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The US visa interview is a mandatory procedure when you apply for a US visa. Customers send to Xinvisaquocte mailbox with questions like. Is the US visa interview difficult? Can I get advice on interview experience? What are the interview questions like? .v.v… So how do you prepare to have the highest chance of getting a US visa? Check out our set of US visa interview questions through this article!

In this article, Xinvisaquocte will share with you the most common US tourist, business, and family visit visa interview questions and how to answer the interview.

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Chuẩn bị tốt, bạn đã có một nửa thành công - US VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

Common US visa interview questions and answers

1. How many countries have you been to?

With this question, the Consular Officer wants to check how often you move between countries. Have you left and returned on time for your visa stay, have you violated any previous country. If you have just traveled to a few countries in Southeast Asia and already intend to go to the US, it is likely that the consular officer will be suspicious of your purpose.

But don’t worry, you’re actually traveling to the US. Your work record and income level are very good, you go with your wife and 2 children. Your wife’s work and income record is very good, your 2 children are studying and studying well… There are many other very good factors about you that I cannot list them all. So you have no reason to think that you can’t get a US visa!

2. What did you come to America to do? US VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

The consular officer has seen your online application and they know that your main purpose is to travel to the US. With this US visa interview questions, you need to state your reason for coming to the US. The answer should not be as curt as “I am going to the US to travel” but it should not be too wordy. A clever answer is one that is brief but contains a complete meaning, and that idea must match the information you give in the declaration.

For example: “I went to California to visit a friend of mine who is doing a PhD research at XYZ University…”. Remember, the information about this friend has been clearly declared by you in the online declaration.

3. Do you feel there is anything you like in the US that makes you intend to come to the US?

This question is asked by the consular officer during the US tourist visa interview to determine if your purpose of coming to the US is really tourism. Do you really take the time to prepare for your trip? Therefore, when planning your travel, find out the highlights of the places you will visit in the itinerary for which you are applying for a visa. Then, you will easily answer this question convincingly.

Example: I love going to California to travel, because there are many attractive places here such as Catalina Island, Santa Barbara City, or San Diego City.

4. How long do you plan to stay in the US? US VISA INTERVIEW

With this question, the consular officer wants to see if you intend to escape back to the US. And you, once again, must answer in accordance with what was declared, matching your travel schedule.

Example: I plan to travel to California for 1 week, 2 days in the City of San Diego, 2 days via Catalina Island and 3 days in the City of Santa Barbara.

5. Do you have relatives in the US? US VISA INTERVIEW

For this US visa interview questions, if you have relatives in the US, just say who it is.

Example: I have no relatives in the US. I have a close friend who is doing a PhD at XYZ. You do not need to provide any additional information without being asked.

But according to US visa interview experience, if you have relatives in the US, you may be asked some more questions.

Depending on the extent of the relationship, Xinvisaquocte will guide you specifically in which case you should answer appropriately because if you are a relative but too far away, you do not have to mention all the relationships. contact.

6. Who sponsors and pays for your trip to the US?

Similar to other US tourist visa interview questions, for this question, please answer briefly and fully about the financial ability you have to make this US trip, and at the same time documents to prove yourself.

For example, the answer might be: “I pay for my trip myself”, or “My daughter/son is sponsoring this trip”.

7. Do you have a family? US VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

All documents you submit say it all, consular officers know this, you just need to answer this US visa interview questions honestly and briefly.

Example: “I have a wife and 2 children in high school…”

8. Do you have children?

This is a question the consular officer might ask if you answered married. Just keep your answers short and true.

Example: “We have 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy”

9. Do you have relatives in Vietnam?

This is a question for the consular officer to consider your family ties in Vietnam. You answer honestly like “My parents, siblings and all my relatives are in Vietnam”.

10. What do you do in Vietnam? US VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

This question is for the consular officer to see if you have a good enough job that you will return to Vietnam after your trip to the US. Or will you be willing to give up to stay in the US looking for a better opportunity.

To make an impression, answer clearly your job position and workplace. If you have worked for a long time at this company, please include the time you have worked here.

For example: “I am working as the technical manager of XYZ Company in Hanoi. I have been here since 2010.”

11. Where will you stay during your stay in the US?

With this US tourist visa interview question, you must clearly define the places you will be staying during your visit to the US, and the addresses of those places, for example, the street name, the area, and the city where the address is. that point. You should not answer in general terms like “I will stay at a hotel while in the US”, or “I will stay at a relative’s house while in the US”.

12. Have you booked your return ticket yet?

This question is for the consular officer to determine your readiness to return to Vietnam after your trip to the US. You should book your flight ticket with the following payment method, so that when asked, you can present your return ticket to the consular officer to check, so that they can be more certain that you will return after the US travel schedule. your end. Your short answer is “I already booked a return ticket”

13. Who do you travel to the US with?

Usually, few people travel to the US alone, and those who travel to the US alone are often more likely to escape illegal work. That is why consular officers often ask this question to US tourist visa interview applicants.

According to US visa interview experience, with this question you only need to answer all the companions accompanying you on your trip to the US. And if you are going alone, prepare a very convincing reason and it is true to your purpose, but it should not be too wordy.

14. If given the opportunity, would you like to stay in the US?

Please note, this is a “FIRE” question. When you finish hearing this sentence, do not show your happy attitude, even though you intend to learn about US settlement later. Remember, you are interviewing for a US tourist visa, so for this trip, you must definitely return on time.

However, you can’t simply answer that you won’t stay, but you should give a more convincing answer that includes the factors that bind you to stay in Vietnam.

For example: “I know America is the dream of many people, but I will return to Vietnam after the schedule ends because I have relatives, friends, children and a good job in Vietnam.”


This is usually the closing question to any answer that the consular officer has some doubts about and wants to test your attitude. This question is very effective, especially for those who answer incorrectly, because these people often have a startled, faltering and unnatural response to this type of question.

If you are faced with this question, you should confirm that you are certain and repeat what you just answered. If necessary, you can elaborate on what you just answered. You have to stay calm and confident before what you say.

Above are 15 of the frequently asked US tourist visa interview questions. US visa interview questions for business trips and family visits will have similar questions and other questions, and your key is to remember very well your US visa interview experience.

Address for US visa interview:

US Embassy in Hanoi
2nd floor, Rose Garden Tower, 170 Ngoc Khanh Street, Hanoi.

Consulate General of the United States, Ho Chi Minh City
No. 4 Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. US VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

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