What’s so beautiful about spring in Korea

It can be said that the natural landscape in Korea when entering the spring always has very complicated changes. But around this time, from March to May, Korea brings a very gentle layer, promising to be an ideal travel destination for you. Therefore, preparing yourself a lovely outfit, suitable for the weather of Korean spring is something that you should not ignore. Coming to Korea in the spring will surely be the most memorable experience for every visitor. Because spring in Korea is the time when many flowers bloom such as cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms, etc. Not only that, you will also be immersed in the atmosphere of the New Year’s festivals in poetic scenes. dream. But the places in Korea in the spring will probably be little known.

Spring is a wonderful time to travel to Korea, with a multitude of flowers and festivals. Attracting and stealing the hearts of many travel-loving teams. However, many of you are still wondering from what month to what month the Korean spring will end. Which spring Korean travel fashion should be prepared to comfortably check in the most beautiful? Interesting things about the Korean spring that you are curious about will be revealed all in today’s article!

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General overview of Korean weather

Spring is the most characteristic with cherry gardens in full bloom, everywhere there are pink peach blossoms, white flowers on both sides of the road, along the lakeside…making anyone who visits Korea in spring also feel extremely enjoy. You can visit Jejudo island with canola flower, Geomundo with camellia flower. In the summer, the long stretches of beaches are a favorite destination of the people of this country as well as of many international tourists. Due to the high temperature, beaches with long sandy beaches and clear blue sea water are an extremely right choice.

For those who love the natural scenery of Korea in autumn, Naejangsan and Seoraksan mountains are two mountains that attract a lot of tourists to visit. And if you like skiing, the southern mountains of Korea are a very suitable place for you to have great experiences.

Korean Spring

March is the beginning of spring in Korea, when a very cold winter has just ended. Let’s see what March is like in Korea with Ximgo and how to wear it!

When entering March, the Korean spring reveals its complexity with temperatures always from 4 – 130C. There are days when the weather is quite cool and warm, sometimes it becomes erratic cold, making people surprised many times. In addition, with the dry air zone combined with high humidity, the early March period in Korea is quite cold as well as the appearance of prolonged cold winds.

Until the last days of March, the weather begins to show its clarity through warm days – cold nights, so if you come to Korea at this time, you should also pay attention to a few more issues. More about health!

Korean spring travel outfit

Because of the nature of the weather, if you come to Korea to travel in March, you should prepare thick, multi-layered winter coats combined with sweaters. In case, you can’t find yourself a satisfactory shirt, you can also stop by clothing stores in Korea to consult with quite a variety of designs and very affordable prices. In addition, you should wear more long-sleeved shirts, spring jackets inside to increase the aesthetics of the outfit.

Not only that, you should also prepare yourself some extra moisturizer because the cold and dry nature of Korea will make the skin very susceptible to problems such as dryness, cracking and peeling. April is the time when spring weather in Korea becomes warmer with many traditional festivals. The average temperature will fall between 5 – 190C, so it is extremely cool, cherry blossoms at this time are also the time to bloom all the way back.

Therefore, the appropriate clothes when coming to Korea at this time are simple and feminine spring dresses. You can also team it with sweaters and jean jackets or long-sleeved shirts with feminine T-shirts.

The natural scenery of spring in Korea is in full bloom

Traveling to Korea in these few seasons, you will see the attraction with the colorful natural scenery. When this is the season of budding and budding of plants, with countless colorful flowers. These include apricot flowers, gardenia flowers, azaleas, cherry blossoms, and canola flowers.

You will see the streets filled with cherry blossoms in Seoul or Gyeongnam or shimmering golden canola flowers on Jeju Island. Or you can also immerse yourself in the immense purple color of the enchanting azaleas… Korean spring is the season when you will see Korea like a completely new set of colors. Every corner and street is full of colorful flowers.

