Where to go in DA NANG? Sightseeing in DA NANG

The coastal city of Da Nang attracts many people to explore Da Nang tourism because of its long beaches, large-scale amusement parks, delicious seafood dishes, and especially the love of tourists. guests of the people in this tourist paradise of Da Nang. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG – SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG

Outstandingly present in the top 7 leading destinations in the world voted by the famous travel site TripAdvisor in 2020, Da Nang once again affirms its irresistible attraction with domestic and international tourists. In addition to other “treasons” when having been in the golden list voted by Google, Forbes… With the beauty of the blending of natural landscapes and modern urban areas, unique culinary culture, and the gentle and friendly nature of Vietnamese people. For the locals and for the “genuine” quality of the resort services here, Da Nang deserves to be on your list of destinations this summer!

After many months of being closed to prevent epidemics, Da Nang tourist sites have gradually reopened to welcome visitors. If you have fallen in love with this most livable city in Vietnam, but your travel plans have been delayed by the epidemic, it’s time to “unleash” it! Explore the full set of “Where to go in Da Nang” tips with Xinvisaquocte!


Da Nang tourism policy after covid

From November 2021, the city will implement inter-regional tourism activities under the model of “tourist bubble” between Da Nang city and some other localities. Visitors from localities with different levels of epidemics must self-monitor their health and implement COVD-19 epidemic prevention and control according to current regulations.

Along with that, Da Nang tourist sites are also piloting to open their doors to international guests according to package tourism programs, through charter flights and regular international trade. After that, we will expand the scope to welcome international tourists from the beginning of 2022 and move to the phase of full reopening. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG – WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG


Visitors to Da Nang need to comply with the following epidemic prevention and control regulations:

Before coming to Da Nang, visitors must register on the national or Da Nang’s online system (Da Nang Smart City App, or https://khaibaoyte.danang.gov.vn) and save the QR code on phone or printed on paper. Strictly comply with 5K regulations and current epidemic prevention and control regulations of the Ministry of Health and Da Nang. If you have symptoms of suspected COVID-19 (fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, decrease or loss of taste, smell,…), a sample must be taken before entering the City.

When is the most beautiful season to go to Da Nang?

Xinvisaquocte will reply to you immediately and always from December to August next year. This is the peak tourist season of this livable city. The weather at this time is in the dry season, the weather is cool, especially from May to August is in the summer, so it is hotter than usual, so remember to bring a sunscreen jacket and necessary items such as full-body sunscreen. Or moisturizer. Particularly, traveling in April or May will have the opportunity to participate in that international fireworks competition. Remember to check the schedule in advance. Sitting at the Han River Bridge or Thuan Phuoc Bridge and watching fireworks can only be Pheteme.

1. Where to go in Da Nang – Golden Bridge

Located in the Ba Na Hills tourist area and emerging in recent years, the Golden Bridge, also known internationally as the Golden Bridge, is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Da Nang for domestic and foreign tourists. . The Golden Bridge has an extremely impressive design with two giant hands supporting the bridge in the air. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG


This is not only a check-in destination in Da Nang but also a place to organize fashion events, a place to take wedding photos of couples every year. Checking in at the Golden Bridge, you will have impressive virtual life moments enough to keep a lot of meaning in your Da Nang trip.

2. Where to go in Da Nang – Dragon Bridge

One of the immortal symbols of Da Nang tourism is this unique dragon-shaped bridge. With the architecture of a dragon reaching out to the sea, Da Nang Dragon Bridge is almost a must-see attraction when traveling to Da Nang. In addition, at certain time frames, the Dragon Bridge also “performs” to spray fire and spray water very nicely. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG – SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG


Da Nang Dragon Bridge has a unique architecture that simulates a strong Ly Dynasty dragon reaching out to the sea, becoming an important highlight and an architectural symbol of the city. The distinctive feature of the bridge is that it is a model of a steel girder structure system in the form of a dragon flying over the Han River, facing the sea. This is said to be a unique design unprecedented in the world for a load-bearing structure that is a combination of steel beams, steel arches and concrete beams.

Telling you about the time of fire and water spraying: Starts at 9 pm every Saturday, Sunday and major holidays. If you come to Da Nang with a 3-day, 2-night package tour that falls on 1 of the 2 nights on Saturday and Sunday, you must definitely come here to admire the scenery. And if you are a self-sufficient person traveling to Da Nang, there is no need to argue, you can go for a walk and then 15 20 minutes before the water spray time, go to the dragon bridge and wait.

3. Where to go in Da Nang – Han River Bridge

Connecting the two districts of Hai Son and Son Tra district, the Han River Bridge is the pride of the people of Da Nang in particular, as well as of the Vietnamese people in general, besides, the Han River Bridge is also one of the tourist attractions. Da Nang is the most famous city in the city. The reason is that this is the only bridge designed and built by Vietnamese engineers, and the people of Da Nang have joined hands with the government to build this “made in Vietnam” bridge. Check in at the Han River Bridge, you will have the opportunity to see the bridge being turned at 1pm, located along the Han River for large ships to pass, at about 4-5am, the bridge will return to its original position.

