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America is a favorite destination for many people from all over the world. The US is also the first choice to study abroad, settle down, travel to visit famous places, etc. America is large, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your own travel. “No visa does not take money” has always been the criterion of Xinvisaquocte over the years to help tourists always feel secure to apply for a visa to the US. If you do not want to apply for US visa yourself, call our hotline immediately, all of our services are perfect! TRAVEL TO US

The average US visa interview process only lasts about 3-5 minutes, so you must be prepared to speak briefly and convincingly. Be confident, don’t hide the truth or lie. US consular officers have a lot of experience to easily determine if an interviewee is telling the truth about their visa application.

With more than 10 years of experience in making US visas, in this article, we will share with you the most useful information, helping you quickly own one of the most powerful visas in the world.

Conditions for apply for US visa TRAVEL TO US

The US is one of the countries with strict immigration regulations, so to make it easier for you to apply for US Visa, you need to prove:

  • Have a high and stable job and income in Vietnam (depending on age)
  • Passport has traveled to many different countries in the world, especially if you have traveled to developed countries such as Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. It will be more convenient to consider tourist visa.
  • Owning assets in Vietnam such as houses, land, savings books, etc.
  • Having a bound family: parents, wife, husband, children in Vietnam.
  • There is no petition to immigrate to the US.

Prepare documents to apply for US visa TRAVEL TO US

In order to get a US tourist visa page, the cases with high success rate include: Vietnamese people who have never been to the US to work as a labor export, have a clean background, and have never had a criminal record. what. At that time, the US consulate will ask you to prepare a set of documents and some self-sufficient US visa experience as follows: APPLY FOR US VISA – TRAVEL TO US


  • Identity card/citizen identification, household registration book all notarized.
  • Passport valid for 6 months or more.
  • Photo size 5cm x 5cm.
  • Certificate of marital status.
  • Form DS-160 is an online application at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/, then print out an emailed confirmation.
  • Proof of employment: salary slip of the last 3 months, labor contract, leave application form all signed and stamped by superiors. If you are a retiree, you need a pension book and a pension receipt.
  • Financial proof: a bank statement of at least 3 months with a balance of at least 100 million, can supplement documents certifying ownership of large assets such as real estate, cars, securities, …
  • The trip schedule in the US has been planned day by day, where to go, how.
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation in the US or information of the guarantor in the US if applicable.
  • Confirmed return air ticket to the US.

The basic process of self apply for US visa TRAVEL TO US

Step 1: Prepare the documents required by the US Embassy

Step 2: Fill out the visa application form and pay

Fill out the DS-160 form at website: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/ and proceed to pay the visa fee of USD 160 (~ VND 3,900,000) at a post office authorized by DSQ to pay.

Pay the US visa processing fee at the post office

Create an account on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/. Remember to remember the username and password of this account so that you can continue to log in when you later want to apply for another visa or renew your US visa. Re-fill all the necessary information to proceed with the payment according to the payment method that you can make. You will then receive a confirmation of your payment information. You print this out, and take this paper with the confirmation page to go to the fee payment location closest to you. Go to the post office authorized by the Embassy to carry out payment procedures. Receive your payment receipt and follow-up instructions from the post office.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment for US visa interview APPLY FOR US VISA

If when making visas of other countries, you only need to prepare documents and then bring them directly to the Embassy to submit, for the US visa application, the first thing you need to do after paying the visa application fee is to place the order. Schedule an appointment with the Embassy by visiting https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/.

You prepare the following documents to make an appointment for a US visa:

  • Your passport is still valid.
  • Personal email account so you can receive notifications from consular officers.
  • The Ds code of the DS-160 application form or the completed form DS-160 confirmation sheet.
  • Visa fee payment receipt from the Post Office where you paid.

Step 4: Submit application and US visa interview

Submit your application and interview in the US according to the previously scheduled appointment date. You will know the results immediately after the interview. If you are granted a visa, you will be able to keep your passport to paste the US visa on. About 1-3 days later, you will receive your passport in the mail.

US visa interview questions: https://xinvisaquocte.com/us-visa-interview-questions/

Experience when going to the US visa interview APPLY FOR US VISA

With a lot of applicants, most are anxiously looking forward to the interview date plus do not know how to prepare documents, complete documents and worry that they will not know when to enter the consulate, will ask such questions accidentally. pressure us into the important interview. Therefore, you need to prepare carefully and surely from the first stage of preparing your documents to the interview round with a consular officer.

1. Sort records in order

When you have all the required documents, you need to put the documents in order to facilitate when the consular officer wants to see it.

2. Don’t be late for your appointment

On the appointment confirmation sheet, there will be a time and date that you will have to show up for the interview, usually you will be there early and not more than 15 minutes late, of course we do not encourage you to be late because it will affect your psychology, in our opinion you should arrive 30 minutes early to prepare well.

photos for usa visa - APPLY FOR US VISA

3. Neat and appropriate attire

The clothes you should wear should be neat, easy to see and avoid choosing too fussy clothes. It is best to choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, and the color should be neither too good nor too bright. Clothing also contributes to the confidence of the applicant when going to the US visa interview.

4. Confident, relaxed attitude, honest answer TRAVEL TO US

Good attitude also creates the effect of the interview, polite, civilized. You should listen carefully to the consular officer’s questions, not hastily. Honesty is an important factor to help you succeed and be more appreciated.

With the detailed sharing in this article, Xinvisaquocte hopes to bring you the most useful information about US visas. If you are still wondering, wondering about the status of your application, your visa rate, should you apply for US visa yourself?… Please contact us, with a team of expert consultants. 24/7 professional will always answer your questions. TRAVEL TO US

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