What to do shopping in Korea?

Korea is famous for the land of kimchi, the capital of famous brands such as: Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, portable electronic products, cosmetics and many cultural items of Korean people… What to do shopping in Korea? What to buy for yourself when going to Korea or as a gift to bring to your loved one? is always the most asked question for tourists when coming to this ginseng country…

If you are planning to go to Korea or have a loved one going to Korea, please follow Xinvisaquocte.com’s article below to make a list gradually!

1. Clothing – Shopping in Korea

It is no coincidence that young Vietnamese people love Korean dress so much. For 9X young people who know Korea from the movies “Autumn Heart” or “Glass Shoes”, the wave of clothes of Kpop actors or stars completely conquers from young people who come. middle-aged people. They take the actors’ styles as the standard and measure of each person’s fashion. The fashion items are popular with young people such as: Korean men’s shirts, Korean shoes, Korean T-shirts… SHOPPING IN KOREA

Visitors can choose from a variety of designs at major commercial centers (tax-free), supermarkets or simply at central markets such as Dongdaemun Market (Seoul), Myeong-dong (Seoul), Itaewon (Seoul), Namdaemun Market (Seoul), Chungjangno Street (Seoul), Mugeo-Dong Street (Ulsan, … v … v

Dongdaemun Market – Seoul

Additional tip for you: when you come to Korea you can buy more Korean socks, they are quite durable and supple because they are cold, so these socks are often used by Koreans. Korean streets are quite steep, so you can choose comfortable shoes or sandals so that you do not have leg pain. When shopping at places that are not listed, you can still pay as usual. And finally, remember to flip and check the barcode of the product you bought. Korea’s barcode is 880.

2. Korean cosmetics – Shopping in Korea

Korea is considered the cradle of cosmetics and aesthetics in Asia, so people also invest a lot to produce cosmetic brands that have become very popular with women: Famous cosmetic brands such as: Innisfree, Laneige, The Face Shop, Skinfood, O’Hui, Missha, VOV, … visitors will have many choices. So which cosmetics should buy, what kind, which brand? We take a look at familiar Korean cosmetic brands.

High-end brands: SHOPPING IN KOREA

Ohui, Missha, Laneige, Hera, … are the firms of big corporations. The products under the above brands are usually of good quality, natural ingredients and benign, but aimed at the high-end consumer segment, so the prices of the above brands are somewhat higher.

Popular brand:

Including Innisfree, The Face shop, Nature Republic, Apieu, Manmode, Karadium … Brands such as The Face shop, Innisfree, Nature Republic are famous for their benign ingredients so you are not too worried about chemicals. used in the extraction process. The above products are known by many young people because of their product advertising campaigns with Korean A-list stars. And of course the quality of the product has been clearly rigorously checked.

“Where to buy Korean cosmetics?” All the good shopping malls, but supermarkets, large and small in Korea, have showrooms displaying products that you can buy and use. And to save costs you can buy at duty-free shops, airports. For some high-end cosmetics, when you buy them in stores in Seoul, you may have to go to the airport to receive your products. The consultants in Korea are very cute and hospitable so you can rest assured when buying and following their instructions.

Types of Korean visas: CLICK HERE

3. Korean Ginseng and Ganoderma -Shopping in Korea

Due to the favorable geographical characteristics, climate and soil quality, it is suitable for growing ginseng and produces excellent quality ginseng tubers that are among the top in the world. With a total output of up to tens of thousands of tons of ginseng each year, so it is not exaggerating that Korea has long been known under the name “Land of ginseng”. Korean people in ancient times are known as people with small stature, not outstanding height as now. They know how to utilize ginseng in everyday dishes or healthy drinks to improve health and wisdom. SHOPPING IN KOREA

Visitors can purchase Ginseng at Geumsan Ginseng Market. Geumsan Ginseng Market is also the largest ginseng market in the world. Ginseng includes several main types: fresh ginseng, red ginseng and white ginseng. Fresh ginseng here is divided by age. Or to buy as a gift, visitors can also go to the ginseng shops of the Government, the price is higher, but these are the best selected products from quality ginseng tubers and grown for many years.

