What’s attractive about spring in Japan?

Traveling to Japan in the spring is really an attractive journey, bringing visitors to many charming and poetic landscapes. Not only that, spring in Japan is also the time when many attractive festivals take place. Therefore, if you want to feel more clearly about the attraction of spring in the land of the Rising Sun, you should travel here at this time.

Japan is a country with beautiful natural scenery with hundreds of flowers blooming in four seasons all year round. In particular, when it comes to Japanese spring, tourists all think of the fragile and pure beauty of the blooming sakura flowers when spring comes. The time when the mountains and hills are covered with a carpet of pale pink sakura flowers is the time when not only Japanese people but also tourists from all over the world gather and admire that beauty. Spring weather in Japan is very warm and filled with the excitement of an ideal tourist season. Therefore, the time when sakura flowers bloom, which lasts from March to May, is always a time to attract a lot of tourists.

The following article will “tell you” a few Japanese travel experiences such as: Japan’s weather and climate characteristics in spring, special spring festivals as well as suggestions for you attractive destinations. not to be missed… All will be encapsulated through the following extremely useful spring travel guide to Japan.

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Weather characteristics, climate spring in Japan

Spring in Japan usually lasts from March to May. The weather is still a bit chilly at this time due to the influence of winter. In March, the highest temperature is 13 degrees Celsius, and at night is about 5 degrees Celsius. In April, the temperature increases slightly, about 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. In May, the temperature is at 15 to 23 degrees. poison.

It can be said that spring is one of the most beautiful times in the land of the rising sun. Because at this time, the weather is extremely cool, dry and extremely ideal for tourism activities, enjoying everywhere and participating in many unique traditional festivals. However, because the weather at the beginning of the season is still a bit chilly, when traveling to Japan in the spring, you should equip some appropriate clothes.

Japan Spring February

February spring in Japan usually has a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius to -1 degrees Celsius. This is quite cold time of the year and people need to wear a lot of warm clothes before going out. However, the coldest must come to the Hokkaido region, the temperature is as low as -20 degrees Celsius. At this time, visitors can participate in the Sapporo Snow Festival held in Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo city or visit participate in the Kamakura Yokote festival in the city of Yokote in the southeastern part of Akita Prefecture. Here, many tourists come to visit and experience hot springs, unique snow houses, and cherry blossom viewing.

Spring in Japan March

At this time, the temperature has started to increase, it is getting warmer although many areas are still snowing. In Sapporo (Hokkaido), the highest temperature falls around 4 degrees Celsius and the lowest is -4 degrees Celsius. The major cities on Honshu and Kyushu islands (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka) during the day will be warm. In addition, the highest temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 5 degrees Celsius. This is also the time to see the most cherry blossoms of the year and bloom in order from the south to the north.

Spring in Japan April

The weather in April in spring in Japan is usually quite pleasant with an average daytime temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night. Early April is cherry blossom season in central Japan’s prefectures including Tokyo. , Osaka and Kyoto. This is the most popular tourist time of the year in these places. Sometimes, the cherry blossom season lasts up to 21 days, making tourists feel excited and excited.

Japanese Spring Symbols

When it comes to Japanese spring, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Exactly, surely every visitor will immediately think of the cherry blossom (さくら, Sakura) – the symbol of Japan. That’s why people remember Japan as “the land of cherry blossoms”. Cherry blossoms symbolize patience, humility, strong vitality rising above all adversities of the people here.

If you come to Japan in this season, wherever you are, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms. Because cherry blossoms are grown everywhere, from the countryside to the city, in the park, in the mountains or by the river. Flowers will begin to bloom from about March, depending on the region in turn from South to North of Japan. The cherry blossom blooming period is relatively short, so it is necessary to watch the bloom forecast carefully so as not to miss this wonderful sight.

In Japan, there is a culture of “Hanami”, while watching flowers and eating (with sake) under the cherry tree in groups of family, friends, etc. When in full bloom, cherry blossoms will be very beautiful, but when they begin to fall, they will be beautiful. equally beautiful, like snow. And you can not only see the flower during the day, but also see it at night – “Yozakura”, the light white shimmering petals in the evening space bring a very different beauty.

What to wear when traveling in spring Japan?

Spring in Japan in March is still cold, so you need a thick coat. In April, the weather is getting warmer, but if you want to go out on bad weather days, or at night, you should still wear a jacket. When meeting Japanese people, if they bow to you, you should bow in return and take off your shoes before entering the house. Bring medicine for colds, runny nose, and digestion in case you haven’t adapted to the weather here.

Spring is also the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom in the land of Phu Tang. Besides visiting famous places and enjoying flowers, saving memorable moments is also extremely important. To take beautiful photos, you can choose the right outfit according to the suggestions below:

1. Clothes

The warm temperatures of spring in Japan give you the freedom to choose the right fashion style. However, to avoid catching a cold or heat stroke, you should prepare yourself a few outfits to keep your body warm during your tour to Japan at the beginning of the year.

To make your photos taken with cherry blossoms more special, you can choose a thin long-sleeve sweater with a night jacket as a highlight for your fashion style. In addition, you should also choose hoodies or jackets that are both spacious and comfortable and can keep warm during the trip.

