What to eat in Phu Quoc? What is Phu Quoc specialties?

What to eat in Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc specialties are one of the important factors that make many tourists choose to travel to the pearl island. Phu Quoc Tourism Island District, Kien Giang Province has natural conditions, an ideal marine ecological environment, and is very favorable for the development of aquaculture, so this place not only makes visitors fall in love with the young. In this charming country, there are also many kinds of delicious seafood that everyone who comes to Phu Quoc should taste once.

Do not hesitate any longer without coming to Phu Quoc island to enjoy delicious food! Let’s join Xinvisaquocte to “call the name” of the dishes that make diners crazy here!

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1. Phu Quoc specialties – Ham Ninh Crab Phu Quoc

In the West, if it comes to crabs, there is no place better than Ca Mau crabs, and when it comes to crabs, there is no better place than Ham Ninh – Phu Quoc. Ham Ninh is a fishing village on the coast of Phu Quoc in the East of the island, about 20km from the center of Phu Quoc. Crab is a specialty of this region, almost always available. Ham Ninh crabs have many ways to cook, but the most delicious is still boiled with salt, pepper and lemon to keep the original flavor of the crabs.


– Quán Biển Xanh (Blue Sea Restaurant)

Address: Provincial Road 47, Ham Ninh Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
Average price: 500,000 VND – 1,100,000 VND

– Nhà Bè Bé Ghẹ (Little Crab House)

Address: Ham Ninh Commune, Ham Ninh Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
Opening hours: 9:00 – 23:00
Average price: 100,000 VND – 500,000 VND

2. Phu Quoc specialties – Grilled Noodles

The first dish to mention must be Nhum Phu Quoc, Nhum Phu Quoc is also known by the local name that is sea urchin or sea urchin because it has a round shape like a small ball, thorns like porcupine feathers. Phu Quoc Nhum can be prepared by cooking porridge or baking. PHU QUOC SPECIALTIES


For grilled urchin, after catching, the urchin will be split in half, washed and then grilled on a charcoal stove, when it’s almost cooked, add onion fat, the aroma is hard to resist. When eating, add a little salt and pepper lemon to make sure you can’t forget its charming flavor. In addition, the porridge is also very delicious and nutritious for your holiday. When eating Nhum porridge, you will feel the sweetness that the urchin brings in the delicious porridge pot. If anyone asks you what delicious dishes are famous in Phu Quoc, you can’t forget the hummus here.

3. What to eat in Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc herring salad

As the top famous specialty dish of Phu Quoc, herring salad is considered a rather picky dish. However, coming to Phu Quoc without enjoying this dish will definitely be a big omission. WHAT TO EAT IN PHU QUOC


With a unique and strange taste, herring salad promises to conquer all guests, even the most demanding guests. Even if you don’t like fishy food, you can still enjoy this dish. Made from the rib of herring, the fish lives a lot in the waters of Phu Quoc. After being caught and cleaned, it will be eaten with onion rice paper, grated coconut, chili, and red onion. In particular, the sweet and sour dipping sauce, prepared according to a separate recipe, will surely make you “fascinated”.

– Nhà hàng Xin Chào Phú Quốc (Hello Phu Quoc Restaurant)

Address: 66 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province
Opening time: 6:00 – 23:00
Reference price: 200,000 VND/disc

– Nhà hàng Zen (Zen restaurant)

Address: 30/4, Quarter 1, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc
Opening time: 7:00 – 23:00
Reference price: 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND

4. Phu Quoc specialties – Phu Quoc grilled abalone

Considered a “king” dish, grilled abalone is an expensive dish in Phu Quoc. With high nutrition and many great effects, compared to the price you spend on this dish, it is completely worth it. worth. PHU QUOC SPECIALTIES


Abalone here is taken from the deep sea floor, then undergoes a number of special preliminary processing stages before being processed into scrumptious dishes to diners. Processed into many different types, but the most delicious and favorite is grilled abalone. Grilled on a fragrant charcoal stove, the greasy abalone is sprinkled with some dried onions and peanuts, making any diners who eat once want to eat a second time.

5. Phu Quoc grilled mackerel specialty

What to eat in Phu Quoc? You must definitely try the grilled mackerel here. Mackerel is one of the extremely delicious fish in Phu Quoc that few people know about. Phu Quoc grilled mackerel has a sweet taste, firm and chewy meat with little fishy taste, so it is a favorite. In particular, grilled mackerel will often appear on the banquet table of many tourists when traveling to Phu Quoc.

