Applying for a Chinese visa is self-sufficient

The people’s need to go to China is very much. With many different purposes such as; Traveling, going to work, trading goods, going to short-term labor … To get a Chinese visa, you need to understand the visa application. You must prepare carefully and thoughtfully, then submit your application to the Chinese Consulate and wait for your application to be processed. For many people who do not have time due to their busy work, there are many people who are not patient enough to prepare visa applications according to the regulations of the Chinese Embassy. Xinvisaquocte would like to provide you with information on application for a self-sufficient Chinese visa.

A. Common application for all Chinese visa applicants

– ID card, household registration (Photo notarized)

– Passport valid for over 6 months. For the case of passports with 7-8 months validity, you should make sure to re-apply your passport before submitting your visa application. This avoids the case that when making a visa, the passport limit is over 6 months, but when leaving to China, the passport is not longer than 6 months, you will not be able to exit. CHINESE VISA

– 3 4 × 6 photos with white background (Note that the photo is clear without glasses, no teeth, and hair is tied neatly to reveal the forehead, no glasses, and dark clothing)

– Balance confirmation + photo savings book. You should provide additional bank statements.

B. Documents for each China visa applicant

1. If you are a government officer or an employee of the company:

– Confirm employment and leave application.

2. If you are a business owner

– Business registration certificate notarized photo

– Confirmation of balance of company account + statement

– Tax report for the last 3 months

3. If the person is under 18 years old:

– Birth certificate copy.

– Student card, student photo

4. If you are self-employed, housewife:

– An application for certification signed and stamped by a competent authority at the place of permanent residence.

Note: In case of not traveling with a parent, it is necessary to have the parent’s authorization for the other person or a relative to travel to China.

Let Xinvisaquocte help you reduce the Chinese visa application process and procedures. Your job is to follow the instructions and provide us with a complete profile, then wait 6 days to get a Chinese visa. Call our hotline 0986.770.712 for more detailed advice

Some basic information about self-sufficient Chinese visa

  • Visa application fee is 60 USD, paid at the Consulate.
  • Visa processing time is 4 working days, excluding Saturday-Sun and public holidays.

Experience in applying for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Consulate

1. Opening hours are 8:30am. If you come to queue early, it will also be very crowded because there are many people waiting. Every time at 9h30-10h00, the queuing time is less, about 15-20 minutes to get in. Applying for a China VISA on your own

2. When entering, you must pass your luggage through the scanner, then meet the staff at the reception desk to present your request. Depending on your request, the receptionist will dial the number for you to go to the appropriate counter. These receptionists are quite pleasant.

3. Do not submit documents for yourself. It is only allowed to submit documents on behalf of the family if there is a family relationship (parents, children, siblings, husband and wife…) and must have proof of identity (household registration book, notarized photocopy of marriage registration certificate).

4. All documents must be notarized photocopies on one side of A4 sheet, DO NOT CUT SMALL, you should pay attention when copying documents, especially small size documents such as ID card, household registration. All documents that are not in A4 format will be discarded. CHINESE VISA


5. All your documents will be clipped into your passport, no need to put them on the cover. In the application file, there are 2 photos, 1 glued on the application form, the other sheet you take 2 sided tape to stick on the outside of the passport. Usually only the service side knows. If you present your resume like this, the recipient will know you have experience right away.

6. If you are accepted for the application and have an appointment slip, the result is 99.9% you have a visa. Processing time is 4 working days. If you pay on Monday, you will get it on Thursday, no exceptions. Expedited visa fees apply only for urgent cases and must be submitted to a senior consular officer for approval.

7. On the date of the appointment to return the results, you take the appointment card and 60 USD in cash to pay right at the Consulate to get the passport with the visa. This paragraph can be taken by a representative.

Wish you a smooth and smooth China visa application. Xinvisaquocte also would like to provide you with the perfect China visa application service. Your job is to just sit at home and wait for the visa to be delivered to your hand. Applying for a China VISA on your own. CHINESE VISA

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