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Apec Card Countries, Apec card also known as ABTC Card that is the APEC Business Travel Card. This is a document issued by competent authorities of countries and territories participating in the APEC Business Travel Card Program to their businessmen to facilitate travel and cooperation. business, trade, investment, service; attend conferences, seminars and other economic purposes in APEC countries and territories participating in the Program.

ABTC card holders when entering and exiting the countries and territories named in the card, do not need a visa (no visa required) of those countries and territories. Currently, the APEC bloc has 21 participating economies, but only 19 countries participate in the comprehensive APEC Card Program (including Russia in 2013), the remaining 2 countries, the US and Canada, are not comprehensively participating.

Businessmen holding APEC cards can travel to the Apec card countries listed below with the maximum length of stay for each member country as follows:

  1. Australia (Australia – AUS): length of stay: 90 days
  2. Chile (Chile – CHL): Duration of stay: 90 days
  3. New Zealand – NZL: length of stay: 90 days
  4. China (China – CHN): duration of stay: 60 days
  5. Hong Kong (Hong Kong – HKG): Length of stay: 60 days
  6. Japan (Japan – JPN): Duration of stay: 90 days7.
  7. Korea (Korea – KOR): length of stay: 90 days
  8. Taiwan (Chinese Taipei – TWN): Length of stay: 90 days
  9. Thailand (Thailand – THA): Length of stay: 90 days
  10. Malaysia – MYS: length of stay: 60 days
  11. Indonesia – IDN: length of stay: 60 days
  12. Russia (Russia – RUS): duration of stay: from 14 to 90 days
  13. Singapore – SGP: length of stay: 60 days
  14. Philippines – PHL: length of stay: 59 days
  15. Brunei (Brunei Daussalam – BRN): length of stay: 90 days
  16. Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea – PNG): Length of stay: 60 days
  17. Peru (Peru – PER): length of stay: 90 days
  18. Mexico (Mexico – MEX): length of stay: 90 days
  19. Vietnam (VietNam – VNM): Duration of stay: 60 days
  20. USA – USA: may be required to have a valid Visa if applicable US law.
  21. Canada: may be required to have a valid Visa if required under applicable Canadian law.

Note for Apec card

When businessmen apply for APEC cards, they will be sent a dispatch by the Immigration Department to the diplomatic missions of the countries to apply for the Confirmation of the consent of each country to the business received for consideration. Countries which have written confirmation letter agreeing to exempt Visa by APEC Business Card for that Entrepreneur will be updated by Immigration Department and recorded in APEC Card for such Entrepreneur. This means that the APEC Entrepreneurs’ Cards can have different number of countries. The number of Apec card countries listed on the APEC Business Card is the countries where business people can enter and exit without having to apply for a Visa and stay according to the time mentioned above.

What should I pay attention to when entering with Apec card?

  • Entrepreneurs use ABTC cards to enter countries that participate in the ABTC card program.
  • When going through customs, just present the ABTC card with the valid passport.
  • Unlimited number of entries into countries participating in the ABTC card program. These countries must be approved and listed on the Apec card of the Entrepreneur.
  • Entry for the right purpose is Business.
  • Stay on time allowed. In case of violation, the competent authority is entitled to confiscate and destroy the ABTC card of the Entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurs must respect and comply with all regulations, laws, culture, … of the host country.

Frequently asked questions about the Apec Card COUNTRIES

1. Do you need a visa if you have an Apec card to enter Canada and the US?

Canada and the United States are in the Apec bloc but do not participate in the business card program of each country in the bloc. Therefore, business people who have ABTC cards when entering Canada and the US still have to apply for a visa.

2. What benefits do entrepreneurs owning ABTC cards have?

In addition to being able to enter the 19 Apec countries participating in the ABTC program for Entrepreneurs, you can apply for visas and other developed countries more easily (USA, Canada, European countries, …). When you check-in to the plane, check-in and exit, you will be lined up at the VIP entrance.

3. Lost ABTC card, what to do?

Entrepreneurs need to immediately contact the Immigration Department to declare and then apply for a card again.


4. Can I use my ABTC card to travel to 19 countries in the Apec block?

It is best not to use your ABTC card to travel to 19 member countries. Because traveling is not in accordance with the purpose of the card issued to Entrepreneurs of Apec countries.

5. Owning an ABTC card with expiry date, but when the registered enterprise is dissolved, is the card still valid?

The card is still valid, but the business has been dissolved, the businessman has no reason or purpose to trade with countries in the bloc about the business of this business. It is not valid to continue using the ABTC card in the work of a business other than the Apec block.

6. Where is the ABTC card making service?

Please contact Xinvisaquocte for clear and professional advice. You only need to provide a complete application for Apec card as we advise, you do not need to submit documents or present at any competent authority. APEC CARD COUNTRIES

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