What’s so special about winter in Korea?

Winter in Korea is usually from December to February, with January being the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from -6 to 3 degrees Celsius. The mountainous areas of Gangwon Province receive the first snowfall starting in winter, with very cold and dry weather. In winter in Korea, you can take a hot spring bath in Spavis (Asan water park), ski in Vivaldi, Mujukyusan, Pheonix, relax at the famous Yongpyong or participate in the Taebaeksan ice festival, ice fishing festival. at Hwachaeon Sancheoneo, Daegwall Yeong Snow Festival…

Korea – just hearing the name makes me feel quite cold. So should you travel to Korea in the winter? Because our country is mainly tropical climate, it rarely has such cold weather. But for those who like the cold, want to see snowfall or experience romantic scenes like Korean movies, this is the right time.

If spring in Korea begins with cherry blossoms shimmering in the wind, autumn is dyed with yellow trees and red leaves, then the winter “Kimchi land” is romantic with white snow. Snow covered the space creating a fairy-tale picture full of poetic and romantic. So what’s so special about Korean winter?
If you are preparing for a journey to Korea, let’s explore the winter of “kimchi land” with Xinvisaquocte through this sharing!

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When does winter in Korea start?

Winter in Korea usually starts from December to mid-March next year. However, at the end of November, it snowed in Seoul. The weather at this time is very cold, bitterly cold due to the influence of cold air from Siberia with temperatures ranging from -6 degrees Celsius and 3 degrees Celsius. During the coldest season of the year, Korea is covered with snowy scenery. picturesque white. This has attracted international visitors to the land of Kimchi, which is still crowded, despite the cold weather.

Winter weather in Korea

Korean winter is much colder than Vietnamese winter. In Vietnam, you can feel the cutting cold when the temperature is only about 10 degrees. In Korea, it’s completely different, the temperature can drop as deep as -20 degrees in the mountains. Just like in Vietnam, the north of Korea is usually colder and tends to warm up as it moves south. According to statistics, the average lowest temperature in Seoul is about -5 degrees, Busan is about -1 degrees.

Remember to carefully study the weather in Korea to be able to choose the right school for you. If you are someone who can’t stand the temperature too low, schools in the Busan area are a reasonable choice!

Where in Korea has the coldest winter?

If in Vietnam, Sapa, north of Lang Son, the top of Mau Son is the place where occasional snowfall is considered the coldest place in Vietnam in winter, then in Korea, the coldest place is down to -8 degrees Celsius. In Chongjin City, the winter temperature can drop to minus 8 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in Seoul can be as low as -5 degrees Celsius. In Busan, winter temperatures are considered more pleasant when only down to -1 degrees. C.

Winter in Korea is very cold. But it can be said that it is this cold that makes Korea’s unique beauty. The images of roads, branches, and roofs covered with white snow in the middle of Korea are dreamy. If you have the opportunity to come to Korea to study or settle down, it will be a great experience that you cannot get in Vietnam.

Winter weather in South Korea

Korea weather in November: This is the transition time between autumn and winter in Korea. Average temperatures fluctuate between 10-15 degrees and can be lower at night. Towards the end of the month, the weather gets colder.

Korean weather in December: As the first official month of winter, the temperature begins to drop with an average temperature of about -2 degrees. The weather is quite dry and sunny

Korean weather in January: The coldest time of the year, the temperature drops below -6 degrees and frequent snowfalls

Korean weather in February: This is the end of winter, the temperature also warms up to welcome the coming spring.

Korean winter travel outfit

• Choose thick and warm Korean winter clothes and clothes to be able to protect your health well when you have to live and study here by yourself.

• Korean winter fashion is extremely diverse and beautiful. You can easily choose for yourself warm but also pretty clothes

• Prepare enough sweaters, life jackets, coats as well as fur coats to keep yourself warm.

• Long Padding life jacket is one of the indispensable Korean winter coats. Not only that, it is also known as the national shirt that everyone should have in their wardrobe

• Don’t forget the cute little accessories, keep warm well such as socks, wool hats, scarves, masks… As one of the leading fashion trends in the country, you won’t be too difficult to choose. Get yourself the most beautiful and suitable accessories.

• Boots or shoes with soft soles are a wise choice. In the cold winter, feet need to be carefully protected. Because the road will be snowy as well as icy, you should avoid wearing high heels. Instead, wear comfortable flat shoes!

• Even if you don’t know what to wear in Korean winter, you should stay away from dresses or pants that are too short.

Interesting activities when traveling in winter in Korea

I had the opportunity to visit Korea about two years ago. During my stay, I fell in love with this country and its culture. South Korea is a unique destination that is becoming increasingly popular. Although most tourists prefer to visit it in spring or summer, when the temperature is mild and the trees are green. But I’m here to tell you that visiting Korea in winter is pretty awesome too. In winter, all tourist attractions will be less crowded and hotel prices are also much lower. Winter in Korea is a dream!

Visiting the Palaces

Korea is home to ancient temples and long historical sites. They blend well with modern, skyscrapers. If in the summer, all the palaces of Korea are full of tourists. Then in Korean winter, you will have the opportunity to explore the royal palaces of the Joseon Dynasty on your own. I really like this!