6. Phu Quoc specialties – Grilled grouper fish

If you are not sure what to eat in Phu Quoc, you can try grilled grouper with all specialties here. Grouper, also known as river fish, is considered a delicious fish because of its tough, white flesh and sweet taste. According to the experience of the fishermen, the bigger the grouper, the more fragrant and sweet the fish meat will be, especially the red grouper. Grilled grouper is all delicious because it’s grilled directly without seasoning, so it keeps the characteristic sweetness of the fish. A portion of grilled grouper is priced at 200,000 VND – 250,000 VND.


– Quán Việt Phú Quốc (Vietnamese restaurant Phu Quoc)

  • Facility 1: No. 261 Nguyen Trung Phuc, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district.
  • Facility 2: No. 54 Bach Dang, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district.

– Nhà hàng Trùng Dương (Trung Duong restaurant): Street 30/4 – Town. Duong Dong. The price of the dish is from 250,000 VND to 385,000 VND.

7. Phu Quoc Sea Ginseng

Sea cucumber, commonly known as “Don Dot” or “Sudden Gou”, is a Phu Quoc cuisine that is loved by many people because it contains many nutrients and a high-class food. Especially, seafood specialties are high-class dishes that many people want to try once when traveling to Phu Quoc.

8. What to eat in Phu Quoc – Grilled Phu Quoc egg squid

Next we will answer the question of what to eat in Phu Quoc so that you all know it is grilled egg squid. Squid eggs in the busiest season is in the season from February to June. It is important that grilled egg squid is fresh to be delicious. The freshly caught squid eggs are washed, marinated with spices and then grilled on a charcoal stove, they are delicious. Grilled squid here is especially delicious because it is processed when it is fresh, but when it is transported to the mainland, it has been through a process of preservation, so its freshness is also greatly reduced.


– Quán Ra Khơi (The restaurant of the sea)

Address: 131 Street 30/4, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province
Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

– Quan Me – Seafood Phu Quoc Night Market

Address: 40 Mac Thien Tich, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province
Opening hours: 16:00 – 23:30

9. Specialty grilled cuttlefish with chili Phu Quoc

If you are not sure what to eat in Phu Quoc, try the super delicious grilled cuttlefish with chili here. Different from regular squid, cuttlefish is quite big, the meat is thicker and more crispy. Many snack shops in Phu Quoc often combine self-baking for visitors to enjoy.

10. Phu Quoc specialties – Grilled shrimp with capsicum

Grilled grilled shrimp is a very hot dish in Phu Quoc. Shrimps with hat ni are often processed into a variety of dishes such as steamed beer, grilled all, grilled cheese, roasted tamarind. Shrimp meat is pure white, very soft and has a typical sweet aroma of seafood. Shrimp has a lot of nutrients, so it has become a high-class dish at restaurants.


– Nhà Bè Tình Biển (Sea Love House)

Address: Ham Ninh Wharf, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
Opening hours: All day
Average price: 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND

11. Phu Quoc Huong Snail

Many fishermen on Phu Quoc island said that snails are considered a rare and precious specialty being exploited and raised by fishermen to serve tourists and export. Snails in Phu Quoc sea are easy to raise, grow quickly and consume less food. Currently, snails are present in the culinary lists of some specialty restaurants and are always loved by customers.

Huong Snail

– Nha Be Thuan

Address: Wharf, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Phu Quoc., Kien Giang
Phone: 094 979 4929
Opening hours: 08h00 – 23h00
Average price: 100,000 VND – 250,000 VND

12. Grilled snail with onion fat

Phu Quoc is famous for countless delicious and attractive seafood dishes, the most prominent one is the grilled snail with onion fat. Although it has a rather “ugly” shape with fringed spines, the snail meat is extremely delicious and greasy. Spicy snails are best when they are grilled to perfection. Then use a bamboo toothpick to poke and dip it with sweet and sour dipping sauce. The aroma of snail meat will surely awaken all your senses. In particular, this dish is very suitable for you to eat late at night, sipping a glass of sim wine is delicious!

13. Phu Quoc specialties – Crab blood pudding

“First” crab blood soup is one of the unique dishes in Phu Quoc. The crab selected as blood pudding must be a large crab of about 700g or more. Crab must be fresh to have many details. Crab blood pudding is made from crab juice with many nutrients in the claws. Crab blood when frozen will be a bit hard like jelly. Eat blood pudding with cooked crab meat, add a little raw vegetables and pounded peanuts to have a rich taste. Remember to eat crab blood pudding with Phu Quoc forest myrtle wine to have the right taste.

