What’s beautiful about Seoraksan National Park in Korea?

Seoraksan National Park is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. In particular, in every autumn, the whole forest is dyed yellow and red. The autumn scene here is really beautiful like a picture, with majestic mountains, changing leaves and clear blue sky. It’s not hard to see why people call this place an autumn destination. Every autumn, Seoraksan National Park is a tourist attraction because of the brilliant red color of the maple garden when it changes color. If you are an adventure lover and passionate about climbing when traveling to Korea, this is really an extremely interesting destination.

All Koreans know and have been to Seorak Mountain at least once in their lives, but certainly not many people know and understand this place well. In Seoraksan Mountain, there is Daecheongbong Peak with an altitude of 1708m, the highest peak, covered with snow for nearly half a year. Seoraksan Mountain is divided into Naesorak in the west and Oesorak in the east. Seoraksan National Park became the fifth national park in Korea in 1970 and was recognized by UNESCO as Korea’s first biosphere reserve in 1982. It is truly a natural ecological treasure, where countless animals and plants live together in beautiful nature.

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About Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National Park is located in Gangwon-do Province, near the city of Sokcho, Eastern Korea. This is one of the highest and most beautiful mountain national parks in the country of kimchi. Seoraksan National Park features roads winding around colorful forests, with the summit of Daecheongbong mountain more than 1,700 meters high, an ideal place for climbing and picnicking.

Seoraksan is the 3rd highest mountain in Korea after Hallasan volcano on Jeju Island and Jirisan in southern Korea. To the east of the park is OeSeorak, to the west is NaeSeorak, divided again north of NaeSeorak and south of NaeSeorak. Sorak National Park is really a good nature reserve with beautiful views of mountains and forests, the valley has more than 1,400 rare plant species, such as Edelweiss and more than 2,000 animals including Korean bears, deer mouse…

The best weather to visit here as well as the most beautiful time of Sorak National Park is autumn. When autumn comes, the whole national park looks like a watercolor painting dyed in yellow and red colors of autumn leaves, interspersed with the autumn picture are small streams flowing through limestone ravines. white. This is also one of the most beautiful places in Korea.

Golden time to attract tourists in Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan – Sokcho National Park is considered as a “treasure” of Korea, the natural scenery here gives you many surprises and interesting things. The peak season and also considered the best time to visit Seoraksan National Park is autumn. The foliage changes from fresh green to brilliant yellow, the immense pine forest and undulating mountains, the murmuring stream day and night… form a charming landscape picture that makes you unable to take your eyes off.

The most impressive complex of attractions in Seoraksan National Park that many tourists are interested in are the Baekdam valley, Osaek Jujeongol, Osaek mineral spring and Cheonbuldong valley. During the autumn Korean tour itinerary, you can plan trekking to explore this place in your own way.

Transportation to Seoraksan National Park

In order for your visit to Seoraksan Mountain to go smoothly, you should plan and find out the means of transportation in advance so as not to miss the tour time and waste your budget. Depending on the initial starting point to the mountain to choose the appropriate means. Specifically:

For people living in the province or neighboring provinces

Most people use buses to move around. The distance depends on the starting point to Seoraksan Mountain. Seoraksan National Park is located about 4 hours from the center of Seoul. Therefore, in order for the time to visit is not delayed, you should prepare and arrange an early time so as not to miss it.

For international tourists to Seoraksan National Park

Airplanes are used to welcome international tourists to Korea. However, there are currently no direct flights from the Korean airport to Seoraksan National Park. Visiting Korea to move to the national park here you can move in many different ways. You can choose starting points from big cities like Seoul, Busan, etc. To make your Korean travel more convenient. Here is a means that can be used:

• Bus: by this form of transportation you can go to the bus stations of major cities in Korea and choose bus routes that run to Sokcho City.
• Traveling by train: this is a pretty good form of transportation that will save you a lot of time. When you choose this means of transport, go to the gas stations like Busan, Seoul, Dongdaegu, Gwangju, etc. And take trips to Gangneung gas.
• Car: with this way of traveling is quite easy for you, both ensuring the best health and saving time and costs. If you use this mode, you can go from big cities to the Yeongdong Expressway and then to HangYeryeong.

What does Seoraksan National Park have?

As mentioned above, if you can choose to visit Korea in any season, coming here in the fall will be the space with the most beautiful scenery of the year. But if you go on other occasions, there will also be distinct beauty of each season. Here are some itineraries that you can visit when coming to Seoraksan National Park.

