Who is Apec card holder?

APEC card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and cannot be renewed. When the APEC card expires, if the cardholder still needs to travel within the APEC group, he / she must resubmit the application for a new card. The APEC card is only valid for entry and exit when the card holder presents a valid passport. Each time of entry, the APEC card holder is allowed to stay in the host country in accordance with that country’s regulations.

The Businessmen are responsible for using the card for the right purpose of entry (for business purposes, not for traveling or visiting relatives and for other purposes).

Entrepreneurs who are issued an APEC card when entering the host country must respect the immigration and stay regulations. Respect and obey the laws of the country where you are staying and working.


1. Apec card holder – Businessmen working in State enterprises:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Corporations directly under the Prime Minister (Corporations 91);
  • General Director, Deputy General Director; Directors and Deputy Directors of enterprises, industrial parks and export processing zones; Director, Deputy Director of a Bank or Director, Deputy Director of a Bank branch;
  • Chief Accountant or Head / Deputy Head of Departments of Enterprises, Industrial Zones, Export Processing Zones, Banks, Bank branches or higher.

2. Apec card holder – Businessmen working in enterprises established under the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Cooperatives and the Law on Investment

  • General Director, Deputy General Director; Directors, Deputy Directors of enterprises; the chief accountant or the person holding the position of Head of Department in non-state enterprises;
  • Chairman and Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of joint stock companies; Chairmen, Vice Chairmen of Members’ Councils, Chairmen and Vice Presidents of limited liability companies; Chairman of the Managing Board of the cooperative, Chairman of the cooperative.

3. Apec card holder – Other cases considered for issuance of APEC cards:

  • Leaders of economic sectors, Heads of ministerial level, Chairmen of People’s Committees of centrally-affiliated cities and provinces, directly managing the activities of enterprises are responsible for participating. attend APEC meetings, conferences and activities on economic cooperation and development;
  • State employees and employees are responsible for attending APEC meetings, conferences, seminars and other economic activities; Head and Deputy Head of Trade Representative Agencies in Participating Countries and Territories of APEC Agenda.

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