Not only that, the spring natural atmosphere in Korea can be felt more clearly in some famous places such as Nami Island, Jeju Island.
You can come to Yeouido Park to see the famous cherry blossoms with more than 1,600 cherry trees racing to bloom. With that wonderful scenery, it creates an undeniable attraction that makes many tourists fall in love when traveling to Korea in the spring.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom Held in late March, early April, the cherry blossom festival brings tourists a lot of interesting things. Coming to this place, visitors will admire the delicate cherry blossom petals with pink color. With romantic scenery and blooming cherry blossoms, tourists will have wonderful moments in this land. The time when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom is also the time when the rapeseed flowers bloom in a large area. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to admire millions of butterfly wings reaching out in the morning sunlight.

Skiing when traveling to Korea in the spring

Skiing is not only available in winter, but in spring, when the weather has warmed up but the ice has not yet melted, sports activities such as skiing are still active. Moreover, it is much safer to ski in spring than in winter because the weather is stable and many unexpected snowstorms can be avoided. It is also a very attractive thing to travel to Korea in the spring, isn’t it?

Strawberry picking experience in spring Korea

Spring in Korea also attracts tourists with extremely interesting strawberry picking activities. Because early spring is the time when many of the most delicious fruits in Korea are in the harvest season, especially strawberries. Strawberry in Korea has become a famous brand in the world. Because strawberries often have a sweet taste, aroma and characteristic color. You can experience this activity on a farm tour for 10,000 to 25,000 won, which includes entrance fees, taking photos, picking and enjoying strawberries.

Canola flower season in spring Korea

The spring wind rushes to melt the snow-white mountains, making way for the canola flowers to bloom brightly. Beside the green color of the vast seas, the iridescent yellow canola flowers bloom together, making this place like a beautiful Korean spring paradise. Canola flowers bloom is also the time when cherry blossoms, azaleas, carnations… show off their colors, creating an impressive highlight for the spring scene to add more flavor.

Canola flower is famous for being the rarest and most beautiful flower in Jeju Island. Jeju Island’s air is really fresh with quiet and green roads leading to the island. The ancient villages surrounded by stone walls are hidden among the vast fields of shimmering canola flowers blooming, brightening up a windy space.

Standing on a high slope, looking out into the distance, thousands of endless fields of canola flowers run along the undulating valleys. The immense carpets of yellow canola flowers adorn a few turquoise colors of the sky and sea, traveling to the land of Kim Chi right in the mustard flower season will surely make you feel ecstatic, as if you are immersed in paradise. “love language” of kimchi.

Mungyeong Chasabal Traditional Festival

At the Mungyeong Chasabal festival, tourists will admire very special high-class ceramic works. The porcelain is made from the talented hands of many famous artisans. Visitors coming here will be immersed in the romantic and poetic natural scenery. The images on ceramic products will give you a new and attractive look at the people here.

Yeongam Wangin Cultural Festival

Exciting atmosphere at the festival This festival is held to pay tribute to and remember Dr. Wangin. This is the person who came to Japan to spread the cultural knowledge of Korea. When coming to the festival, visitors to Korea will be immersed in the poetic spring colors and see the rows of peach blossoms in full bloom. Falling petals bring a romantic beauty to Korean spring. In particular, at the festival, there are also very special street art performances.

Tulips in Everland

Every year the annual Everland Tulip Festival features more than 1.2 million tulips with 110 different variations. Although tulips typically bloom during warmer April weather, Everland has developed expertise in floriculture that allows them to bloom in mid-March. Tulips are usually in full bloom for the entire spring, making most of the park worthwhile. Along with the beautiful and attractive tulips, visitors can participate in a number of parades and outdoor music events just to soak up the spring.

Traditional Korean Spring Food

You will find this time Korea is extremely attractive with traditional dishes. Because Korea is like Vietnam, there is a division into 4 distinct seasons and Koreans have the notion that eating fresh seasonal foods will help them have good health. And the time of spring is the time when Korean people often prepare traditional dishes with Korean characteristics from the past.

The dishes that make up Korean culture are also extremely delicious and nutritious. These can be mentioned as the tender Jukkumi baby octopus, juicy king crab, naengi green spinach, nutritious gosari fern… it is these special things that have created an attraction for tourists everywhere to carry out the activities. Korea tour this spring!

Above are some spring travel experiences in Korea. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to “pocket” yourself with useful travel guides in the spring of Korea.

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