What do those stars on US VISA mean?

When you receive a passport with a US visa, you probably will not know this. Each US visa has a tiny five-pointed star in the lower left corner of the visa photo. 1 star, 2 stars and possibly 3 stars. So what do these stars on US visa mean? Let Xinvisaquocte find out about this. US VISA PHOTO – THE STARS OF US

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What do these stars on US visa mean?

  • 1 star: The embassy will probably check emails, phone calls and whereabouts
  • 2 stars: In addition to your email, phone, and location, you are also tracked by your network activities. Pay special attention to your web browser, the websites you visit frequently. Also, track your banking to see where your money is coming from and how are you spending?
  • 3 stars: You will be extremely closely monitored for all information. However, most visa applicants are granted 1-star and 2-star visas. Usually when you suspect that the Embassy will miss your visa in the first place, it is very rare to issue a 3-star visa. STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO – THE STARS OF US

what do these stars on US visa mean - US VISA PHOTO

A very small piece of information, but you should pay attention. Because more stars means your entry is harder! However, this information is only relative. Because the Embassy does not specify how each case of US visa is.

How to get a US visa with only 1 star? STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO

  • How your profile, or identity looks cannot be changed. If you and someone close to you have been involved in terrorism or reactionary forces, the Embassy can find out. So, you should never think of counterfeiting papers. STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO – THE STARS OF US

Đại sứ quán Mỹ - kinh nghiệm phỏng vấn visa mỹ tại phòng lãnh sự quán mỹ

  • The advice for you when making a US visa is to confidently submit all the personal documents required by the Embassy. When the resume is not good, the job and finances must be extremely good. Having money is not necessarily going to America, but without money it is really difficult to come to America. The embassy also could not afford to miss visas of people with good economic potential, contributing to the development of their country’s tourism industry.
  • You’d better try to get invitations if someone close to you lives in America. The invitation letter will help your visa pass rate higher. Especially if your loved one has prestige and economic potential.
  • You also need to be confident when you are interviewing. Even though your profile is very good, but there is something wrong with your attitude or appearance, the chance of you falling 1 star is also very high. STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO

1 star or 3 star, what effect to entry? THE STARS OF US

Remember, a visa is not 100% bound to be admitted. The embassy grants you a visa, but whether you get in or not is due to the customs. Even if in doubt, customs reserves the right to cancel your visa and expel you immediately. In this case, it is difficult for the Embassy to intervene. THE STARS OF US


1-star or 3-star visa are eligible to come to the US. However, if your visa is 2-star or 3-star, it may be more difficult to enter the country. The customs will observe you more closely, asking you to answer more questions. In short, you can be twisted, making it difficult at the airport for a long time!

In addition, it also affects your visa extension. Normally, when you renew your US visa, you only need to return your passport and photo, then the Embassy will re-issue your visa. However, if it is a 3-star visa, you will likely have to do an interview. In case you cannot renew, you must reapply as usual.

The US Visa is the most powerful, so the conditions are also the most strict. These symbols are really not so important, but you should also pay attention.

If you are intending to apply for a US visa but do not know the procedure and process, please let Xinvisaquocte assist you. We will determine the visa pass rate for you right from the time you view the application. If the rate is low, it will advise to add more records. Complete the application form. Consulting to effectively answer the interview… STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO


Many customers come to Xinvisaquocte’s US visa service with many questions and share that… Is it difficult to get a US visa? I have invested a lot of time and effort to learn about US visa applications. Then prepare the profile and declare online with the steps to process and submit the application and then wait for an appointment for the US visa interview.

But many people had to surrender to the overly complicated procedures of the US Consulate – US Embassy in Vietnam. In general, it takes too much time and effort but still cannot complete all the items to be eligible to apply for a US visa. THE STARS OF US – STARS ON US VISA


– Difficult to grasp information and constantly updated regulations from the US Consulate – US Embassy.

– Many errors in the process of preparing documents for US visa.

– Weak profile, low rate of US visa.

– The online application form is very complicated.

If you are facing these difficulties, please use Xinvisaquocte’s US visa service. We will definitely help you get a US visa in the simplest way. Let’s have a look at the article below!


A. About personality STARS ON US VISA

Passport (original, valid for at least 6 months).
– 01 5×5 photo (white background, photo taken within 6 months).
– Identity card (original).
– Passport (original).
– Marriage/divorce registration certificate (original, if married).
– US visa application form.

B. Documents proving socio-professional status THE STARS OF US

1. US visa applicants are company employees, state officials:

– Labor contract (original).
– Salary slip of the last 3 months (If you receive salary via account, please provide bank account statement for the last 3 months in English, bank red stamp).
– Leave of absence with commitment to return after the end of the trip.

2. US visa applicants who are business owners, please provide:

– Business registration (original).
– Company account statement for the last 3 months.
– Tax payment slip of the last 3 months.

3. US visa applicants who are students, please provide:

– Student ID card with the school’s stamp (original).
– Confirmation of the most recent academic results (transcripts, transcripts)
– Leave of absence from school.
– Birth certificate.
– A statement of consent of the custodians (usually parents) certified signatures, made at the competent People’s Committee within the past 6 months, submit the original and a photocopy. car (For children under 18 years old who are not accompanied by their parents). STARS ON US VISA

4. Retired US visa applicants please provide:

– Deciding to retire.
– Retirement card.
– Monthly pension receipt, if salary is received through the account, the salary statement of the last 3 months.

C. Financial proof for US visa application THE STARS OF US

– Register the car if any.
– Red book of real estate.
– Passbook or certificate of account balance.
– Photo of the front of the credit card.
– Personal account statement for the last 3 months.


– All documents must be original.

– The US Consulate officer looks at it and returns it right after the interview.

Xinvisaquoc provides you with the most perfect US visa service. With more than 10 years of experience, we guarantee and advise you exactly what the visa rate is. Xinvisaquocte will advise you to get the best profile with the highest rate of US visa! STARS ON US VISA – US VISA PHOTO – THE STARS OF US

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