If you spend a lot of time and have a headache in choosing to buy trendy clothes, you should refer to the color chart of the year and mix and match outfits to best suit. Besides, when participating in tours to Japan, you can also choose clothes according to your personal preferences or the culture of the host country.

2. Shoes

In any travel, owning a comfortable pair of shoes to move around is absolutely essential. People often make mistakes about shoes during their travels. Because, you will have to walk and exercise for many hours. A pair of shoes, no matter how beautiful you are, you should not choose because it can interfere with walking or cause pain and swelling in your feet.

The weather is still quite cold in the early spring of Japan, so you can refer to high boots with materials that help keep warm. However, you should limit wearing high heels if you do not often use them for daily walking. In addition, young people can also choose dynamic sports shoes to move during the journey.

3. Handbags

Handbags are one of the indispensable accessories when traveling to Japan. You can choose a small bag or backpack that fits necessary accessories such as a phone, camera, wallet… Unnecessary items can be stored carefully at the hotel, avoiding entanglement or forgetting. map at tourist sites.

Spring Japanese food

If we talk about spring food in Japan, people will immediately think of fresh green vegetables and fruits harvested in the mountains. When the mountains and hills everywhere are covered with a lush green color, you can find a lot of young bamboo shoots, vegetables, potatoes and mushrooms to prepare many delicious dishes. The Japanese love to eat dishes such as takikomi rice (mixed rice) cooked with bamboo shoots, vegetables made into tempura or dipped in sauce, etc.

In addition, the ripe red berry Japanese berries always seduce even the most fastidious people every spring. You will notice everywhere just billboards advertising dishes with Japanese strawberries, making the streets almost pink.

Here are some other typical spring dishes.
• Seafood (Japanese mackerel, clams, squid…)
• Vegetables (Cabbage, onions, …)
• Fruit (Harumi tangerine, loquat…)
• Confectionery (Mochi sakura, …)

By eating typical Japanese spring foods, we can enjoy the taste of the land of Japan to the fullest, right?

Where should spring in Japan go?

Some places for you to refer to when going to see cherry blossoms as well as spring travel in Japan:

Fukuoka and Chiba Prefecture
Nishi Park, Shiranoe Botanical Garden, Katsuyama Park in Fukuoka City are the places where the first cherry blossoms bloom (late March – early April).
Mount Yoshino and Yamazakura (Chiba Prefecture) with more than 30,000 cherry blossom trees are the two most famous places to see flowers in the land of the rising sun.

Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo (usually starting from April) has Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Ueno Park, Inokashira Park, Meguro River (over 800 sakura trees) or Chidorigafuchi near the Imperial Palace. In addition, you can also participate in Japanese spring festivals here such as: Fire Walking Festival (March 8 in Takaosan), Tokyo Anime Award (March 21, 22 at Tokyo Big Site)…

Osaka has the ancient temple of Sumiyoshi – Taisha surrounded by cherry blossom forest, Osaka castle with a campus of 60,000 m2 has a lot of cherry blossoms. You can also choose to take a boat ride on the Dotonbori River or enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka at Tsutenkaku Tower.

Kyoto – the ancient capital of Japan
The ideal place to see cherry blossoms is Kinkaku-Ji (Golden Temple). In addition, you can visit Kiyomizu Temple, Maruyama Park, Heian Shrine.

Spring in Japan and important events

In Japan, you will easily notice many events and activities featured when spring arrives. One of the biggest and most important events is the graduation and admission ceremony. Spring in Japan is a time when students are busy with such school events, and it is also a time when new company employees are busy preparing to introduce their colleagues.

In addition, flower viewing is also a popular event both at school and at work. On March 3, the Hina-Matsuri festival will be held to pray for the healthy lives of girls. Peach blossoms also bloom on this occasion, so people often call this the peach blossom festival. Little girls decorate their homes with dolls during the Hina-Matsuri festival, including 1 King doll (O-dairisamaーお内裏様) and 1 Queen doll (O-hinasamaーお雛様).

Japan spring events for tourism

In Japan, the following different spring festivals are held by region.

• Bright cherry blossoms light up Goryokakuー五稜郭 Park (Hakodate City, Hokkaido. Late April ~ Mid May)

• Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival, where you can enjoy 52 different types of cherry blossoms (Hirosaki City, Aomori. Late April ~ early May)

• Rock Festival (last 2 days of April in Kawasaki, Miyagi Prefecture)

• Fujino-Hanamonogatari Festival ~ Ofujiーふじのはな物語 大藤まつり (Ashikaga Flower Park, Ashiga, Tochigi Prefecture. Mid-April ~ Mid-May)

• Shiningenkouー信玄公祭り Festival” where you can experience the feeling of samurai warriors (Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture. Early April)

• Izumoー出雲大社 Shrine Festival” (3 days in mid-May in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture)

• Hakata Dontakuー博多どんたく港まつり Port Festival (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. May 3 and 4 every year)

• Arita Pottery City where there are about 500 shops along the way (Arita Town, Saga Prefecture. Late April ~ Early May)

Spring in Japan is beautiful and captivates millions of visitors every year. Wish you will have the opportunity to directly explore the wonderful scenery of this country and study and work here one day not far away.

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