With the cold of the winter wind and the warmth of the sun. Enjoying the beauty of the ancient palaces in Korea in winter is a must not miss. Famous palaces such as: Gyeongbokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, etc. This scene is really very romantic for couples who want to date. Or a peaceful and relaxing vacation with loved ones. Don’t forget to capture with your camera the wonderful moments together.

Nami Island

Nami Island is the pinnacle of winter beauty that quickly earned Korea a reputation and is one of the most romantic places to visit in Korea during winter. This beautiful island is filled with ancient redwoods, which turn into nature’s beautiful ice cones after heavy snowfalls. From here, you can also try and take the shuttle bus to La Petite France, a French cultural village built in honor of the author of Le Petit Prince.

Romantic Jeju Island

During the winter months there is not a peak tourist season in Korea, which means there are hardly any tourists around and you will pay less for hotels and airfares. Since Jeju has a mild climate, the island is warmer than mainland Korea. The snow-covered landscape will take your breath away, especially when hiking Hallasan Mountain! A unique experience to do in Jeju during winter is picking tangerines at one of the local farms. The picking season starts around mid-November until the end of January.

Skiing and skating in winter in Korea

As one of the most mountainous countries, Korea knows how to turn it into an interesting tourist and resort destination in the winter. You can check in virtual life with the majestic landscape of the Korean winter landscape or play snow throwing and pretty people. One of the activities that many people choose in winter is Korean skiing. The most snowy time occurs around January. If you intend to see and play skiing, please arrange your time as well as prepare enough clothes and supporting accessories!

Join the ice fishing festival

The ice is more than 40 cm thick and only a small hole is punched to drop the fishing racket, so it is very safe, visitors do not worry about the ice cracking or melting. If you are lucky, you will catch some fish to bring to a nearby restaurant to make delicious and attractive dishes.

Climbing: Try some adventures

If you enjoy hiking, this is another mountain for the best hiking experience. The name of the mountain refers to a mountain that holds some secrets and actually proves the mystery. Offering a laid-back atmosphere for adventure enthusiasts, it is truly the best mountain for viewing the red leaves. In addition to the beautiful leaves, two distinct waterfalls dominate the landscape including Guam Seon Falls and Dodeok Falls. November is the perfect time to explore the beautiful mountain ranges with stunning views.

The magic of nature is beautiful through all weather, including winter, fall, summer and spring. In the middle of the beautiful treasure, you can see an ancient Baekyangsa temple. The temple has stunning views and is located in a valley separating two mountains. Ideal for snapping bugs, Baekyangsan in Korean refers to a mountain of sheep. The name comes from a story revolving around a sheep going down a mountain to a temple to listen to a sermon. While sightseeing, don’t miss the pond with breathtaking views.

Seoul Lantern Festival

The Seoul Lantern Festival takes place in November, from the first Friday of November to the third week of the month. The lanterns are lit from 5pm to 11pm along Cheonggyecheon Stream until Supyogyo Bridge and Cheonggye Plaza. Along with the lanterns, it also encourages a specific annual theme.

The year 2017 is dedicated to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Along with the spectacle of the lanterns, the lantern festival also offers a number of activities to enjoy. You can also place a wish lantern while writing a New Year wish note and make your own lantern. Likewise, you can also explore Korean street food while watching Seoul’s night-lighting parades.

Attend the Christmas tree festival in Busan

As Christmas carols echo across the street signaling the arrival of Christmas, oversized Christmas trees and colorful chandeliers light up Busan’s night sky. Featuring a 20-meter tall Christmas tree, the Busan Christmas Tree Festival offers visitors a variety of cultural performances such as NANTA and a medley of hymns. This is a good suggestion for you if you want to admire the bright lights, giant Christmas tree and listen to live concerts.

Enjoy tea in a traditional Korean tea house

Visit one of the few remaining traditional Korean teahouses and experience the art of tea drinking. There is nothing better than a cup of hot tea after facing the cold winds of Korean winter. In the Korean way of drinking tea, it is also associated with Seon Zen culture. Therefore, it is not difficult to come across tea parties that last for several hours. That is the unique feature of Korean culture and tea drinking style. If you need some quiet space to calm your mind, this is a good choice.

What to eat in winter in Korea

Korea is famous for its super spicy dishes as well as extremely attractive grilled dishes. There’s nothing better than eating a bowl of hot soup on a cold day. Do you know the famous dishes that must be tried in Korean winter?

Spicy rice cake and sochu
This is truly a dish born to enjoy in the winter. The attractive rice cakes with rich, spicy sauce will help you warm up in the cold Korean winter.

Fish cake skewers and sausages
Fish cake is one of the dishes that Korea is most actively promoting through movies. In the winter weather, what could be better than having a bite of fish cake and drinking hot soup?

Hot fish cake
One of the images that signal the arrival of winter in Korea is the shops selling these sweet and greasy fish cakes. If you have the opportunity to enjoy this cake, don’t hesitate to check in with this lovely fish cake!

Chicken stew with ginseng
It is one of the soul food of Korea. Chicken stew with ginseng is a dish that any visitor must enjoy once. The ingredients are very sophisticated and nutritious. You can completely supplement nutrients in Korean winter.

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