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If we have the opportunity to go to the beautiful country of Korea, surely all of us wish to visit the prosperous and splendid Seoul capital. This place has a lot of things for us to explore such as culture, cuisine, nature, people… As the “heart” of Korea, the capital Seoul is the place where traditional values are crystallized. harmoniously combined with contemporary breath, is a famous tourist and experience destination. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL – SIGHTSEEING IN SEOUL

If you are preparing for a journey to discover Seoul, please refer to the article below. With this article, Xinvisaquocte would like to share the famous destinations that attract a lot of tourists in Seoul. Don’t forget to use Xinvisaquocte’s package of Korean visa application services!

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Seoul – The capital of Korea

Originally, the city of Seoul was known as “Han Yang” from 1392-1910 during the Joseon Dynasty. In 1945 the city was renamed as Seoul city to this day. Seoul was taken as the capital of Korea for more than 600n years, is the place of dense population, comprehensive development of Korea.

Referring to the outstanding development of Korea is referring to the rapid development of the capital Seoul. The city is divided into two parts by the Han River flowing through the center. The southern part is home to famous international events such as: 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Olympics and 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan and is also famous for its many shopping malls. The north of the city is the center of the country’s culture and history. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL


Traveling to Korea in the summer, tourists also need to pay attention to prepare summer clothes because this time the weather is relatively hot, in August, when some places in Vietnam are preparing for the stormy season, it is in Seoul. During the time of high heat, there are days when the temperature is up to 30 degrees Celsius. Winter in Seoul is harsh with low temperatures, but the humidity in the air is extremely low despite snowfall. Therefore, if you travel to Korea and explore Seoul in the winter, you should bring a moisturizer for the skin.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you love Korean culture as well as a follower of Korean historical dramas, you will not be able to ignore this Seoul tourist destination – this Gyeongbokgung palace. This is considered the pride of the Korean people and is a place marking many historical landmarks of this country. SIGHTSEEING IN SEOUL

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace, you will admire the perfect combination of nature and human ingenuity. You can visit the palace at any time. However, according to the Seoul travel experience of many tourists, you should come here in the fall. In autumn, the weather is clear, the sun is golden and the whole palace is covered with red, orange and yellow colors. You can see and feel the full beauty of this ancient palace.

2. Where to go in Seoul – Everland Park

Everland Park is divided into five themed zones: “Global Market”, “American Adventure Zone”, “Legendary Land”, “European Adventure Zone” and “Zoo Zoo”. “. Each theme area will give visitors different impressions. The most prominent is the “Global Market” area, which gathers many exhibition booths displaying historical and cultural artifacts of France, Spain, India, Russia…; Classical castles around the world and many festivals take place.

Everland Park also launched a new program called “Euro Carnival” along with the Tulip Festival. At Everland Park’s “Four Seasons Garden” area is filled with tulips. These 140 different varieties of tulips are attracting the attention of visitors and 400 halogen lights have been installed to serve visitors at night. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL


Coming to Everland Park, visitors can also participate in thrilling games in the “Caribbean Bay” or “Highway”, walk among the colorful flowers, visit the zoo or take a scenic cable car ride. , see the Presidential Palace, ginseng display area… Many restaurants located in every corner of the park will serve visitors light meals.

3. Sightseeing in Seoul – Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream is a new urban public space recreated from an abandoned city part. The waterway originates from Seoul. It was used as the royal waste channel from Gyeongbokgung Palace in the 1400s and was the site of a large shanty town after the Korean War. After the country’s economic boom in the 1970s, the stream was covered with concrete and had a highway running through it. The search for revitalizing the area in the early 2000s made it a top tourist attraction in Seoul and an ideal place to stroll the artsy streets. In particular, in the evening, this place becomes more beautiful when the colorful lights are illuminated.

