What to eat when traveling to Japan

Japan has always been famous for its attractive dishes, with both delicious flavors and delicate presentation. If you are planning to travel to this cherry blossom country, how should you explore cuisine? Let’s join Xinvisaquocte to find out what to eat while traveling to Japan.

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1. TRAVELING TO JAPAN – Okonomiyaki Pancakes

It can be said that this is a quite famous street snack in Japan. The Japanese eat pancakes by sitting on the row of chairs right in front of the kitchen. So when the chef cooks this dish, they will be admired with their own eyes.

This cake is made from ingredients such as cut cabbage, pork, seafood and sweet cake, … mixed together and then fried in a pan. When you eat, you will add okonomi sauce, mayonnaise and shredded dried squid.

2. Oyakodon

If you are wondering what to eat when traveling to Japan, immediately think of oyakodon rice. The name of this dish is very special, if you describe it, “oya” is the parents, “ko” is the child and “don” is the rice bowl. Therefore, this dish has always been understood as a family dish. If Korea has famous bibimbap mixed rice, Japan has this oyakodon rice dish.


A bowl of oyakodon will consist of hot rice underneath, topped with food consisting of three layers of chicken, raw chicken eggs and chopped scallions. Especially when boiling chicken meat, mirin and sake onions will be added to the broth so that this flavor can penetrate the chicken and reduce the fishiness of raw eggs. After all, you can’t eat this rice without the sauce.

3. TRAVELING TO JAPAN – Shojin-ryori

Perhaps this is the dish that if you find out you will want to book a plane ticket to Japan to enjoy. In contrast to the past, there was a time when this country banned its people from eating meat. And in that context shojin-ryori was born to enrich the meal. This latter is one of the top choices for vegetarians because it is made entirely of plants such as grains, legumes and vegetables.


To be able to enjoy this dish the best, you go to the temples or eat at the restaurants near the temples. And if you love this shojin-ryori, head over to the cooking class to learn how.

4. TRAVELING TO JAPAN – Cake takoyaki

These small, beautiful round cakes with octopus fillings are really causing storms with Vietnamese youth in recent times. But only in Japan can you enjoy the correct takoyaki. To make this cake, the chef will use ingredients such as onions, sour ginger, seaweed, octopus, enkasu,…

Cake takoyaki

The cake dough is mixed and mixed, then put in a cake mold with cells. Crescent. When one side is cooked, you have to quickly turn the other side up to make the cake cooked evenly. An okonomiyaki sauce is also used for this cake with mayonnaise and scallions.

5. Wagashi

For those who love the Japanese tea ceremony, this wagashi is certainly very familiar. Wagashi cake is made from glutinous rice flour like mochi, but its shape is more diverse, describing things that are very close to life. This cake is really a perfect answer for anyone wondering what to eat while traveling to Japan.


The chefs who make wagashi can be called artisans, because in order to create such a beautiful, lovely shape, it takes a very sophisticated meticulousness and care. Wagashi pastries are often eaten when you use tea to alleviate the bitter taste of the tea.


Its shape is quite similar to kimbab, but the most basic difference of sushi is that the food is all fresh ingredients, and the size of sushi is usually smaller than Korean kimbab. Only by enjoying sushi will you understand why this dish is most famous in Japan as well as making many diners around the world fall in love.

With the first bite, the strange taste of sesame oil mixed rice and vinegar combined with fresh seafood and wasabi mustard with pickled ginger will make you awake all your taste buds.

7. Udon noodles

Japan was the first country in the world to invent instant noodles. And for such convenient fast food, Japanese noodle dishes are also extremely attractive as a creative basis for instant noodles. Among them we cannot help but mention udon.


Udon noodles are made from wheat flour mixed with salt and water and boiled until cooked. In Japan there are both hot and cold noodles, but hot noodles are still the most popular. The highlight for this dish comes from the broth. With a special traditional recipe, the flavor of the noodle broth creates ecstatic charm.

With the above suggestions of Xinvisaquocte, you should not worry about what to eat when traveling to Japan, right? Get a Japanese visa to have a chance to enjoy you!

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