Reasons to fail Korean visa

Just type the phrase “Korean tourist visa” into the google browser and you will see thousands of results found. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet, there is little accurate and reliable information. For the first time visa applicants will definitely feel confused about where to start. Xinvisaquocte would like to give some reasons you may be missed Korean visa. This article shows you an overview to make the best decisions for Korean visa application.

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1. Incomplete Korean visa application

The best way is to consult a professional Korean visa service provider like Xinvisaquocte. The reason we are so appreciated is that the presentation template is easy to understand and scientific, and moreover there are many standard templates to save you a lot of time preparing.

2. Fill out the incorrect and incomplete Korean visa application form

It sounds simple, but in reality a lot of you fill out the wrong or missing information on the visa application form. Therefore, you should refer to the completed forms so as not to make unnecessary mistakes.

3. Have not been able to prove financial capacity when applying for a Korean visa

Bank accounts below 5,000 USD account for a high proportion of the reasons Korean tourist visas are rejected. Note that you need to confirm that you have deposited over 100 million VND in your bank savings book for more than 1 month from the time of submission.

If the savings book has not been sent for 1 month, it must have a period of 3 months with a red book of real estate or ownership papers as valuable as a car.

4. Not clear Korean travel schedule

Trip-related documents such as detailed schedules, round-trip flight booking confirmation and hotel are very important documents to prove that your trip’s purpose is traveling, not intended. intend to stay in Korea illegally.

However, many of you are quite subjective, so you did not prepare this item or have a sketchy coping strategy. This is one of the fairly common reasons why applying for a Korean tourist visa was denied.

In general, the reason for the rejection of Korean tourist visas mainly comes from individuals, so it can be overcome. For example, you can refer to tour schedules of tour operators to “craft” a similar itinerary.

Regarding flight booking or hotel, you can completely book in advance without charge to get confirmation information. For airline tickets, online booking using postpaid, for hotel rooms, can be booked on,, etc. free cancellation.

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