

Robinson island – Paradise hiding the colors of the sea

Robinson is a small island in Cam Ranh Bay, 20km from the mainland. Like a “secret paradise”, Robinson does not have too many modern services and facilities. Everything seems to be completely separate from the bustling world outside. The “desolate island” only has sea, mountains, rocks, cool wind, clouds,… the elements “just enough” for you to “disconnect” and find peaceful nature with all the most natural and sincere things.

Robinson island - Paradise hiding the colors of the sea

After 1 hour by boat, you will begin the journey to conquer this unspoiled island like a real Robinson. Under the clouds, immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, walk on the smooth white sand beach or conquer the bumpy rock formations, the steep cliffs. At night, sitting under the starry sky, listening to the howling wind and the sound of the waves, my heart suddenly felt strangely peaceful.

Lasting from May 10 to 13, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2019 has nearly 50 cultural – artistic activities, physical training – sports, commerce and scientific seminars, contributing to the promotion of potential, strength of Khanh Hoa province.

Scuba diving paradise

It is no coincidence that people call Nha Trang a scuba diving paradise because it has not only beaches with unspoiled beauty but also beautiful colorful coral reefs and beautiful ocean creatures. surprisingly attractive.


A simple type that just needs to learn a little about using eyeglasses and snorkel, those who do not know how to swim can also try is snorkeling to see corals. In particular, visitors can participate in diving tours at a depth of about 10 -15m, equipped with life jackets, snorkels, diving clothes, eyeglasses … with a very professional guide.

Explore the land of Spiritual Culture

In addition to playing and swimming, one of the attractions of Nha Trang is the places associated with the beliefs, culture and spirituality of the indigenous people. Ponagar Towers, Long Son Pagoda (also known as White Buddha Pagoda), Nha Trang Cathedral (also known as Mountain Church) are the main points worth learning. COLORS OF THE SEA

Ponagar Towers

Thap Ba is considered the symbol of Nha Trang, the largest Champa architectural complex in the Central region. All the statues and decorative details in the temple complex are a harmonious combination between circular and embossed techniques – a manifestation of the masterpiece of Champa sculpture.

Mountain Church has a long history dating back to 1933, officially known as Christ the King Cathedral. The church has a wide dome, rose-shaped windows in the typical Gothic style, and stands out as a highlight in the heart of the city.

Long Son Pagoda, with a history of more than 100 years, is Nha Trang’s largest temple with the largest outdoor Buddha statues in Vietnam. This is a place for visitors to find peace in their souls amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Great cuisine of the sea COLORS OF THE SEA

Coming to Nha Trang, it is impossible to ignore the famous delicacies of this beautiful city. With a source of fresh and rich seafood, Nha Trang dishes are all associated with this ingredient and processed in many different ways. In particular, dishes made from seafood such as fish vermicelli, jellyfish vermicelli, fish cake soup, seafood pancakes, etc. are very popular with diners. Seafood here is available, completely fresh, diverse and abundant, so it is not difficult to find a seafood restaurant, choose grilled, fried tamarind or burnt garlic.

With this short article, I hope Xinvisaquocte has satisfied your question “What is Nha Trang called”. Let’s explore more about this wonderful tourist destination with Xinvisaquocte. Don’t hesitate to call us to book a tour and travel to Nha Trang right now! COLORS OF THE SEA

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