Korean summer and useful information

Summer has come and Korean summer travel is always a foreign travel itinerary that many people are interested in. Korea is famous for spring with the beauty of cherry blossoms, but not because of that, traveling to Korea in summer is boring. With a favorable climate, the summer of Korea is also brilliant with many flowers and flower festivals. Let’s take a look at the whole Korean summer from the beginning of June to the end of August to see what flowers are blooming. Guaranteed everyone will feel like going to Korea to see the flowers right away.

Located in a temperate region, Korea’s climate is divided into four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The temperature difference between the seasons is quite large, winter is very cold while summer is quite hot and humid. Saying it’s summer, the heat in Korea in the months of June, July, and August is not to the point of melting fat. The average temperature is only about 26 – 27 degrees Celsius, morning and night the temperature drops from 4-5 degrees Celsius, it is cold.

Summer in Korea is usually hot, humid and often rains. However, that does not mean that we can miss the attractive activities in Korea in the summer. Exciting festivals, special shows and many exciting events take place everywhere in Korea around this time.

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After referring to 25 irresistible summer tourist destinations in Korea, it’s time to make a detailed itinerary of what to pack and what information to prepare. Summer in Korea usually lasts about 3 months (from June to August) with very pleasant temperatures. Accordingly, the average temperature in the months of the season fluctuates from 22.5 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Compared to the hot, sunny weather in Vietnam, this extremely ideal temperature will always be enjoyed. suitable for you to enjoy a summer trip to the country of ginseng more fully.

What to wear when going to Korean summer travel

Of course, you will feel best when you can wear what you want, but consider the weather conditions and specific situations when using different types of clothing. If participating in outdoor activities in the city, be it walking, visiting a huge library of books or wandering the shopping malls, a T-shirt, jeans is a great choice. Our only advice when traveling in the Korean summer is to wear cotton or linen. They help you absorb sweat easily create the most comfortable.

When you go swimming, wear a swimsuit that covers a bit or adds a cape. Why? You are hard to find Korean people wearing bikinis or swimming trunks. They are always delicate in this regard, so they will often choose clothes that are not too ostentatious, even they often wear a scarf or T-shirt on their head. I think joining is arbitrary, how to dress is a personal right, but if possible, become an “aboriginal” to know their culture and life like!


Of course, money and luggage can’t be without, right? This will be a very interesting opportunity for you because we have the opportunity to learn more about the Won in real life, which we may have only been used to seeing in the movies before. To make traveling to Korea more convenient, you should change money into Won (1,000 won = 21,000 VND), although paying by card will be much easier, but with small restaurants, some The agency does not have a card payment device.

Only airports like Gimpo or Incheon, in hotels and cafes, support free wifi, so you need to buy a 4G sim card at the airport counters. And note, 4G sim in Korea is quite expensive with 10 days 4G unlimited sim, no calling or texting, the price is 29 USD. The preparation of a 4G sim is also very necessary, because this is the reality, you will probably need it, not exactly as we imagine in a country that seems to be quite technologically developed like Korea. Wi-Fi is available everywhere.

Where to go when traveling in the Korean summer

Korea as well as other countries develop in tourism. Accommodation services for tourists are quite rich. Depending on the preferences, needs, and finances of each person, you can choose the right type of hotel. If you are very interested in architectural culture, love the old architecture of Korea, then choosing a traditional house style to stay is also very interesting. And in Korea, there are many types of houses for us to choose to stay when visiting this country.
Specifically for booking and renting accommodation services, you can choose when traveling in the Korean summer, for example:

• Twin City apartments can accommodate 3-4 people with full facilities. Room price is about 4,300,000 VND/night/2 people.
• Small House Big Door: A hotel located close to the busy Myeongdong area with a simple and sophisticated design. Room price is about 2,200,000 VND/night/2 people.
• Moon Guesthouse/ Hostel: A type of traditional Korean house near Bukchon Hanok Village. The price is about 580,000 VND/night/single room and about 1,160,000 VND/night/double room.
• Goshiwon: is a small room with a single bed and a small wardrobe. This type of room is quite economical if you intend to travel for a long time. Room price is about 4,667,000 VND/month.


Different from Vietnam, the Korean summer usually starts in June and ends in August with the climate not too hot, the average temperature is about 20-25 degrees Celsius. Especially in this season, the big islands like Nami and Jeju have extremely cool and fresh air, extremely suitable for long vacations. Summer in Korea is also a discount season for shopaholics and cosmetics enthusiasts. Having come to the land of Kim Chi this summer, there is no reason for you to miss the Seoul Summer Sale 2019 – an annual discount event, taking place throughout July.

Cool weather
South Korea belongs to a temperate climate zone with not too hot summers, with an average temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, very suitable for Vietnamese tourists. Especially in Nami and Jeju islands, the air is cool and fresh, suitable for vacations.

Sale season
During the Korean summer, there are many discount events for passionate shoppers. You can buy a lot of things at an affordable price, especially clothes and cosmetics. This summer don’t miss the Seoul Summer Sale 2019 – an annual sale event, usually taking place throughout July.

Season of the festival
There are countless festivals taking place in Korea throughout the summer, so head to one to enjoy the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Here are some festivals that you should attend:

– Ultra Music Festival takes place in June and Jisan Valley Rock Festival takes place in July.