– Quán Ra Khơi (The restaurant of the sea)

Address: 131 Street 30/4, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province
Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

14. What to eat in Phu Quoc – Steamed chicken with green pepper

Phu Quoc is famous for pepper characterized by its pungent taste and rich flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. When you come here, you can also buy some green pepper as a gift for relatives and family.

Steamed chicken with green pepper

Especially, the steamed chicken with green pepper makes you no longer have a headache thinking about what to eat in Phu Quoc after a delicious seafood meal and many substances are easy to get sick, this is a completely attractive dish. The special thing about it is that it is steamed with very delicious Phu Quoc water that has a tradition of hundreds of years, it is a perfect dish. The characteristic aroma of green pepper here radiates when steamed with chicken, the aroma emitted will ecstasy your eating soul.

15. What to eat in Phu Quoc – Phu Quoc Melaleuca Mushroom

Above we have introduced to you delicious famous seafood dishes. But what to eat in Phu Quoc with typical vegetarian dishes, Melaleuca mushroom is a dish that you can’t help but mention. Melaleuca mushrooms are grown in the forest after a week of rain. So after the rains, Phu Quoc people often go to the forest to visit first to see where the Melaleuca mushrooms grow and then a week later they will harvest. PHU QUOC SPECIALTIES


Melaleuca mushrooms grow very quickly and also very quickly. If you don’t pick the mushrooms after 1 week, the mushrooms will die. Melaleuca mushrooms after being picked are processed and preserved for longer use. The characteristic of this mushroom is that it has a bitter taste, but after cooking it is very sweet and cool, so this is the characteristic of this dish. This dish is often used to make soup. If you eat fresh seafood combined with this melaleuca mushroom soup, it is also an unforgettable thing.

16. What to eat in Phu Quoc – Phu Quoc crab rice

It is considered a quintessential dish with a strong coastal flavor. Crab rice is the most famous dish on Ngoc Island that no one does not know. With the harmonious combination of fragrant soft white rice, fresh sweet crab meat, chicken eggs, chili, and soy sauce, it creates an irresistible delicious dish that makes any visitor swoon when enjoying. The color of the dish is also quite beautiful; With the yellow color of eggs, the orange color of crabs and the green color of vegetables make everyone want to eat it.

17. What to eat in Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc stir-fry vermicelli

Referring to the delicious dishes of Phu Quoc, no one does not know the famous noodle dish. There is a quite simple way to make it, a bowl of vermicelli often has squid, fish, shrimp, cilantro, … and fresh noodles made by the people here.

stir-fry vermicelli

After being pressed, the vermicelli will be placed in a bowl, adding broth and ingredients that have been prepared in advance. Although it doesn’t look pretty, the taste of this bowl of vermicelli will definitely surprise you. To enjoy this dish to the fullest and most standard, do not forget to eat it with raw vegetables and a dipping sauce made by your own hands.

– Quán Kiến Xây (Kien Construction Shop)

Address: 28 Bach Dang, Duong Dong Town
Opening hours: 6.30-23.59

– Bún quậy Thanh Hùng (Thanh Hung stir-fried noodles)

Address: 157 April 30 Street, Duong Dong Town
Opening hours: 7.00-23.00

18. Fish cake soup

Phu Quoc has a lot of diverse dishes. Mackerel cake soup is also one of the delicious dishes in Phu Quoc that is loved by many tourists. Soft fragrant white mackerel meat mixed in a rich bowl of rice cake soup, add a few pieces of spring rolls and fragrant onions that often appear in many popular restaurants in Phu Quoc. A bowl of mackerel soup cake with affordable price from 25,000 VND – 30,000 VND is suitable for the budget.

19. Phu Quoc grilled apricot whistle

Considered a dish with an extremely affordable price in Phu Quoc, Bien Mai whistle, also known as sea scallops, is quite large in size. Bien mai whistle is often cooked into soup, porridge, fried, etc. However, the most appreciated is still the Bien Mai whistle grilled on a charcoal stove. The hot crispy whistle with sweet and sour dipping sauce will make you fall in love with the way home.

grilled apricot whistle

Above Xinvisaquocte has answered you the questions that many people wonder when traveling in Phu Quoc – namely “What to eat in Phu Quoc?” You can consult and choose for yourself delicious and special Phu Quoc dishes that are suitable and typical here. Hope you have a great trip. PHU QUOC SPECIALTIES

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