4. Where to go in Seoul – Myeondong Shopping Street

This is the most famous walking and shopping street among tourist attractions in Seoul. Coming to Myeondong, you will be overwhelmed by thousands of famous brands around the world. So you will not spend too much effort to find yourself the right item. The shops here usually open at 10am. However, the most crowded and bustling is in the evening. Not only luxury shops, in Myeondong you can find yourself clothes or fashion accessories at very cheap prices. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL

Myeondong Shopping Street

Don’t be so busy buying things that you forget to enjoy delicious food. Loads of famous traditional dishes such as bibimbap mixed rice, ginseng chicken, tongdak roasted chicken… With countless shops large and small enough to make you have a headache to choose your dish. Especially when traveling here, you will not be afraid of being hacked because the prices are clearly listed. Then why are you hesitant to come to this Korean tourist destination in Seoul?

5. Hongdae Street – The street that never sleeps

Present in the Seoul travel schedule is Hongdae street. This is a modern, vibrant neighborhood and is known as the street that never sleeps in Korea. Along Hongdea Street are eye-catching shops and restaurants. This place has a lot of outdoor activities with unique and novel repertoires performed by freelance artists. SIGHTSEEING IN SEOUL


Hongdea neighborhood is especially bustling at night. Along the street are countless stalls with different goods. Visitors can choose and shop for their favorite items at very reasonable prices. Especially every Saturday, there will be a market for students at a pretty cheap price. In addition to shopping, there are quite a few cafes, nightclubs, cinemas… You can rest after walking around this busy street. It would be remiss not to mention the food of Hongdae Street. A lot of eateries and a variety of food are available here and you can comfortably enjoy. Do not hesitate to add this address to your Seoul tour!

6. Namdaemun Market

Open almost round the clock and all night, many stalls with all kinds of items that surely when we come here, we will not be able to leave empty-handed. Moreover, the goods here are much cheaper than outside. If you want to buy gifts for your loved ones after your trip to Korea, please visit Namdaemun market, ensuring you will get gifts at a reasonable price but extremely interesting and impressive for the recipient.

7. Sightseeing in Seoul – Nami Island

Nami Island is a small semicircular river island (462,809m2) located in Chuncheon, South Korea. 63km from Seoul, towards Chuncheon province (South Korea). From a distance, Nami looks like a giant leaf boat on the romantic Cheongpyung River. This beautiful island is named after the famous general Nami – who had great efforts to quell the rebellion in the 13th century, this semicircular island still has his large dome-shaped tomb without a single tourist. which can be ignored. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL

WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL - mùa thu ở hàn quốc

Tourists wharf with Nami because of the beautiful romantic scenes, and the poetic scenery here, visitors to Nami Island are mainly lovers, newlyweds going on honeymoon. It must be said that Nami is an island full of love, the place where romance begins. On the small road with two rows of trees then and now, there are still statues of the two main characters in the movie symbolizing eternal love. With its modest area, the island has a romantic beauty. Unlike other islands that are naturally endowed with amazing sights, Nami is known to tourists because it is a completely man-made island.

8. Sightseeing in Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village is a well-preserved area of the city from 600 years ago. This neighborhood has hundreds of traditional wooden houses (called hanok). Many of these houses have been converted into craft workshops, tea houses, restaurants and cultural centers. All are built in the hill road and small alley. It is the perfect place to go for a walk, learn about traditional Korean culture, and take photos.

9. Where to go in Seoul – Namsan Tower where love locks are located

Namsan Tower in Seoul truly comes to life at night with a spectacular show of more than 70 lights. They constantly change color and texture creating a very wonderful sight that tourists cannot take their eyes off. Depending on the time of travel to Korea, visitors will see Namsan tower changing colors according to each season.


Impressive to the tourists visiting the tower is the impressive love space. In addition to the ‘Love Tiles’ wall, the most prominent feature here is the “Lover’s Lock”. Couples hang locks on the terrace at the entrance of the tower with a note as a symbol of their love. Couples who love each other when coming here often buy 2 locks and lock them together on the fence, symbolizing their undying affection. WHERE TO GO IN SEOUL – SIGHTSEEING IN SEOUL

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