What’s so beautiful about autumn in Korea?

What month is autumn in Korea? What’s so special about autumn in Korea? Whether the Korean autumn is cold are the issues that tourists care about when preparing to plan a trip to this land of kimchi. Follow our post today for more information. Korean autumn no matter how much paper and ink it takes, it is not sure that it can fully describe the lovely and romantic beauty of this wonderland. Indeed, nature has been quite gracious when bestowing a beautiful autumn to Korea.

Only by going here and admiring the shimmering beauty like in a fairy tale can we satisfy all the imaginations that many of us must have just seen on TV, books and newspapers. Autumn in Korea starts from September to November of the year, this is the best time to visit Korea. An extremely cool atmosphere, the natural scenery is very romantic, and there are many special festivals that are very crowded. The most beautiful time of the weather, of nature and the golden colors of the forest will make our souls ecstatic just like watching the most romantic Korean movies.

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Autumn in Korea has the most ideal weather of the year

In spring, Korea often encounters Golden Dust storms from the Gobi desert (in northern China and the Mongolian border), which is detrimental to the health and preparation of tourists’ trips. Meanwhile, summer often has heavy rain and storms; winter is romantic but the weather will be very cold. The most harmonious weather period of the year in Korea is autumn – in September, October, and November. The weather is not rainy, a bit chilly, the air is dry, very suitable for sightseeing and exploring the landscape. Korean culture scene.

Autumn in Korea comes later than Vietnam, from September to November. The average autumn temperature in Korea is about 11-19 degrees Celsius, the sky is always clear, cool and the air is especially pleasant. One point to note is that autumn weather has a large temperature difference between day and night. Daytime temperatures can reach 25 degrees Celsius, at night it can drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

Korea is also always in the top of the most awaited places to confess, date, and propose to dreamy girls.
This is also the season for festivals and sports activities. In particular, everyone wants to go to the famous mountain ranges to see the colorful maple leaves. The two mountains Seoraksan and Naejangsan are most often visited at that time of year.

Clothes used in Korean autumn shopping

In autumn, Korea starts to become a bit chilly, you should choose for yourself sweaters, thin jackets that keep warm but still comfortable when participating in activities. Men can choose sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, jeans… Women can choose T-shirts, skirts combined with outerwear… Korea is not too strict about clothes so you can be quite comfortable. Feel free to choose your outfit, as long as it’s warm, comfortable, and easy to move around.

What’s so special about autumn in Korea?

Referring to Korean autumn is referring to the season of golden leaves, the festival season – food and the season of beautiful natural scenes. This is considered Korean ginseng season, Korean ginseng season in September to October. Some festivals are held in autumn in Korea such as:

• Geumsan Ginseng Festival:
Held every September, the Geumsan Ginseng Festival is a traditional cultural festival to pray for a good harvest next year. Here, you will be introduced to different types of Korean ginseng, shop at trade fairs and watch Korean traditional art performances.

• Seoul Kimchi Festival:
This festival is recognized by UNESCO as world intangible culture. Held from the first Friday of November and lasts 3 days, the festival is an opportunity for you to learn about kimchi – the Korean kimchi culture. In particular, you will enjoy kimchi and other traditional Korean dishes.

• Chuseok ceremony:
This is the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated as Thanksgiving. If you come to Korea on this occasion, you do not need to wonder where to buy Korean moon cakes anymore. You will enjoy beautiful delicate moon cakes and pure flavors right in the Chuseok festival.

• Jinju Lantern Festival (Gyeongnam-Do):
Held in about the first 10 days of October at the Nam Giang River (Jinju City), this is the largest lantern festival in Korea. This festival features thousands of different model lanterns and is floated in the river with everyone’s wishes for good luck and good fortune. Outdoor plays about Jinju Citadel are also performed for free, so you can immerse yourself in the space imbued with Korean national culture.

Korean autumn and food

What is special about Korean autumn other than festivals? Maybe we have to mention Korean cuisine in the fall. Coming to Korea in the fall, you can also enjoy the most special dishes of the year.

• Sardines: Every season, Korea has sardines, but only in autumn, sardines have the most delicious taste. Because sardines store a lot of nutrients for the coming winter. You can enjoy raw sardines with chili garlic sauce or if you are not confident enough to eat raw, you can grill sardines with salt.

• Pear: Autumn is the time when pear orchards in Korea are in the main crop. You will visit the pear garden with large, round and juicy fruits and buy pears as gifts for your family and loved ones.

• Soy-soaked crab: Every autumn in Korea, you will enjoy a dish of crab with soy sauce. Raw crabs are cleaned, shredded, then soaked in soy sauce and chili sauce.

Perhaps this is the reason why many people are afraid, but if you have tasted it once, you will definitely want to enjoy it a second time, a third time because of its unique and wonderful taste.

Autumn in Korea has a lot of romantic scenes

In autumn, this place is like a picture of a shimmering fairy scene with red, yellow, blue, white, orange colors of trees, waterfalls, clouds and spectacular mountains. You can enjoy the panoramic view of this special five-color space at an altitude of more than a thousand meters by cable car and a moderate climb from Shinhegungsa Temple to the 876m-high Ulsan Bawi peak.