Lingzhi, also known as longevity mushroom, is also very diverse. Visitors can buy dried whole mushrooms, or chopped into pieces, Ganoderma Lucidum tea or Cao Linh Chi concentrate used for the elderly every morning is good for cardiovascular blood pressure, providing a lot of micronutrients.

4. Kimchi:

Since more than 3,000 years ago, in the cold winter, Koreans cannot cultivate, cultivate and replenish green vegetables and nutrients to their meals. Koreans have invented a unique way of preserving the vegetables they grow.
In those days, people used to salt kimchi in the middle or late fall, when the temperature was decreasing and winter was approaching. People salt a lot of kimchi and that amount can be used during winter, even a year. This is an indispensable dish in the Korean meal and they are also very popular. Kimchi has a characteristic spicy and delicious taste. SHOPPING IN KOREA

In supermarkets or anywhere, there are sold kimchi products that are conveniently packed to take on the plane. Just keep in mind their shelf life and the most convenient packaging for take-out. If you love the taste of Korean kimchi and intend to make kimchi to eat gradually, why not try buying Korean kimchi ingredients. The ingredients can be purchased such as: chili powder, shrimp meal, fish meal. As for cabbage, in Vietnam every season is available.

5. Korean Confectionery and Banana Milk:

There are many snacks to take home as a gift to the family. Visitors can choose: crispy rice cake, Tteokbokki rice cake, bimbim, sweet sponge cake, chocolate almond cake, everyone will love it for sure. SHOPPING IN KOREA

Delicious sweets in Korea
Korean Banana Milk: The most famous Korean banana milk brand name is Binggrae, which appeared in 1974. Binggrae milk is loved by many users because the amount of fresh milk accounts for 80%, thus creating sweetness and taste. richer than other milk. Guests can buy a drink and bring it as a gift. However, this is a water-based product, so you should pay attention when packing take-out products, avoid putting them in your carry-on luggage and buy with a sufficient quantity.

6. Seaweed (coniferous):

Seaweed is sold a lot in Korea, visitors can choose dried seaweed packed as gifts for family and friends. Whether it is seaweed to cook soup, to roll kimbap or eat with rice, or enjoy as a snack, Korean seaweed is very diverse, delicious, rich in nutrients and micronutrients. You can buy seaweed at stores, supermarkets, markets or to Namdaemun market, there will be a variety for you to choose from. You can also directly see the seaweed (coniferous) manufacturing process at state-licensed manufacturing facilities, it will be interesting to see Koreans appreciate this very simple dish.

7. Noodles:

There is a special thing about Korean cuisine when you travel here that their daily food is relatively pale compared to Vietnamese taste, some visitors may find it difficult to eat and will bring food from home. go. However, when you come to Korea, you do not need to do that, Korean instant noodles are really delicious and varied, sold in all supermarkets, or convenience stores. You can use it with just a little bit of boiling water and enjoy them right there. Buy some types of noodles to go home as gifts and enjoy them gradually! SHOPPING IN KOREA

8. Soju Fruits and Wine:

If you intend to buy gifts for friends, chief bosses, partners … The Korean pears will definitely match, the sweet flavor and eye-catching appearance will make the recipient very happy with this meaningful gift. SHOPPING IN KOREA

Soju: A famous traditional wine in Korea that you should try or can buy a little. Remember customs regulations carefully. If you buy alcohol in an airport duty-free area, a carry-on per person will only buy less than 1.5 liters of alcohol. If you buy from non-airport stores, you must put in your checked baggage first because liquid above about 110ml is not allowed to carry.

The land of kimchi always leaves a deep impression on anyone who has the opportunity to visit this place because of the prosperous development, rich diversity, quality, and price. Hopefully the above article provides some useful information to help you easily choose gifts for friends, family and yourself during your upcoming visit to “Kim Chi Country”. come here. If you need any visa assistance for your trip to Korea or other attractive shopping destinations, please contact us. Xinvisaquocte.com is pleased to serve you.

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