4. Where to go in Da Nang – Love Bridge

The love lock bridge in Da Nang is modeled after the world’s most famous love bridges in France, Italy, Russia, Korea, etc., this is the place to prove and keep the love of couples when coming to Da Nang. Nang. The Love Bridge is located between the Han River Bridge and the Dragon Bridge, from here you can see the vast other side of the city. This place has great meaning for thousands of couples who come to Da Nang, you can bring your own locks or buy locks at the bridge to hook into the bridge to save your love and your loved one. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG – SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG

Love Bridge

In particular, if you travel to Da Nang in the last days of March, the city will take place an international fireworks festival and this love bridge is an extremely ideal place for you and your loved ones to watch fireworks at the same place. this same romance.

5. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG – Son Tra Da Nang Night Market

Similar to the most famous nightlife places in Da Nang, Son Tra night market is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Da Nang. After stopping by Dragon Bridge, then Love Bridge and finally landing at Son Tra night market. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG

Son Tra Night Market

This Son Tra night market sells a lot of snacks and full of food, so that any Da Nang tourist who suddenly craves Da Nang snacks in the evening, there is also this Da Nang tourist destination as a place to visit. Eating out at night in Da Nang, right? Many people are young people, both local Da Nang people or groups of young people going to Da Nang on their own, at the Son Tra night market, there are many families and groups of foreign tourists who often come to learn about the culture. Da Nang locality as well as shopping for small and beautiful items as souvenirs at the end of Da Nang tour.

6. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG – Son Tra Peninsula

Dubbed the “Jewel” of Da Nang city, Son Tra peninsula appears beautifully with winding roads by the sea. Besides, there are green forests with diverse flora and fauna, beautiful beaches with blue sea water all year round and a series of attractive attractions. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG


Coming to Son Tra, visitors will be able to “go to the forest, into the sea” and experience a series of interesting activities such as: through the Son Tra old forest; Swimming in My Khe beach, But beach; explore Mui Nghe and admire the beautiful sunrise scene; to the top of the Chess Board; visit Tien Sa lighthouse; through Linh Ung Pagoda, … Besides, you will also have the opportunity to join in fishing with fishermen, scuba diving to see corals and enjoy the freshest seafood dishes.

7. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG – Marble Mountains

About 7km from the center of Da Nang city, Marble Mountains is likened to a masterpiece of art that converges all the charming paintings of nature. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is the most suitable destination for those who love to explore and enjoy spiritual tourism. Visitors will visit the unique cave system made by mother nature: Quan Am cave, Hoa Nghiem cave, Thien Long, Linh Nha.

Interspersed with ancient temples and pagodas with mysterious and sacred spiritual colors. Before the journey ends, visitors will stop at Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village, which is nearly 400 years old, to buy souvenirs, or admire sophisticated stone sculptures.

8. SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG – Asia Park Danang – Sunworld Da Nang Wonders

Da Nang is truly a paradise of amusement parks, if the above Crazy tourism has brought you to one of the most famous tourist destinations in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills, then now crazy will bring you to Da Nang. You come to the terrestrial paradise of Da Nang, which is Asia Park, also known as Asia Park.

Asia Park Danang becomes a destination not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang. Dubbed the man-made wonder of Da Nang, Asia Park owns an extremely attractive system of games and entertainment. You can take a monorail to see the park, or go straight to the Sunwheel cabin to see Da Nang both night and day. WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG – SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG

Asia Park Danang

For those of you who are curious about the scale of this tourist destination in Da Nang, with an area of nearly 98 hectares, this is considered one of the largest entertainment areas in Vietnam. The entire Asia Park Danang was built with three main areas:

  • Outdoor amusement park
  • Cultural Park with many miniature architectural and artistic works, is a symbol of 10 Asian countries.
  • Sun Wheel area is the intersection between modern and traditional beauty.

9. Ba Na Hills – Bringing Tourists to Fairyland

Ba Na Hills is also known as Da Lat inside Da Nang. With an altitude of 1,1489m above sea level, the average temperature of Ba Na is only about 18oC. This is definitely the ideal hot place for Da Nang people on hot summer days. In recent years, Ba Na Hills has gradually become an eco-tourism resort and entertainment area. Guests will enjoy a modern game area for all ages. Most especially, visitors can also visit the architecture of an ancient France.

10. Where to go in Da Nang – Da Nang mural village

If in Quang Nam, there is a famous Tam Thanh mural village in the newspapers, then in Da Nang, there is also a new tourist attraction in Da Nang that has recently caused a fever, which is the Da Nang mural village. On the forums sharing Da Nang travel experiences, it is crazy to see this tourist destination in Da Nang very much, because this Da Nang attraction is strange and new to many people. If you are a fan of painting art, then I think this Da Nang tourist destination is quite suitable for you.

Da Nang mural village

Through the above article, Xinvisaquocte has summarized the hottest Da Nang tourist destinations you cannot ignore, hopefully the article will help your upcoming Da Nang travel plan. If you have the opportunity to travel to this livable city, take the time to explore more destinations and experience attractive entertainment activities here! WHERE TO GO IN DA NANG – SIGHTSEEING IN DA NANG

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