You can visit Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Nami Island, Changdeokgung Palace, Jeju Island, Seoraksan National Park, Bukhansan Mountain… to see firsthand the wonderful things that autumn Korea brings. Changdeokgung Palace in the fall is one of the reasons why many people have to find out from what month to visit Korea in autumn to schedule a visit.

Nami Island is ravishingly beautiful in autumn in Korea

If you want to try being the main character in the romantic setting of classic Korean romance movies, stop by Nami Island. The pure pine forest, romantic redwood-covered trails and carpet of yellow leaves will make you bewildered.

Seoul city in autumn in Korea

In the fall, this Korean capital will be splendidly lit up by rows of shiny ginkgo trees, bright yellow ginkgo grove, attractive red maple, and striking star-shaped Nomiji leaves. All the familiar palaces and palaces in Seoul are easy to captivate people.

Seoul Forest in autumn in Korea

Seoul Forest is one of the major ecological parks in the Korean capital. This place is not only the green lung of the city but also a beautiful autumn leaf viewing spot. The type of tree that creates a romantic Korean autumn accent for this place is the ginkgo grove. Many travel bloggers commented that the ginkgo forest is the most beautiful place in Seoul in autumn. The small yellow forest in autumn will bring you a different feeling when walking among the trees. Visitors should choose a sunny afternoon to check-in in the forest. This time for photos dyed yellow without editing. After finishing a day touring the Seoul forest, visitors can stop by a cafe near Seongsudong to rest.

Sungkyunkwan University in autumn in Korea

Sungkyunkwan is the oldest school in Korea. Autumn here brings ancient beauty with rows of traditional kimchi houses.
This school is also a place that attracts many tourists to check-in because the campus has two hundred-year-old ginkgo trees. The ancient trees turn bright yellow every autumn, making this place even more attractive.

These two ginkgo trees were planted at the time of the new school’s construction. The planter was Yun Tak, the head of the National Confucian Academy in the Joseon period. Two canopy of ancient trees planted right in front of Confucius Temple and Nature Monument No. 59 of Korea. This golden canopy is also a famous photo corner with tourist followers.

Autumn Samcheongdong Street in Korea

In the heart of modern Seoul (Korea), Samcheongdong street has an ancient and charming feature with a long bank of almond trees, changing the leaves to yellow in autumn in Korea. Samcheongdong Street is located between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Ancient Village. The banks on the side of the old houses in Samcheongdong are hundreds of years old. Therefore, this place is often chosen as the setting in historical movies.

Like many other old quarters, Samcheongdong only allows visitors to walk in the street. Here, you can take pictures, visit art galleries, shop for vintage items and enjoy Seoul cuisine. To get to this street, visitors move to Poongmun Girls’ High School, then turn right, continue walking 450 m to the intersection, then turn left and walk another 200 m to the junction, then continue to turn right. Continue 100m to the junction, the whole small road on the right hand side is Samcheongdong street.

Autumn Changdeokgung Palace in Korea

Changdeokgung Palace is one of the five largest palaces in Korea. The total area of the palace is 580,000m2, surrounding the palace is 120,000m2 garden with many different types of trees. The palace has so far retained its unique architectural features, with a combination of eastern and western architecture. In autumn in Korea, palaces and gardens appear so colorful with a quiet atmosphere that evokes the emotions of any visitor.

Korean Autumn food is very nutritious

Famous seafood

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the firm green crab meat, the eye-catching Jumbo shrimp and the fresh, fatty sardines. According to the autumn Korean travel experiences, the ideal places to enjoy these famous specialties are: Islands and beaches in Chungcheongnam-do; Yeosu Specialty Seafood Market and Yulpo Beach in Jeollanam-do.

Pine mushrooms are rich in minerals

Korean travel experience must have the experience of enjoying pine mushrooms. Considered the “precious diamond of the jungle”, pine mushrooms reach their highest nutritional value when harvested in the autumn in Korea. Whether sliced grilled, diced or processed with other ingredients such as beef, abalone; The taste of the food is all great. If you come to Korea to visit relatives, you will also be invited to eat delicious mushroom hotpot.


The most famous Korean food is persimmon. Persimmons are sweet and fragrant, very delicious when eaten alone or with ice cream, salad or processed into jam. The city of Sangju-si in Gyeongsangbuk-do is the largest supplier of persimmons in Korea. If you have the opportunity to visit, you will be very impressed with the image of the unique pink hangers. This gift is also a prominent theme for many Korean festivals in autumn such as the Dried Persimmon Festival in Yeongdong, the Sweet Persimmon Festival in Jinyeong or the Sangju Gamgoeul Story Festival.

Korea in autumn is the perfect place to hunt for sale off items

The beginning of September is Korea’s most jubilant discount time of the year, with a series of huge shopping or liquidation promotions. From only 200,000 – 500,000 VND, you can easily find a lot of trendy clothes and shoes in popular areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun markets. Or if you want to hunt for branded goods up to 80% cheaper, schedule a trip to Apgujeongdong Street, Coex Mall and shopping centers in the Gangnam district.

You already know what month is autumn in Korea, what month is the most beautiful autumn in Korea and the special things of autumn in Korea. Will autumn in this land of kimchi make you flutter? Let’s experience it once to have a look at the beautiful red, yellow, red, and gold scenery. Those who like to watch the snow fall can visit Korea in winter is also an interesting experience. The Korean landscape in winter covered with white snow will definitely be a scene that you will never forget.

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