Conquering Daecheongbong Peak

This is a journey that is quite popular with tourists coming to Korea. Because the route to the top of Daecheongbong of Seoraksan National Park is considered the love road of this place. Coming here with a distance of more than 5km, you will set off from osaek and then stop by Seorak Pokpo waterfall. You will be able to admire the almost all-color beauty of this national park through 2 on the way during the trip.

Cable car to Gwon Geumseong Fortress

After passing the bear statue at the entrance to the park, you will see the cable car going up and down the rocky mountain. This cable car line departs to Gwon Geumseong every 5 to 15 minutes with a maximum passenger capacity of 50. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the Gwon Geumseong drop off platform. Sitting on the cable car, you can admire the city of Sokcho and the East Sea spreading like a picture to the right of the view.

Arriving at an altitude of 700m above sea level, Gwon geumseong fortress is the place where you can see the city of Sokcho and feel the grandeur of the Oesorak mountain area. Gwon Geumseong Fortress was built in 1253 (the 40th year of Goryeo Gojong) to prevent Mongol invasion, and now only the remnants of the city walls have been demolished. Around Gwongeumseong, there are perennial plants of the Asteraceae and Rose family that grow in the high mountains.

Enjoy the view from the cable car

In addition to enjoying and exploring the jungle in Seoraksan National Park. You can enjoy the overall view of this place when you are on the cable car. The cable car here is about 700 meters high. In addition to climbing the mountain by road, many visitors choose the cable car to enjoy the scenery. Looking down from the cable car, you will see the view shrinking down below. Although the short sightseeing moment only lasts about 5 minutes on the cable car before reaching Sinheungsa Temple, it will make you feel its majestic beauty.

Visiting Sinheungsa Temple

Sinheungsa Temple is one of the ancient temples located under the slopes of Seoraksan mountain. The temple was built about 100 years ago. In front of the temple yard, there is a large Buddha statue about 15 meters high. The temple is a sacred and peaceful place. Entering the temple, you will have a very peaceful feeling, a place to help you relax and forget all sad things, and relieve stress after hard working days.

Baekdamsa Temple

Follow the above route along the way and you will come across a temple. You can visit here and stop to rest and see the quiet space here. With a long history sitting here will leave you with a lot of new knowledge. Built in the early years of Queen Jindeok’s reign of Silla. Built by a distant Buddhist monk and named Baekdamsa. After much destruction, the temple that is located today was built in 1455.

Explore Cheonbuldong Valley

This place is one of the most magnificent places of Seoraksan Mountain, also a tourist attraction in Seoraksan National Park. This place is a convergence of both mountains and romantic waterfalls. Seeing the scenery here will make you feel like you are lost in a mysterious world. In the summer, you will hear the birds chirping, the flowing waterfall is a place to help you relieve the sweltering heat of the summer day. In autumn, the whole valley is filled with alternating green – yellow – red colors, making you feel clearly the shimmering picture of the typical colors of Seoraksan mountain.

Biryong Water Falls

When coming here, it is also known by our country’s passengers as “Flying Dragon”. Coming to this place, you will hear the legendary story of the god dragon preventing water from saving the drought for the people through the stories of the people when coming here. There is a very clear and cool water here. At this waterfall, you can freely take pictures to check in to have super beautiful photos. But please note that when coming here, you will not be allowed to bathe and litter is strictly prohibited to keep the water source as clear as the original.

Seoraksan Mountain Botanical Garden

Seoraksan Mountain Indigenous Botanical Garden is a botanical garden built mainly with rare species of extinct alpine plants in the Seoraksan mountain area. It grows more than 50,000 plants and flowers of a total of 123 species, including rock gardens, underwater botanical gardens, wildflower complexes, labyrinthine gardens, forest trails and nature trails. In the Rock and Wildflower Garden Complex, you can observe Seorak Cotton Bridge, Seorak Snow Tree, Windflower, Manju Pine, Azalea, Modemi Grass, and Bijang Mountain along with the rocks that represent Seoraksan.

In the aquatic botanical garden, you can see aquatic plants such as wetlands, blackcurrants, water lilies and mud willows. Labyrinth gardens, forest trails and nature trails are places where you can play with the kids in a small maze of four-year-old trees or take a slow walk on the forest path.

Above are some beauties of Seoraksan National Park that I would like to inform you about. Hope the above information will be useful to you. Do you hesitate any longer without booking yourself a ticket for a Korean tour to visit here.

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