Where is the best beef noodle soup in Hanoi?

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only Hanoi has beef noodle soup. It depends on each person’s taste, but personally, beef pho in Hanoi is the best. There are many styles of pho in Hanoi, from the price to the cooking style of pho. Everyone can eat pho with their own taste and suitable for their pocket. You can eat pho in the morning, eat pho at lunch, eat pho in the evening, especially eat pho late at night after a long day of work. You need to eat something to fill your stomach before going to bed, right? Pho is also recorded in the English dictionary as a proper noun, showing the world’s recognition of Vietnamese cuisine.

Not everyone knows where to eat the best beef pho in Hanoi among the thousands of pho restaurants that pop up in Hanoi. Let’s explore with Xinvisaquocte the best beef pho restaurants in Hanoi!



HANOI’s BEST Pho – Beef Noodle Soup

The most famous and popular with international friends as well as Vietnamese people is the traditional Pho. It looks very simple with noodle soup and broth as the two main ingredients along with the beef that is processed in many ways such as wine sauce, bucket, rare, cooked… However, the most sophisticated part is also the soul. of the bowl of pho is the pot of broth. The stewed pho broth is a delicate blend of beef and pork bones along with many spices such as cloves, cardamom, anise…


Referring to the best beef pho in Hanoi, it is definitely impossible to ignore the “vedette”: Pho Thin Lo Duc. With more than 30 years of age, Pho Thin is famous for its unique greasy broth. The shop is modestly located at 13 Lo Duc and is open from 7 am to 8 pm. The shop only sells one dish of beef noodle soup, but it’s always full of customers. Because Hanoians don’t mind queuing to eat delicious food, if you want to enjoy, come early!


Pho cuon is another variation of noodle soup. The story is that one night at a pho restaurant at the intersection of Ngu Xa Street, Nguyen Khac Hieu Street, Hanoi, a customer came to the restaurant to eat pho at night, but the restaurant only had a few pho cakes left, running out of broth. Not wanting to lose customers, the shop owner quickly took out the thin rice paper, let it dry, and then rolled it with beef and herbs. The bowl of dipping sauce was also composed on the spot. After finishing the meal, the guest praised all the words for his impressive and personality creation.


Born in such a special situation, pho roll looks very simple, with few colors because the ingredients are all wrapped in big pho. Inside the noodle soup, there are many colors of beef, herbs, salad, sounds attractive, right? But the most special part of pho rolls lies in the bowl of sweet and sour sliced ​​green papaya dipping sauce. The sauce of pho cuon is difficult to describe in words. Well, let’s stop at Hung Ben noodle soup – 33 Ngu Xa to enjoy extremely delicate dishes that can satisfy any of these fastidious guests. The shop is open from 9 am to 11 pm and is always crowded. HANOI’s BEST Pho beef noodle soup

Noodle Fried

Also at Hung Ben noodle soup, there is another Hanoi noodle dish, which is fried noodle soup. Puffed fried pho is made more meticulously from a type of rice noodle that folds into many layers and then deep-fried, served with stir-fried vegetables with beef, mixed with a characteristic viscous sauce. As soon as I smelled the smell, I was excited by the aroma, when I touched the tongue, I was happy because of the fat in the mouth. Banh try once, make sure you can’t forget it!


Delicious fried pho cannot help but mention the restaurant at 206 Kham Thien, open from 9 am to night. The restaurant is always crowded but clean and airy. If you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi, remember to visit the shop, be patient because you have to wait a long time!

To say that, Hanoi has a lot of delicious pho restaurants, each with its own flavor, but above Tranetour has summarized the best beef noodle shops in Hanoi to help you save time and effort. Looking for. If you plan to visit the Capital, contact Tranetour, we will definitely take you to the right place, eat the right food, experience the most quintessential Hanoi cuisine. BEEF NOODLE SOUP

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