– Boryeong Mud Festival takes place in mid-July every year at Daecheon Beach.

– Buyeo Sudong Lotus Festival is held at the end of July every year.

– BOMB Water Festival – an event that combines music and water.

What flowers do Korean summer have?

When it comes to flowers, people immediately think of the color of spring – the season of hundreds of flowers blooming with apricots, azaleas, magnolias or cherry blossoms. But did you know that, in the Korean summer, the fields of sunflowers and western marigolds begin to bloom brilliantly. According to Korean summer travel experience, around the end of July – mid-August, Taebaek city, Gangwon province will hold a sunflower festival. The most famous field of western marigold flowers runs along the Geumho River, north of Daegu – the 4th largest city in Korea. These are also two ideal rendezvous points that you cannot miss during your summer trip to Korea.

Seoul – A tourist destination definitely not to be missed

Sure, Seoul – the capital of Korea every summer that welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world, must be the first place we visit. This place has a long history and long-standing architectural works and is also the most cultural-financial center of the country. Coming to Seoul, do not forget to visit the royal palaces built and designed in the architectural style of the Chosun dynasty.

Next is to visit the folklore village with rituals and traditions of the Korean people. Besides, Seoul also has Namsan tower, Cheongyecheon stream and Bugaksan mountain peaceful in the heart of the bustling and bustling capital. Coming to Seoul, you certainly cannot ignore the bustling shopping centers, traditional and rich food courts, …

Nami Island

Known as one of the longest and most famous ziplines in Asia. When playing Gapyeong ziplining at Nami Island, you will start at a tower 80 meters above the ground and can enjoy the beautiful scenery around. However, you should note that the number of riders on the zipline per day is limited. The program will only take 150 people to Jara Island and 200 to Nami Island each day, so come early to experience this exciting sport. In addition, operating hours are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Explore the vast Everland park

As the largest amusement park in Korea, Everland welcomes more than 7.3 million visitors every year. It has five zones with five different themes: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia. Every summer, Everland hosts a Rose Festival and a Summer Splash Festival. Therefore, do not miss these attractive festivals at Everland when traveling in the summer.

Jeju Island

Mountain climbing is a popular activity in the Korean summer. And one of the most suitable and wonderful paths for this exciting activity is in Hallasan National Park. Hallasan National Park is located on Jeju Island, just south of the Korean peninsula. Hallasan Mountain is one of the most famous landmarks of Jeju Island. Participating in conquering this mountain, visitors will experience climbing with different difficulty levels: Seongpanak trail, Eorimok trail, Eogeungsaengak trail, Yeongsil trail and Gwaneumsa trail.

Busan – Summer capital

It is not natural that Busan is called the “Summer Capital” of Korea. This place with a top seaport and Haeudae beach is a combination of sea and hot springs and a chain of famous 5-star hotels. Besides, when coming to Busan, you can also fully enjoy the Korean summer with white beaches, high-class services, yachts and ancient historical space with Boemoesa Temple built 1,300 years ago. or Bokcheon Museum keeps nearly 300 artifacts of the ancient Busan region. In Korea, there are countless beautiful scenes and ideal places for you to explore and it is definitely impossible to list them all in this article.

Korea summer tourism – What do we eat?

Traveling in the summer of Korea is not only to visit beautiful places, but you can also enjoy the typical culinary quintessence of this country. The certain dishes you must try when coming here are:

• Jajang Black Soy Sauce Noodles: With noodles mixed with seafood, meat, vegetables and the typical black soy sauce here.
• Tteokbokki: The famous spicy rice cake with the traditional taste is fried rice cake with bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, carrots, onions and spicy chili sauce with beef or octopus.
• Korean barbecue: This dish is definitely not to be missed. Traditional Korean barbecue will have three types of pork belly: Samgyeopsal (medium thin pork belly), Daepae Samgyeopsal (thinly sliced pork belly), Ogyeopsal (5 layer pork belly), Byotjip Samgyeopsal and Kaljip Samgyeopsal (bacon with 5 layers), Byotjip Samgyeopsal and Kaljip Samgyeopsal. only thickly sliced, cut into the shape of fragrant eyes), pork ribs, …
• Bibimbap: The famous mixed dish with rice in a bowl and shredded vegetables, minced meat, eggs and assorted side dishes.


Although Korean culture has many similarities with Vietnamese culture, Korean culture still has some notes that you cannot ignore when traveling independently. So with the Korean summer travel experience, you should remember:

 Do not write your name in red ink, because according to Korean culture, only those who have died write their names in red ink.
 Do not wear shoes into the house, especially when you rent a traditional style inn.
 Do not stick chopsticks in the rice bowl
 When drinking Soju, don’t pour yourself
 Always maintain order when taking public transport
 Be careful in how you address yourself because Koreans pay great attention to how they address themselves, especially those who are older than them.

The country is so beautiful and impressive in the summer with friendly and hospitable people, with an extremely rich cuisine, summer tourism in Korea is always the most interested by everyone, it is also easy to understand you. huh. Through the mentions shared above, you must have also received some interesting and necessary information that you may not know all about, related to this travel journey to the Land of Kimchi.

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